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    Try uranium dust, thorium dust and plutonium dust though, if you are not running nuclear reactors. Especially plutonium, it is the most potent amplifier possible. One piece of dust is equal to 400 scrap I believe (it will produce 12 UU-matter by itself). Uranium is still half as good.

    And since the standard recipe for Plutonium dust is 1 uranium dust + 1 UUM... Exploit that and your 6-UUM Uranium becomes worth 11 UUM.

    I wind up using Thorium most of the time though because I wind up with more of it than I know what to do with.

    I have another question, are you using mystcraft if yes, do you have problems with memory - when you play for around 1h memory usage in game is in range of 90-100%, every memory drop cause lag, even you relog problem still exist ony way to fix it for another 1 hour is restarting minecraft.

    I have noticed this, although I don't notice it badly unless I do several dimension jumps. I haven't actually played around with Mystcraft in about 2 months, but when I was, I usually started noticing memory overload lag after about 3 dimension hops. That didn't include vanilla Nether portals, but it did include using an Overworld book in the nether. I think it could be a bug (memory leak maybe?) with the un-loading of dimensions when you leave them. And yes, the solution to that problem is to restart Minecraft, because that wipes out the memory it is using. Simply relogging doesn't completely reset that memory (which is what makes me think "memory leak maybe?")

    Is there really no way to make the advanced pump work any faster? I tried feeding it with 512EU/t and attached two quantum tanks directly to it with the pump covers. Only one of those tanks got filled at around 1 bucket per second. Plain-old BC pump gets a bucket per tick when fed enough energy.

    "Build more pumps" would be the obvious solution but I hoped I could avoid it.

    One solution that I tried was throwing a battery upgrade of some sort (I used an Energy Crystal upgrade) and trying it then, and that seemed to work (although I wasn't looking too closely at it).

    @archan: Usually, I wind up finding a random steel ingot in a dungeon chest somewhere, and break that up into nuggets and work from there.

    A bit offtopic, you should buff biodiesel (MFR/Forestry) into your Diesel generator to 128k, as forestry Bio Generator did.

    I'm pretty sure what happened is that Forestry biofuel and MFR biofuel got separated into two completely different liquids; Forestry biofuel (still orange) is now referred to as Ethanol, and has (seemingly, although I'm not sure) the same stats as it always did, while MFR biofuel (still purple) is still biofuel, and burns in MFR Bio Generators at 16MJ/t (which is "WTF"-high MJ/t burn rate). So Forestry didn't buff biofuel, MFR brought in its own biofuel and Forestry said, "Nope, I'm not that stuff."

    For the record, the Universal Electricity mod Atomic Science has nuclear (fission and fusion) reactors that do this to an extent.

    Now, if only I actually liked UE...

    Just click the Machine on the left (of the facing you click) if you wanna rotate it to the left, to the top when rotating upwards, in the Corners to let it face the opposite Side and in the middle to let it face the Side you click on. If the Facing is identical to the one you want to set, then it will dismantle as usual.

    Why... did nobody else do this before? I mean, it's one thing to be able to cycle machine facings with a wrench (a la buildcraft), but this just makes sense

    @Pumping: Only Noobs pump Lava for gaining Energy as that is too inefficient. I needed to help that one Team, which was stupidly using Lava as Powersource for their Base, because they "ran out of Power and coudnt access the AE System". You always need to run with your pump to other Locations. Oil Oceans however, are so OP that I would Fishslap that guy who added them. Even since Oil can burn in Fire (that + Ocean = Servercrash in many Cases).

    Yeah I'm one of the guys on that team, and the only one that really isn't a fan of nether lava... Which is why, late last night, I built an MFR biofarm, and an oily bee-powered BC Combustion Engine array and started trying to connect them to the public MJ line.
    Neither of them are actually fully working yet (the biofarm due to time, the combustion engines due to my teammates never moving our oily bees when we left the old house...), but I'm finally going to get the public MJ line off of those damn Magmatic Engines.

    Alright, I would be very happy if someone would clear something up for me. Do the new fusion reactors generate energy directly, with plasma as a by-product, or do they only produce energy indirectly by use of plasma generators. If they only make power from plasma, then that needs to be changed. Mainly because, although they were expensive before, reactors have been made over twice as expensive in the recent updates, while producing less energy and being harder to automate. I mean no disrespect Greg, but this is simply unacceptable. Am I being punked or something? :cursing:

    1. Fusion reactors generate Helium Plasma, which must be fed to Plasma Generators to produce energy. IIRC one Fusion Reactor will feed 31.25 Plasma Generators continuously, which translates to 64k EU/t. That is actually almost twice the output rate of the old fusion reactors (32,768 EU/t), without the 1M EU/p outputs.

