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    1. Didnt you read the Names I gave the Wrenches? I thought it was pretty obvious as they were the first two Words of each line.
    2. Which Mods Wrenches did I miss after including IC², BC, GT and UE compatibility? The EBXL Logturner, which is technically not really a Wrench? The Redpower Screwdriver, which is not supported by the Omniwrench for Eloraam reasons? Pistons, Hoppers, Repeaters, Comparators, Dispensers, Droppers, Chests, Trapped Chests (which you missed) and vanilla Logs? They are supported by my Wrenches.

    1. Fair enough, just checking.

    2. RailCraft (crowbar functionality), MFR, MFFSv2, Pumpkins, Jack O'Lanterns, rails I'm guessing, and stairs.

    EDIT: Oh, and mobs. The OmniWrench rotates those too.

    I do hope you aren't calling them OmniWrenches, as you're lacking support for a ton of mods.

    2) The dictionary is blocking conversion from BoP rubies to GT rubies. It matches them, then lexicon says that conversion is blocked.


    Gregtech 3.07b

    By default, the Lexicon only whitelists certain conversions. It's easily possible to whitelist everything / blacklist nothing, or just add the gems to the whitelist.

    Is it normal that vacuum freezer can't be wrenched from anywhere but below it?
    (and since the wrench war might still be on I find it necessary to specify that I used the IC2 electric wrench)

    There is no wrench war. I absolutely do not care. It's trivial for either of us to allow compatibility (and I can keep the OmniWrench unbreakable in doing so), but Greg doesn't seem to want that, so I'm trying to respect his decision on it. Some modders do that, you know. ;)

    1. Is it? What bad things would happen? I haven't tried it and neither have you.
    2. Yes it is, but if you don't understand it, he meant "Change the recipe for sturdy casing so it needs 4 bronze" - which doesn't affect things like biogas engines, which are the things you're most likely to spam, so not a good solution.
    3. "not doing anything" = "leaving it as it is right now"; 3 tin + 1 copper = 2 bronze, which effectively doubles the cost of Forestry recipes (relative to without GregTech) and is thus a nerf to all of Forestry (and an unconfigurable one at that - it seems you removed the option?)

    1. Forestry Bronze would no longer be useful for anything. Sengir uses the ore dictionary properly.
    3. >.>

    Uhhhm what? I did nothing in regards to these two. I dont hack into the TE Config and I also don't nerf TE Bronze Recipes. Especially not to 1 Ingot per 3Copper 1Tin.

    @Wrench: I needed a better System than implementing stupid Interfaces, so I made my own one. And since my System lets the Machine damage the Wrench it works only if it actually damages the Wrench.

    @Flint&STEEL: Either use other burnables like Lava or get yourself a GT Blast Furnace, which doesnt require any Netherwork. Not to mention all that Steel in Dungeon Chests.

    @Wrench: This is disingenuous, you need to say exactly what you mean, "I do not want unbreakable wrenches working on my machines." And that's fine. But to state that it's just how the registry happens to work and that's the only option is a farce. You're not a bad coder, don't start pretending to be one now - it would be trivial to have the machines work with both. If you actually wanted them to work, they could.

    Having said that, I see no evidence of a Wrench Registry anywhere in your API.

    EDIT: For reference, here's how you handle a machine reacting to a wrench properly:

    Base code for all TE blocks. You're welcome. Notice that wrenchUsed is called - it's up to the tool whether or not it gets damaged. No, this doesn't work with IC2's wrench. Yes, IC2's wrench is terrible, we've been over that.

    Well temporary. Lets see what Team CoFH does to fix it.

    Why should we do anything here? You don't want the OmniWrench working on your machines, I can respect it, that is fine.

    Also, nice jab about a "wrongly implemented interface" when the fact is that it works exactly as the IC2 api allows it to. I don't reflect, it's rude.

    Neither of you made Tesseracts, since a Tesseract is practically just a Maths Plaything and should just be treated as any other normal Shape, just in a fourth dimension (ie does nothing really).

    Also, Lemming, if you have any take in Buildcraft, Those oil biomes are ridiculously OP :p They are realistic though, but may i suggest that because Oil is suddenly ridiculously common, you nerf Oil and Fuel energy wise.

