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    Railcraft already provides a rolling machine recipe to turn copper into dense copper plates, so I'm not sure why Greg still hasn't made copper function the way all other metals do. CURSE YOU GREG FOR NOT DEVOTING MORE OF YOUR TIME TO WORKING ON THE MOD.

    EDIT: Actually, it turns out if you disable crafting of copper blocks and enable compression of copper blocks, the dense copper plate compression recipe automatically vanishes. So apparently, it can be done right with just the configs. Still, it would be nice if Greg made this automatically detected.

    With the latest GregTech and TE, you have to specifically go into the TE config and enable all the overrides. This lets GregTech override TE and properly unificate its recipes.

    What will disabling the block do? Nothing. Nothing to solve the problem of abusing the crusible by turning cobblestone into gold and iron, nothing. I care not you get free lava, i care about turning the lava made from stone into gold and iron and a load of other stuff.

    Disabling the magma crucible recipe for turning cobblestone into lava will fix that issue. I'm not sure why you would think otherwise.

    I just noticed that there is a Railcraft rolling machine recipe for dense copper plates.
    Is there any way we can disable the traditional IC2 compressor recipe for dense copper plates so we can instead make copper blocks that way like all other storage blocks?

    Since this still hasn't happened in the latest GregTech updates, I'm just bringing this idea up again.
    Specifically, making this an automatic config thing, so if GregTech detects Railcraft, it automatically disables the compressor recipe for copper plates and uses the compressor copper block recipe instead.

    EDIT: I've done some digging to see whether I can do this manually through configs, and there is no way to disable the compressor recipe for dense copper plates, unless that somehow auto-disables when I enable copper block compressing.