    2. It's somewhat more realistic this way. How do you collect energy from a fusion reaction? What do you do it with? The Plasma Generators give us an answer to that; it's not just a completely magical "feed in deuterium+tritium, feed out energy", it's a "feed in fuel, feed out helium plasma" which is what the reaction is supposed to create anyway. The Plasma Generators are then able to convert the Plasma into the EU you want. And in some ways, it's actually better this way, because you don't necessarily need Supercondensators and full lines of Superconductor wires.

    3. The upkeep for it is also a lot more realistic. You need a full-scale infrastructure of centrifuges and electrolyzers to fuel your reactor now, and it's even more of the engineering project a fusion reactor should be. Additionally, the fact that you now need to actively feed energy to the reactor while it's running better simulates the idea that not only do you need to spike the energy to get the reaction started, you have to burn some energy to actually sustain the temperature and pressure required for the reaction.

    4. Additionally, now, you can actually just pipe the liquids in and out of the reactor, and you don't have to think about cells on that end. This also makes large-scale fuel storage much simpler and cooler looking.

    5. The fact that it is a bigger project now means that it is even MORE of something to work for. And the fact that it is physically so much larger means that it looks a lot more badass when you actually finish building it. And then there's the glowy parts of it too. Ooo, shiny.

    wow... I was asleep for literally this entire party.

    As far as I can tell, the victims of the anti-"T" code are the people who aren't smart enough to do the easy fix, and the windmill crusaders who represent them. I personally don't like either modpacks or their custom launchers, because I tend to do a lot of random messing around with the contents of my mod packs, sometimes changing the active mods twice a day, and don't even get me started on the config files, and the custom modpacks and launchers, while they are good starting points, require a lot of refinement for me to use them. And hoo boy, that was a run-on sentence. I used to use the Magic Launcher, but have since transferred to MultiMC because it was easier to manage and less buggy. I did once use "T" but stopped because I couldn't figure out how to modify the packs. (Yeah I know it's probably easy to do that, but I found it easier to just move files in and out of the mods folder of the main .minecraft folder. And don't come to me to explain how to do it, I am *not* interested.)

    TL;DR I like flexibility, and premade packs aren't flexibility incarnate.

    But then, without Albalka's rules of conduct, Greg would hide everything in a Billion's! Not for money, but for the LULZ

    And then there's that.

    Also, why does ClaudiaJ always feel like the one voice of reason in these wars?

    Does it make every machine blows up or only the Gregtech ones (standard IC2 or other EU consumers)? I guess I'll need to make roofs!

    I'm pretty sure that this only applies to the actual GregTech ones, however yes roofs are good things to have here...

    It rains a lot on CubCraft, so whenever we're building houses, the second thing we make is the roof, lol.

    Does the new version of GregTech explodes the machines when they are outside the rain? If it does, in which version this was added? Because this destroys my void ages setup to get better FPS and really cool looking designs.

    That feature was implemented several months ago and it still stands, however as with many things in GregTech, there is a config option to disable it.

    In minecraft/config/GregTech/GregTech.cfg :

    # machines

    machines {

    The MFR SilkTouch mining is really more like matter fabrication (And can be configured to consume alot of power)

    This. It doesn't actually silktouch-mine ores, it generates one random (silktouched) ore every [some large amount of energy]. The ores I've seen it generate so far are vanilla ores, Nether Ores (of PC's Nether Ores mod) or Certus Quarts (Applied Energistics). I have not yet seen ores from other mods in the escavation. Then again, I haven't updated MFR in the last 48 hours, so it could have changed.

    It has the two side effects of 1) setting on fire anything that gets in its way, and 2) looking extremely cool when active.

    The justification for its activity is that it's effectively a deep-core mining laser, and that the things it's mining are being pulled up from below the bedrock (hence its requirement for LOS to Bedrock).

    LOL people on the internet are so funny
    I was looking for some texture ideas for ingots I'm adding and I go down to see some comments right?
    The second comment 10 days ago is probably one of the funniest things I've seen in a while...

    Edit: this is in no way to offend you greg just to laugh at the stupidity of some :P

    I liked the comment that described GregTech as a, "Marmite mod; people love it or hate it."

    (inb4 wall of text that always happens when I say something)

    Personally, I didn't beat around the bush with modded MC, I took one look at the basic game and then put a full-scale mod pack into service, including GregTech. The only things I couldn't understand early on were how to get Mixed-Metal Ingots (Railcraft Rolling Machine wasn't covered in NEI at that time), or why a Macerator needed 3 Diamonds to craft, and I was noticing, 'hm, this IndustrialCraft mod seems to have quite a few things in it that aren't covered on its wiki...' This was before GregTech became anywhere near as expansive as it is now; I don't even remember if the 100% Lagfree Multiblock Machines had been fully implemented yet. What it meant to me though was that I had started adapting to the presence of an endgame tech tree, while the endgame tech tree was still being created, and it meant that when the early game tech tree started to explode outward in complexity, i was ready for it because I was already running on that standard.
    I actually have problems with a lot of other mods now, because I look at their recipes and think, "What, that's all I have to do to get there? Then what do I do?"
    I kinda liked EE2 back in the day, just because when I first started it had what felt like the most extensive endgame to work for. I liked that there were these powerful ways of creating energy and matter out of nothing, and that no matter what I pulled out of the ground, I could make it into something I wanted to use.
    After I updated out of Minecraft 1.2.5 to 1.4.2, and EE2 vanished, I got to realize how incredibly OP most of its mechanics were. I still had fun with it, because I was only just getting into the flow of things.

