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    I, personally, have huge lag when searching in NEI since I started playing with the Mindcrack mod pack, each search takes about 5-7 seconds. I have an awfully slow computer, so I'm used to lag after playing Minecraft for over a year like that.

    Go into NEI Options > NEI Plugins > Fuel tips > Change all things to "Hidden"

    Oh yes. It's definitely not NEI itself, but NEIPlugin messes up with GregTech. Searching becomes instant as it supposed to be without this plugin.
    And I see some people had the same problem appeared after 2.72a.
    "Added Cells for five of the most important Liquids of other Mods (Bio Diesel, Diesel, Oil, Creosote and Biomass)" - the thing from changelog of 2.72a. I don't know, maybe this thing caused the problem?
    Is there any option to disable this cells, just for testing purpose?

    UPD: wow, with NEIPlugin settings -> Tooltip settings -> Fuel tooltip options -> Items:Hidden instead of Shown it works well. It's just strange.

    The Search time is infact cuased by fueltips and eu tips just taking a long time to load. Its nothing to do with gregtech.

    As SirusKing said, their power output is very random, the sails (turbine or mill variant) have durability and they aren't exactly cheap, they require a lot of silk, 192 for the mill and if I remember maybe 288 for the turbine) and some iron to build.
    If you don't have a spider grinder or a flax farm...
    EDIT: The only thing that might be OP on Blutricity is the Blulectric Engine, it can use 23000W to generate 23MJ/t, it doesn't overheat nor explodes and doesn't use blutricity if it recognizes that the machine is full of power. Which makes it the most powerful and smart engine of FTB mod pack.

    Anyway, that Super Transformer seem a good idea, if Greg implemented it, I wonder how may Iridium plates it would take to craft... :)

    You know whats a better idea then Transformer's?
    Multiblock nuke.

    True, that there isn't much need to convert MJ to EU, except for efficiency reasons, which goes back to what I said about the diesel generator (and others) not being efficient compared to some alternatives. It's also the only way to convert blutricity into EU.

    If someone thinks that MJ --> to EU is cheesy or OP it's because the fuel/energy is not balanced between mods.
    I personally don't mind, because getting EU is easy (having fun with wind mills right now), but it's good to generate discussion about balance of energy resources.


    The only Converter i want to see is a gaint Electromagnetic Dynamo to convert them.

    Multiblock things are fun >.<

    Hey, I have a suggestion regarding steel, IRL steel would have to be made with either charcoal dust or another purer form of carbon, such as coal coke, as the impurities in raw coal weaken the steel.
    Therefore, I suggest that one coal dust & one cell be heated in a blast furnace at 1,200 K for 10 s to get a Refined Coal Dust and a Coal Gas Cell, then The Refined coal dust is used instead of plain Coal dust in the steel-making recipe. Also, an alternative recipe for Refined Coal Dust could be one charcoal dust and one coal dust at 1,200 K for 15 s to get 2 Refined coal dust. However, the Steelmaking recipe would probably be shortened by 5-10 seconds to accommodate for the increased cost of steel production.

    You do realise that Charcoal has way more impurities then Coal, as Coal is practicaly Charcoal that has slowly been Pressure cooked, which, as we know from Coke, removed Impurites.
    As for speed, It would cool if it required more Coal dust but took less time, its annoying waiting for 10000 years to make my HS Rails.

    I don't really like the "change it in config" mentality. I like when things work properly out-of-the-box. So I would like that someone would put some effort to unify the energy values across different mods with each item creating relatively same amount of energy.

    Also, Gregorius. I'm trying getting into mod development, but I got stuck on trying to reference IC2, so I could change some items. I looked in your profile and across few wikis and forums, but I have yet to find complete and working tutorial or example how to achieve that. Do you have any idea about something that could help me? Thanks.

    Thats like wanting to buy a lego's model And wanting it made in the box!
    could help me? Thanks

    Yes, one can connect to a Server, which doesnt have the Mod (or which doesnt have all the Mods you have), you only need the Mods the Server has. You could even join a vanilla Server with your modded Client.

    As for the Fuel Values. Go to the Config and change them if they are wrong for you. And EU != MJ, so do you see any MJ->EU Converter in GregTech? You might see MJ consuming Machines in the moreless far Future, but thats all I will do. (And no, these Machines wont convert their Energy internally to EU, they will have a seperate MJ Storage to prevent the EU-Flow functionality of some devices from converting MJ).

    And Boilers give an incredible Boost to every Fuel, but they also need 99 Steel for Steam Turbines on a regular Basis if you wanna generate EU with it. That is balanced well enough. You basically burn 99 Iron and 99 Coal additionally inside the Boiler, just for maintenance. You can save a little bit Steel by crafting 2 almost broken Turbines together to one (like Tool Repair)

    99 Steel? Shouldnt that be 99 Steel BLOCKS? MWUAHAHAHAHAHHA

    EDIT: Also your steel is ugly *trollface*

    My Advanced Pump is just a better (and more expensive) Buildcraft Pump. Redpower has also ways of pumping Liquids using Grates.

    And the point was, that the Buildcraft Pump ceases to work, as soon as it hits Water, while pumping Oil. And that my Pump doesnt even leave an ugly pit of flowing Oil in the Ocean.

    I meant that the pump could turn the Liquid regester liquids that can be placed (Water, liquid, oil ect) from a tank into the world again, like the Redpower pump :3

    Yes, there were changes (a minor speed increase as I changed the Recipe). I always recommend to delete the old advanced Config (or the unchanged Parts), after updating to a major Version.

    The Advanced Pump is already able to remove Oil Wells in Oceans 100% clean! No single fucking piece of Water can stop it from doing its Job properly! What's now Buildcraft?

    But can the Advanced pump pump liquids... OUT?!?!?!?!