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    Which are so bad that you have to use Machine Boxes as pumps to get enough steam into a Large Steam Turbine. And when you realize, that your system finally produces enough steam to get that large thingy finally going (ongoing), you'll see that the pumps eat more EU than the Turbines produces.

    Thank you hoho for this simple GregTech progression - looking for something like this since we started with GregTech.

    When i review the last ~25 pages, it seems Greg has lost a bit of overview in this 'new material / recipe' mess - no offense ;)
    But this: MachineX needs material X off MachineX to build itself... is that really necessary? How do you organize your techtree, Greg?


    After a couple hours of work, I finally have made my Steam Turbine and Thermal Boiler set up function correctly!

    Do you have a working version without TE pipes?
    My BC pipes are just not powerful enough to pump enough steam into the turbine... and then its also impossible to pump enough water and lava into the boiler :(

    Ok, some more explanation here.
    The problem is not that the luminator needs 1/4 EU, its the problem for the loss on the cable.

    I'll love to build industrial type building and THEN fit my tech into it. So in an industrial park/factory i have long hallways which needs to be lighted, so i have to use atleast 40-60 luminators.
    You're comparision to the induction furnace can NOT fit here, since you need maybe 3 induction furnace but like types 50 more luminator - i'll let the math to you here.

    Easy setup now: Many solar panels, tin cable, luminator -> disco dance blink blink show while they load up. Server runs, disco show again.
    A friend on the server runs the whole thing with copper cable + lumnitor which causes when he logs in on the next day, that all 5 MFSU are empty bc the freakin lights ate all the energy + loss over the cable.
    Thats SUPER annoying. Glowstone isn't an option for me, because they look like crap and use a full block instead of the neat optic of the luminator that looks like a cover.

    That the lumintor kills stuff is new to me and totally uninteresting.
    And please don't start a comparision on RL stuff...

    Anyone tested the latest experimentel with gregtech?
    I can't refine rubber from resine (?) - furnace recipe doesn't work and the centrifuge or electrolizer need electric circuits to build which need again cables with rubber isolation...
    So this is the like the electrolizer paradoxon where you need chrome to craft and only get chrome from itself :(

    Its just a light source and gettin destroyed on breaking.
    Maybe increase the production costs.

    Anyway howver you'll design it, i'll set it to 0 EU anway.
    By making an option in the config just makes the life easier AND everyone can define what is balanced in his opinion.


    To get patterns I believe you need to have one of the items you want to replicate, and put it in a scanner.

    This would be hard since iridium can only obtained by UUM (correct me if I'm wrong :p).

    Since only Diamond and Iridium matters for me and the prices are equal to the 'vanilla' (7 UUM = 1 Iridium Ore | 9 UUM = 1 Diamond) i'm fine with that :)


    We need better Values

    Define 'better'? More balanced in what point?