    Some of those major complaints were that GregTech, as effectively a mod of a mod, was being too powerful and sticking its hands in too many places where it shouldn't have. (#BlameGregoriusT for anything that seems harder than usual now...) And I'll admit, there are many times in this new early-game tech tree that I, like Kane Hart, have said to my self, "God damn you, Greg." And then I sigh, figure out how to correctly do what I want to do, and do it. And then have cake. BTW: Chickenbones + mistaqur = godsend for anyone who likes mod-heavy work. (Although I suppose that the guys behind TMI get some credit too; I don't know who they are though) About the 'mod of a mod' deal, I actually really REALLY like where that's gone. As far as I'm concerned, Industrial Craft and Buildcraft are the two most important mods in any mod pack, because they serve as baselines and contain the core APIs of so many other mods. (And the UE API wants to be in with them; I don't like UE very much yet though.) Think about it: GregTech is an addon to IC2, that also influences and is influenced by things from BC, Railcraft, Forestry, and more that I'm not even thinking of right now; Forestry and Railcraft, while technically standalone, run their machines off of Buildcraft MJ, and have ways of creating MJ and EU. Thermal Expansion gives Buildcraft something to build factories with, and something to actually use those massive 64x64 Quarries for. Modular Powersuits has recipe variants for IC, TE, UE, and GregTech now, made of MachineMuse's own accord (much though people would like to yell otherwise), and Modular Powersuits has its own addon now too, adding a few more mod-crossover modules. Forestry has its own addons, Extra Bees in particular, that give a lot more depth to the bee breeding procedures and allows you to completely industrialize the process of breeding. Thaumcraft was a standalone magic-technology hybrid mod, that Greg took an interest in and added compatibility for. Ars Magica was in the same boat, but more focused on the actual magic, and Greg has taken an interest in it too now. MineFactory Reloaded runs its machinery on EU, MJ, or UE energy, uses UE or IC parts to build its machines with, and can directly generate MJ and fuel that GT can burn. This is what is SUPPOSED to happen in a modding community, the community is supposed to evolve to the point where the mods stop simply being mods to the game, and start being mods to each other as well. It evolves to the point where you can't just say you used only one mod to do something, because you used so many different mods in so many different ways to get to where you arrived at. Heck, the first real example of this I can think of was the Forge Ore Dictionary, allowing mods to work together in their tech progressions and not have you trying to figure out which of the 6 different Copper Ores was the right one at any given time.

    (Yeah, this is going long.)

    For an in-game example, last night, I came up with a way of massively and almost self-sustainably amplifying the output of some Bees (Extra Bees Valuable Bees in particular) using a combination of Applied Energistics, Forestry Alvearies with Extra Bees Frame Housings, Thaumcraft Stone Golems, Buildcraft Wooden Pipes and Redstone Engines (or Autarchic Gates), an Ars Magica energy nexus and Arcane Reconstructor, and a MineFactory Reloaded AutoSpawner, set to generate Twilight Forest Maze Slimes. And the AE Network is powered by a Liquid Tesseract dropped in the nether next to a GregTech Advanced Pump and a Railcraft World Anchor, connected to a combination of GT Thermal Generators and Forestry Electric Engines. (If anyone asks how I did it, I can explain that too; it's actually pretty simple but made a few steps more complicated by the fact that the Arcane Reconstructor does not respect ISidedInventory.) That's one project, for one addon of one mod, that directly uses technology from 9 other mods and addons. (Forestry, Extra Bees, Applied Energistics, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Ars Magica, MFR, Twilight Forest, GregTech, Railcraft, Thermal Expansion)

    Fixed the whole Sortiment of Generators
    Added more Fuels for the Magic Energy Converter (Ars Magica related)
    Added Redstone Signalizer Cover, which just applies a constant Redstone Signal to a Side of the attached Machine. Its assembling Machine Recipe overloaded the Work Display Cover, which now uses Comparator instead of Redstone Torch to assemble it.
    Added Redstone Conductor Cover, which grabs the strongest incoming Redstone Signal of the Block and emits it.
    Fixed several other Bugs.

    Oh good, a way of making my energy alarm work. Now if only we could get Cub to update...