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    Why crafting table is returning so much tin and cans while crafting coolant cells 30k and 60k ?

    It's probably my fult with tin but not with cans.

    Something weird happening when crafting tables gets full of items.

    EDIT2: After reconfiguration crafting 60k cells returns stacks of tin.

    Gregtech 2.76d
    IC2 1.112 build 198
    Error log:
    Game did't crash.

    Full log:

    Hmm copper cabble with mv transformer or it's replacement of hv ?

    Edit1:I don't get it. Where i have to connect AFSU ?

    Edit2:Only getting around 1850 eu/t.

    Edit3:After replace those 4 cabbles attached to lv-transformers with lv-transformers i get 2048 eu/t.

    Did you know about it:

    Railcraft Version

    • NEW: Added Trackman's Backpack, for holding all your
      Track/Minecart related stuff. Only available if Forestry is installed.
      Big thanks to Sengir for the API.
    • NEW: Added Engineer's Overalls. Texture provided courtesy of the user, 'Foreplaying'.
    • NEW:
      Added Villager Detector. *Railcraft Inc. does not condone the
      enslavement of Villagers for breeding and/or other nefarious purposes.
    • NOTE:
      The Villager Detector currently only works with vanilla Villagers, mod
      added villagers will be supported in a later update.
    • NEW:
      Added a means to make Steel if the Blast Furnace is disabled. You need
      to break an Iron Ingot into Iron Nuggets and cook those in a Furnace to
      get Steel Nuggets.
    • NEW: Added Creosote Cell (IC2 container).
    • NEW: Explicitly defined BC Facades for Infernal Brick, Sandy Brick, Steel Blocks, and Concrete Blocks.
    • CHANGE: Advanced Detector redesigned, it now has filter slots that you can put specific minecarts in.
    • CHANGE: Coal made from UU-Matter can no longer be used in Coke Ovens.
    • CHANGE: World Anchors loading fewer than 9 chunks, because they are paired with a Sentinel, now use less fuel.
    • CHANGE: Tweaked Sandy Brick to Coke Oven Brick recipe, it should now have the same cost as directly crafting Coke Oven Brick.
    • CHANGE: Controller Boxes can now send the OFF aspect.
    • FIX: Fixed a bug in the Pairing network code that broke the Tuning Aura for addons.
    • FIX: Fixed a bug with RP Liquid Pipes and Liquid Fueled Boilers.

    Will this break something ?

    Yes, that's a Bug. Either Forges or Vanilla Minecrafts fault, unless there is a seperate Function for that, then it's my fault.

    Bug ? This is nice feature, trying to get for example: fortune III on book is almost impossible. If that will be disabled, there should be option in config to enable it.