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    Speaking of exploits, I found one. Energy crystals can be crafted from rubies.

    That doesn't feel like an exploit; Rubies can only really be used for a few things, and those few things they are used for are even more valuable than diamonds. And I have yet to have a game where I found more rubies than diamonds, which shows that Rubies are actually MORE valuable than diamonds, through virtue of their high-tier tech usage and their overall rarity. If anything, this lets you trade 1 item of a more valuable resource in exchange for 1 item with greater general versatility. It's not getting higher amounts of something, unless you were literally crafting ALL of your diamonds into Energy Crystals.
    [edit: mildly ninja'd by Quintine]

    Tbh, immibis, I haven't seen anything from you in the last 3 weeks that has really advanced the conversation; all you've been posting is 'exact words' nags to greg about what you want what he's saying to mean, and completely ignoring what he's actually trying to say to the rest of us. (To some, it could easily be classified as trolling.) And, once again tbh, it's kinda getting mildly f*cking annoying by now. It's not the first time I've seen someone do this, and seeing it again doesn't get me any less pissed off at it.

    Finally added the Recipe for "BrainTech Aerospace Advanced Reinforced Duct Tape FAL-84", which is used to fix all your Maintenance Problems in one click.

    Duct tape fixes everything. Wooo, I was wondering what that stuff would be used for.

    Added Thermal Boiler. You need exactly two of these to power a Steam Turbine. They also output Obsidian when used with Lava, and even Ingots if they have the Lava Filter.

    Wait, does this mean that they [can] work as steam boilers, Igneous Extruders (set to Obsidian mode) and lava centrifuges, all at the same time?? What kind of efficiency penalties do you get for triple-multitasking them like this??

    You have to find a replacement.

    @to everything above : Still nothing new, just "improvements" of something that already exist, not worth IMO.

    I actually have to defend Reika here, because I don't know any mod that uses a three-pronged power system like this. IC has EU, with two aspects (EU/p and EU/t). BC has MJ, which has one aspect (MJ/t). UE has its electricity, which does have Voltage, Amperate, and Wattage, and while V and A both have their limitations, they are still just means to the end of W. RotaryCraft uses rotation speed, torque, and power, and every machine has a requirement of either speed, torque, or power in order to operate, and usually both additional effects for exceeding the minimums and bad things for hitting maximums, meaning that every machine only functions within a range. Add to that the temperature ranges that different machines operate in, and there's actually a fair amount of complexity hidden in here.

    I tried this mod a few months ago, and liked where it was going; it was brought to my attention again last night, and so I redownloaded it and saw that there were about twice as many things added into it. So if anyone needs me, I'm going to be trying to figure out what all of this new stuff does.

    It's not so hard as people think to set up a modded server. If you use MultiMC and you have a working client instance, you're basically almost home free. You only have to cook the server JAR by hand, and that has only Forge in it, the rest is just like clientside (mods/coremods dir).

    Actually, you don't even need to cook the server JAR, you just need to put the Forge .zip file into the server directory, and (via command line) Java -jar []. The only problem with running a server is making sure your computer and internet are stable enough to handle running client+server with all the mods active. (Mine isn't; I can play heavily modded client, but can't sustain client+server together. And yes I know that SSP uses an internal server; the external server has other people connecting to it and every additional person means more CPU/RAM burned, which I don't have.)

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    Heck, i am doing wrong things. This forum thread is no place for holywars. Sorry, Greg. No more)

    ... i... what...?

    I'm currently running on a somewhat edited version of the FTB 152wgt pack, because it felt like a good jumping off point and meant I didn't have to spend any time hunting down the mods I would like to play on (because it was pretty much close enough as it was). I haven't bothered with its official updates (I downloaded it at 0.4, and I think its latest version was 0.8...); I've just checked the mods I'm interested in every few days to see if anything had been updated. (Along with the fact that I have relentlessly camped this thread for the last 8 months, because I never know when something interesting is going to happen here.)

    MultiMC is a very, very helpful program to have as well though. Right now, I'm using it mostly for my SMP and quick-loading testing instances.

    This is a thing now... Wait, if you had a GT version without nether ore generation even, how old was that version??? Anyway though, yes, Greg's ores now have a chance to assume the texture of adjacent stone, endstone, or netherrack in stead of their default textures. It is decided during client-side rendering on a side-by-side basis (some sides of a block will look like stone, some will look like the regular ore). If there are no adjacent stone blocks, the ore will in stead display its 'core' texture, the overly obvious and colorful block texture.
    And because this is all done in client-side rendering, it is possible for the blocks to change the textures they are displaying (you can accidentally pop a regular camo'd ore into a core ore if you happen to break the only block of stone next to it). I find this feature annoying for ruby/sapphire, but actually kinda handy for the veined ores, because if you see a core ore texture, you immediately know that all of the adjacent blocks are more ore blocks to mine. I also realized that this is a very, very clear reminder that GregTech adds in Jackhammers... And nobody seems to use them... And they cut through stone like a hot knife through butter but won't even scratch ores... Hmmm... ;)

    Also; I'm unsure about some things I also found out:
    A: I have an MFSU (downgrading the Output to LV) connected to first some IC2 (Gregtech) machines and after to my Applied Energistics Network (ME).
    When I use the normal IC2 machines (Compressor, Macerator, Extractor, Furnace), even if they all are running at once, my AE-Network still gets energy.
    But I once decided to swap those with the Gregtech-counterparts and suddenly my AE-Network didn't get any energy at all. My MFSU wasn't even getting drained due to my generators, still the Gregtech-machines seemed to suck up all the power.