    Wait a second, is that an Oil spring spawner i see?
    If oil is suddenly Renewable now, i will murder the BC team in their sleep.

    Actually I did make a Tesseract, as I said, it's a 4d object - you are placing a Resonant Shadow. Hence why the recipe calls for Tin, *supposedly* the most tonally resonant metal. Add a bit of MC "physics" via Ender, and they have the properties as I present them. I did think this through after all. But I agree with you, a 4d object without the presence of spacetime-warping material (Ender) would do nothing.

    As far as BuildCraft, I have minimal influence there. No idea what they're doing with oil.

    Miner Tree? What? I have a robust Twilight Oak sapling if you need that.

    And Sirus, it didnt make Flux because it didnt output Energy.

    And Buildcraft Pipes? We have more than enough Resources for more expensive Systems. I will switch it from TE Tesseracts to GT Tesseracts because TE ones cause Issues with the Liquids.

    Exhibit A. You are claiming that they cause issues with Liquids. They do not.

    I never said they are buggy, I only said they dont have all the abilities a Tesseract should have. They just teleport Items, and that also works very well (better than the original Teleport Pipes) you cant hook up something to "grab" Items out of a Tesseract, what makes it essencially just a normal Teleporter. They teleport very well, but they don't really "Tesseract" things. That is my only Problem. And lets be honest, they are just a more fancy Version of Teleport Pipes, aren't they? I know Zeldo is in your Team, so its pretty obvious.

    See Exhibit A. BTW if you have issues with my Liquid handling, you're in for a rough ride post-1.6, since I rewrote Forge's Fluid system.

    I'm pretty sure I never denied that they were effectively teleporters. However, unless you happen to have multiple PhDs in physics which we are not aware of, it's a bit laughable to claim that yours are more like "real" Tesseracts. You are postulating an Einstein-Rosen bridge, I am simply creating a 4d object with a 3d shadow. I'm basing mine in part on Minecraft "physics" as it were.

    According to theory, you can reach your hand through a wormhole and interact with something on the other side, assuming the distortions in spacetime don't rip you apart. There is no supporting theory to state that a 4d entity would be able to guide your 3d hand to interact with something else which it perceives to also be nearby. It's more likely that it would just rip your arm off on accident.

    TL,DR: You made Wormholes.

    Hey Greg,

    Compared to most modders, I think I've been pretty civil with you. So I really don't get the misinformation campaign and the personal attack.

    If Liquid Tesseracts actually have a bug, reproduce it, document it, and file a report. Given that you've done that in the past, and yet I have no bug report...this is basically a falsehood.

    And yeah, your Wormholes are cool. You should probably admit that you'd have called them that if you weren't trying to be abrasive.

    OmniWrench is sadly a very hacky wrench. If something doesnt work with it and if it still works with the IC² Wrench than its not my fault. Also last time I wrenched one of my Machines with that Wrench I did get the Plate back.

    So are you going to mention the part where it's only a hacky wrench because IC2 doesn't have a proper wrench API? That it does dumb stuff like hardcodes Terraformer blueprints? How about the fact that the onus is on the item to execute the action, and not the machine to react to it.

    I would imagine you code your machines reactively, however, so there should not be an issue.

    I liked the onmiwrech too :(

    So keep using it. :P Until IC2 fixes their API up, it's about the best we've got. It's a fully functioning BC/MFR/TE/UE/RC/Forestry/MFFS wrench even if the IC2 part isn't *perfect*. Even then, it should emulate IC2 behavior most of the time.

    Well, I didnt know that it uses only the canonical Liquid to determine Texture, but having that Registry inside the Liquid Stack is very misleading.

    Yes, it's a bit strange at the moment. Consider canonical() to be the equivalent of getItem() for now. I do hope that you are not actually setting the icon and texture sheet every time you make a liquidstack in your code. I'm working on a Fluid revamp for Forge, and even though it will break absolutely everything, it will change some of this stuff up. In most cases, fluids won't even take IDs, and containers will be universal.

    Regarding the Ore Dictionary stuff:

    Sorry for the confusion here man, but it's a trivial issue to fix, and we both know that. Also, the Ore Dictionary already had a lot of stuff pre-registered, such as wood and dye. The error here was that ores were being omitted from Forge's default regs.

