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    Laggy. Less fun than hunting mobs. Takes a lot of space. Is an exploit. Take a lot of time, while you could build some more useful setup. Designed for new FTB users, who don't know how mods are working ^^. Real Mod players don't use it (hipster here ^^).

    Lol total hipster dude. And xp farms are laggy but they are useful and you can setup them the same way you would setup a mob farm but a few blocks higher (of course using a drop system). And a mod developer uses a xp farm, in case you don't know. If you watch dw20 vids, in his last SMP episode, Azanor (author of Thaumcraft) shows his pig and cow mob farm, and he also uses that as a way to get tons of xp. So REAL Mod players use them :D

    I still prefer electrical damage as it will 1-2 hit kill any mob whenever it spawns, rapidly freeing space for more mob spawning. [Sim,eu sou brasileiro, vc n viu a bandeira?]

    Lol eu vi a bandeira. But, using a long drop, this setup could be changed in to a xp farm pretty quickly, and it could be a little bit harder with your electrical damage setup because the player was getting hurt too.

    Is anyone else having trouble finding Bauxite? I saw the list of biomes Greg posted 40 pages back, but after hours of running through caves/mining in a few of them I have yet find any bauxite. I don't have a plains biome nearby so I haven't checked that yet. It looks like bauxite is enabled in my server config though.

    Is there a way to verify it's actually being generated?

    Find a Plains biome :p.

    In the newest version, using the Omniwrench from the omnitools mod in any of your machines will make the block become transparent and it will drop a fake entity that will only disappear leaving and returning to the world. The block then becomes visible again. And, trying to change the face of the machines will just make a visual change, too.

    Hello I am somewhat new to moding and do not know how to get END ore generation to work and can not find that info anywhere and since you have END ore generation in your mod I would like to ask you how I can do it.

    The End ores are found in asteroids (floating islands) around the end dimension. You just need to explore and you will find some of theses asteroids that have the end ores.

    More like 4 Paper + 5 Amber = Static Generator --> Would produce about 0.5 EU/t when GUI open ? That would be stylish to me :). (and so it wouldn't act as a f***ing greengen ^^).

    As for EU conversion, it's so inefficient that I guess it would out^put 1 EU every 15 MJ ^^. But the fact is, as a more advanced components for some alternates recipes, it might be interesting.

    Maybe maybe it wouldn't be that inneficient. Because a MJ is actually is pretty powerful unity of energy. AND the MJ power could be a cost to use the generator without the open GUI. And this could be, as you said, a generator that can accept other components and be used like, forever :). I hope Greg actually see this...

    Why not. And thinking about the IRL efficiency of this phenomenom, I would suggest a NICE 0.01 EU/t as output *facepalm*.

    But that isn't the fact, the ambar is a renewable resource, and the friction genarator was one of the 2 options the other one as magnetizer, because as you might know, the electric flow cretas a magnectic fiel. And tha ambar generator would be a very start game item, and it's mechanics would be some like this: for 1 amber and 1 paper, it would outpot 0.10 EU/t, for 10 Amber and 10 Paper, 1 EU/t, but, it coul actually used as a converter from MJ to EU, because the friction can only occur with movement, so this could be a transformer to EU from MJ.

    Hello fellows, users of the awesome Greg-tech addon for industrial craft 2! I'm not a newcomer, as it might look since I've never posted something in here, but I've already been using the Greg-tech intergalactical machines for quite a while. Well, I would like to discuss a little bit with you guys abou the Dragon Egg Siphon. I'm not gonna lie, it's a pretty expensive device, in my opinion, to it's uses. The 128 EU/t are good considering it's cost, having a Dragon Egg, wich, if you don't know, can be only obtained by killing the Ender Dragon in the end. This is not a early game item, absolutely not, so even knowing that it's constant 128 EU/t, even if it's raining or anything like that, it still runs, I don't think it's worth it. Basically because, if someone will have enough resources to craft a supercondensator, it could make a way more efficient wind mill energy production line. What I'm trying to say it's that it's output (or it's recipe, but it wouldn't be gregtech without ridicously expensive recipes :D) for something at least more useful, like a voltage between HV and MV, something around 300-350 EU/t. But this is just my opinion.

    Now a suggestion to Sir Gregorius: as you might know, the ancient greeks frictioned amber and it produced some electricity, and I know just a magical mods that adds Amber, and I'm sure you do to ;). Maybe a generator that can run with friction electricity and, let's say, paper (to make the friction)? Or another type of Magnetizer?

    Well, that's it. I will see you folks next time :D