    The standard IC2 machines will take and use what energy you give them, and the AE network will take off energy as well. The GT machines seem to deliberately request more energy than the IC2 machines (with good reason, under normal circumstances they won't even run if they don't get enough EU/t). The MFSU not being drained is probably a result of you actually having 512+EU/t going into it, but it only outputting 512EU/t, and your machinery using more than 512EU/t. If you have overclocked your machinery, that is a very easy thing to have happen; every OC on a GT machine increases EU/t by 4x. (4x EU/t, .5x time; 2x overall energy use)quote='DracePhoenix','index.php?page=Thread&postID=118799#post118799']B: Is there a way to extract (for example an Overclocker Upgrade) out of these Gregtech machines?
    Not really. If you have the option enabled to shapelessly craft GT machines into IC2 machines, you can do that, but that does delete the upgrades.

    C: Is the Lightningrod now only working with normal Minecraft-vanilla weather features? (Rain, Thunderstorm) In a wiki for gregtech I've read, something like these Lightning-Bees from extrabees, Thaumcraft or Ars Magicka could also trigger the Lightningrod.

    I don't actually have an answer for this, sorry man. Still gotta experiment on all that.

    Edit2: There is this redstone-signal-stuff which can be made in the Assembly-Machine. I couldn't find out how to use it yet, I was hoping i could equip it to a Gregtech- or IC2 machine, which would then have a constant redstone signal integrated in the machine-block itself. (For example you could use it for Induction Furnace).

    Yes, there are several redstone covers that GT adds, and yes you could equip a machine with one of them to make them output a continuous redstone signal, for purposes of, say, keeping an Induction Furnace heated. I don't use Induction Furnaces though, so I haven't gotten to personally test them that much either yet.

    Did this because no one else seemed to feel like doing it. This stuff is pretty much all common knowledge among the mainstream GregTech players, but if you haven't been up on your stuff then yeah there's things you'll have missed. (F.ex. anyone who only just now went from 1.4.7 to 1.5.2... which is a bit of a stupid thing because we've been on 1.5.2 for months now and hell, 1.6 just hit too.)

    Downgrade IC² until that doesn't happen anymore. The E-net itself is borked. I am currently not able to do anything about an IC² Bug, since that also happens with original IC² Machines.

    Actually this time it's probably #Blameplayer because he's done most of the recent builds. I'm still running #370, and that seems to be okay...

    Builds #374, 376, 378-380, and 383 (latest) mention the E-Net. #378 may have started the problem.

    'IC2_lf Jenkins Build #378 wrote:

    1. Work around addons using the energy net api improperly, add more warnings for those cases

    I believe that this is actually caused by Plugins for Forestry (which I have liked for its conveniences, but not for its balance) and its Liquid Roundup component, which tries to create several different containers for every liquid in the liquid dictionary, and *may* be what is giving the generator burn values. (I can't find any mention of IC2 Generators in the PFF Config file though; it may be extrapolated from their values in a vanilla furnace, which are mentioned.)

    I feel like installing GregTech, you are subscribing to the GregTech standard difficulty level.

    This is actually a problem for me now; the fact that I started on GregTech so early in my Minecraft experience means that there are so many mods out there that I'll just never be able to play right, because the tech progression is so much faster and I run out of things to do. In other words, they're too easy.

    In the latest GT release (downloaded 3 hours ago) the Tungstensteel Turbine Rotor does not appear to be craftable. Its only (visible in NEI) recipe is the recipe using itself with the hammer and wrench. Tungstensteel blades can be crafted, but they cannot be crafted into the rotor.

    ... What in the hell happened here? I take a week off to go to a convention in Louisville, and suddenly the TConstruct people and the GregTech people are in a flame war? Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket, people, if you don't like an exploit don't freakin' use it, and it only becomes relevant to server admins.

    Uhhhm you set Frequency and it tells you if it's connected to a Tesseract Generator. What else did you expect?

    Well, the problem I'm having is that I can't figure out what it's doing when I'm trying to set a frequency, and, subsequently, the frequencies on the Generators and the [other end blocks] weren't matching up the way it looked like they were. (I say subsequently because I had set a generator to a frequency, and then the [other end blocks] weren't registering that frequency as having a link, but were registering a couple of other frequencies as having links.) This was happening in a fresh-made creative world I was using for testing.

    Putting it more politely, Greg, I'm wondering how one would set the frequency on a Tesseract Generator and a Tesseract [other end block]?

    Can I get a screenshot of a completely built fusion reactor?

    Also what, exactly, do I pipe into it?

    Attached: 5 screenshots I just took of an operational reactor construction. 4x Energy Injector, 2x Material Injector, 1x Material Extractor, 1x Fusion Control Computer, 1x [big ring of fusion coils, encased in Highly Advanced Machine Casings], 3x Liquid Tesseract (Deuterium - Yellow, Tritium - Red, Helium Plasma - light yellow), 9x Liquiduct, 1x Lever (activate extraction on the Helium Plasma liquiduct), 1x IDSU (EU for the Energy Injectors), 11x Superconductor Wire (IDSU -> Energy Injector), 2x Cow (they were standing around, they aren't relevant to this.)

    Note that this does not cover the infrastructure required to run a reactor... I'll get to that next because it's a lot more complicated. (Unless SpwnX or SirusKing ninja's me and posts their own stuff, which is very probable considering they probably know what they're doing better than I do xD )

    I'm trying to build a (GT) Tesseract-compliant Fusion Reactor (so that I could screenshot it and post it), but I can't figure out how the **** Greg's Tesseract frequency system works. Like seriously, How da F*** do you know what it's doing?

    What version do you play? In any 1.5 version I remember testing, the recipe for plutonium was 1 uranium surrounded by 8 UU-matter. I have not tested anything newer than 3.05e though, which is currently running on my server.

    Hmm maybe my info is a little out of date... that makes a lot more sense really, I haven't looked at the NEI amplifier recipes for a while.