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    How do I make hot tungstensteel now?
    have 2.9h and my full advanced machineblock blastfurnace w/ 2 lava block in the middel hads just 2880 heat! i need 3000

    Remember those other heating coils? (Nichrome and Kanthal?) They have a use now! Get 4 of each and right-click on the Blast Furnace, and the furnace will be upgraded with a new, higher heat capacity.

    To rephrase, manufacture 4 Kanthal heating coils, and 4 Nichrome heating coils, go to your Industrial Blast Furnace, and, with a stack of 4 Nichrome coils in your hand, right-click on the Blast Furnace. This will upgrade the heat capacity of the furnace. Rinse and repeat with the 4 Kanthal heating coils.

    If neither of these work, come back and yell at me and I'll shut up.

    edit: spent too much time typing and got ninja'd
    edit2: fixed

    I have found a bug where on the server when im not around this happens to ( I think ) to all automatic machines, as the GregTech-computercube stays normal. When i try to right click at least one of them I get this error. This happens in the 290h fixed by mistaqur ( Electrolyzer fix ). This is on a server and im not sure if the same happens on SP.

    That looks to me like an evolution of the old SMP (only) bug where if GT machines unload, they don't re-load right (you just see machine block textures) and if you right-click on them you get a client crash. The original fix to this was to left+click on the untextured blocks to make them update and work right again.

    I thought that bug had been fixed, but maybe that happened in a different version than this (or maybe something new broke) (or maybe I'm hallucinating again).

    ... I think i remember (from the ancient past of like 100 pages ago) something about Quantum Chests having two input (buffer!) slots... and those two slots are not counted alongside the main storage. If i'm not hallucinating, that would account for the 128 item discrepancy.

    CPU: Intel Core2Duo, 2.8GHz (OC'd to 3.2GHz)
    GPU: NVidia GT240 (1GB VRAM)
    RAM: 4GB DDR2
    mobo: some Biostar MicroATX (don't remember what really)
    hdd: some seven year old 320GB Seagate
    os: Windows 7, x64
    (and a keyboard from 1995:P)
    (total PC cost: ~$500, spent over 10 years and several partial rebuilds)

    My only real problem is that I can't really gun up anything because I don't have a way of cooling it, and the only Minecraft thing that gives me problems is when I'm fiddling around with Ars Magica (i think there's a memory leak somewhere; that's on a 95-mod setup), or trying to record/stream it.
    (Or trying to play MC on half of the screen, and watch a livestream on the other half of the screen)

    ... However, I am still playing 1.4.7, I have *NOT* updated to 1.5 yet.

    Railcraft Sulfur and Saltpeter are biome-dependent ores. Sulfur only spawns near lava lakes under Extreme Hills, and Saltpeter only spawns in deserts (or the like), in very rare but very large (regenerating!) deposits, just below the surface.

    edit: I have encountered RC Sulfur many times... but I still have yet to actually find a Saltpeter deposit.

    Hi Gregorius, i was testing some mods together when i have technic named "technic" instead of ".technic" i get a error i know it says redpower but, it only happens when i add GregTech to the custom pack. It will work fine with multimc also just not technic launcher. I've heard some stories that you do not like technic and made it so it crashes when it detects .technic is this true?

    technic, technic, technic...
    Yes, GregTech will crash if it is loaded through the Technic launcher. Not all stories are fiction; just don't use Technic if you want GregTech.

    I'll be honest, when I first found the Technic Pack (never got to messing with Tekkit), it was my first introduction to modded Minecraft. I once played on it for 27 straight hours (i don't know how or why even, nor do I have any idea what i was doing that whole time). I liked it because it was easy to get it working. However, I disliked it for two reasons: 1) everything in it was outdated (I first used Technic when MC was at 1.4.2; Technic was still on 1.3.2), and 2) I couldn't figure out how to fix everything being outdated, and as MC marched forward, Technic stayed put. Yes, I will refer to it as Technic, simply because I never got to Tekkit.

    Shortly after that 27-hour SSP marathon, I moved away from Technic, simply so that I could have a modded MC that was actually up to date. And then I discovered the all legendary war over it. And then deleted all my Technic files.
    Since then, I've been running on a purely homebrew mod pack. It's somewhat similar to FTB MindCrack, but with two or three subtractions and about ten additions. I play it SSP, and I have fun with my mishmash. And in fact, the only time I even think about Technic/Tekkit now is whenever someone creates a new thread (or epic necros one) on these forums.

    I will say that although Tekkit servers contain IC2, Tekkit servers do not belong here on the IC2 forum. This is simply my opinion of the matter.

    edit: However, I will say that the image of a creeper wearing a hardhat is painfully adorable :love::cursing:

    And thorium in coal is so tiny you probly couldnt extract it.

    Well, why do you think Greg made it 64 coal dust = 1 Thorium Cell? It's not supposed to be an efficient conversion.

    And before any further comments are made about "why can you get Thorium from Coal and not from anything else" or "why can't you get other things from coal or the like, there are more impurities than just thorium", there is one very simple answer to that question.

    Because Greg says so.
    Minecraft physics and logic apply here. The creator has spoken, and thus it is so.
    If you would like to make your centrifuge output more random stuff, good, break your way into Greg's coding (and a few copywrite laws) and add in the recipes. If you don't want your centrifuge to output random things like Thorium from Coal, fine, disable that in config.

    Stop the pointless bickering over this little nagging bit of Applied Science, or Applied Magic, or Applied Phlebotomy, or Applied Kevin Bacon, and the even more pointless smiley flame war, and go back to playing Minecraft.

    But let's enjoy, this is Minecraft! Get Nuclear Fuel from what you want, because it's always funny playing with Nuclear Reactor.

    For Great Science.

    Me, because it's fun.

    And all the other IC2 engineers. This is Minecraft. There is nothing more true to the game than massively overcomplicated but awesome construction projects.

    Vanilla MC gave us Creepers, to knock holes in our walls (and ourselves), to destroy all the wonderful things we had spent so much time running around and building, and to mess up our day in the mines. And though by now they may seem mundane threats, they seem that way because we learned how to manage them, and they became less threatening and more exploitable (Gunpowder -> TNT -> 8o)
    IC2 gives us nuclear reactors, which must be engineered carefully, or they will carefully engineer your house, the land around your house, and most likely your face as well :D:cursing: Until you learn how to manage them. When you learn how to manage them, they become much less threatening and much more exploitable (UNLIMITED POWAR!)(more or less:P)

    It wouldn't be Minecraft if there were no creative and overly expensive solutions to otherwise mundane problems.