    As far as your machines being the lowest lag of all? I'll give you credit on the multiblocks, but that's quite a bold claim, sir. ;)

    I dunno how did you do this, but with 2.81d TE ( Induction Smelter produces ore instead of taking it when I smelt ores. (Input: 2 Ore, 2 Sand > 4 Ore in input slot, 4 Dusts). It works ok in 2.81a.

    Interesting, but nothing in TE changed.

    Sounds more Thermal expansion then Gregtech q.q
    Unless its his Unification derping.

    As above, nothing changed in TE. However, I noticed that Greg changed how his Unification works under the hood. I'm guessing that he might be smashing the Ore Dictionary and setting the various stacksizes to -1 or something.

    I updated Gregtech only, 2.81a->2.81d and this bug appeared.

    I couldn't agree more.

    Sorry Greg, I think this one is on you man - not sure what your new Hashmap-based stuff is doing (appreciate the nod to efficiency though), but my guess is that it's the underlying cause of this. Appreciate the bug-report, but I literally cannot replicate it in any other circumstance. I'm guessing that you may be messing up the stacksizes registered to the dictionary somehow.

    It was an Error on Thermal Expansions side, to not check if that Part of the API is even existing (updated), updating GregTech fixes that missing GT-API Part (which got added especially for Thermal Expansion)

    Actually the issue is that I was handling Exceptions but not all Throwables. Using reflection to check for the existence of a specific method name is absurd when a try/catch will work. The problem is that Java has a ridiculous handling hierarchy.

    I've noticed that too, since my iron making machine is making Thermal expansion obsidian dust instead of GT ones after newest patch (cubcraft 1.0.6/GT newest version?).

    Sorry, I've had a bit of a hangup with RL stuff and we decided to do a major refactor, so it'll be a little bit before 2.2.1, which uses Greg's API to re-enable unification. In the meantime, maybe use a Lexicon? ;)

    I know that you was talking about the Liquid one, but really setting up a good MJ power source to power a quarry at descent speed requires lots of automation. Setting up a Energy Tesseract and a Ender Chest (or a Item Tesseract) can make things a lot easier. I might even post a screenshot of a super compact design, I don't know. And, in the future, you will have to supply power to the frequency to be able to transport items, so in the end it might be just the same thing. King Lemming said that in Soaryn's latest stream.

    And btw King Lemming (if you're still here), I'm havin a issue with Omnitools. It seems like I can't wrench ci2 machines. The block drops a fake Item Entity and it disappear, but it's still there! Any help?

    What version of OmniTools are you running? This shouldn't be an issue anymore. No promise that it works with GT stuff, as I am only using the standard IC2 wrench API.

    Something tells me that KingLemming doesn't like GregTech.

    O.o Huh... I sure hope that's just a joke, and not being serious. Considering the "Collaboration" he has done with greg.

    For the uninitiated, the Something Awful Forums do not by default allow you the choice of an Avatar and Tag. You must purchase them.

    Or, someone can do so for you.

    That is what has happened here, as you can probably guess by the artwork. You can believe me or not, that is fine, but it is the case. Funnily enough it was mentioned by the people who purchased the title/avatar for me that perhaps it wasn't quite appropriate given that I actually do not have that opinion. In true goon fashion, it will probably remain unchanged just for the "lulz."

    So if anyone is offended, sorry. If anyone wants to throw me cash to change it, I will. And it might even get changed again by whoever else. I just don't know.

    While you're here, any chance of adding a power requirement for tesseracts? it would make them a lot more balanced.

    Looking at a few options with this - honestly as they sit, within the context of Ender Chests, they aren't horrible. In the context of TE alone, they're quite expensive.

    Energy cost is a hard thing to do - the simple fact is that once you've reached a certain point in the tech tree, you have accomplished nothing outside of wasting CPU cycles, since the energy is effectively unlimited. So energy cost as a passive requirement is boring and hurts the server. Taking the 25% tax on the Energy Tesseract specifically is a cost I can incur directly with their use for very little computation, so that's alright.

    I have an idea here, we'll see how it goes. :)