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    Suggestion: Thorium/plutonium can be centrifuged for dust+cell, for storage purposes (dusts are stackable).

    That would conflict the Uranium Dust centrifuge recipe (Centrifuge it and get uranium cells + stuff, turn cells back to dust, repeat). Allows for infinite stuff with the limiting factor being EU and time.

    Humm.. I dont know how to automate the circuit assembling machine with AE. The components don't go in the left and slide to the right when AE sends them, they come in the right slot and the automatic crafting get stuck.

    I also have that issue. I think that the left slot is supposed to be inserted from below however AE doesn't have such devices (like logistics sattelite)

    2 questions:
    1. Why no iridium dust?
    2. About automation machines:
    I'm a supporter the war against lag yet I think that automation machines updating at only 5/3 centihertz (for the less geeky: once a minute) is way too slow. Sure, minimal lag is cool, but for such lousy performance? Not worth it. You also can no longer make precisely timed system using them (i.e reactors).
    In general, when real gameplay is directly affected due to technical reasons it's blasphemous (practical example: quarry running 8 times more slowly so it would cause less lag due to block updates). Also, the RP relay isn't really lagging, and it updates how fast? 1 hertz?
    Can we at least get a config option to alter the update frequency at our own risk?

    Not really no. Breeders generate few EU, and they won't breed until there is an active cells in it (Thorium/Plutonium/Uranium). Otherwise that would be way too easy ^^.

    Not really no. Breeders generate few EU, and they won't breed until there is an active cells in it (Thorium/Plutonium/Uranium). Otherwise that would be way too easy .

    I know, I just said that the planner show 'active EU 0' for all breedors.

    Suggestion: a low tier charge-o-mat which charges items only at MFE-tier and holds 1M EU. It won't charge your armor unlike the big charge-o-mat, however the most important part is that it will have the automation that the charge-o-mat has (input at top/bottom, output at side) and have 1 slot for charged item and 1 slot for uncharged. Recipe should be something like this:
    :Advanced Circuit: :EC Meter: :Advanced Circuit:
    :Wind Mill: :Energy Crystal: :Wind Mill:
    :Advanced Circuit: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Circuit:
    Where :Advanced Circuit: : Obvious, :EC Meter: : Monitor or conveyor (not sure), :Wind Mill: : Chest, :Energy Crystal: : Lapotron crystal, :Advanced Machine: : Obvious.

    Assuming you play on a server, correct? Remember SSP doesn't continue when you log off.

    Also, could we get some way to directly upgrade the iron jackhammer to a steel one?
    Also also, dirt does not seem to be mined faster by the iron jackhammer. Is this intentional?

    If you play on a server, you can get help from other players who have progressed (use they're machines, ask for resources etc.) although some consider it cheating.

    Finnaly a good use for Wolfram brinders.
    And wouldnt getting liquid Flesh out of Players be an Infi Flesh thing? Low on methane?
    Set your spawn above the Grinder and get infiflesh.
    Although it could have an upgrade that allows XP, but that sounds op.
    Unless it has a Bajillion Super condensors in the Recipie.

    Liquiflesh from animals is infinite as well, breeding them is very easy especially if you have an RC feeding station

    It should work like a macerator for creatures. Uses a bunch of grinders/sawblades/whatnot to process the animals giving off more loot than simply killing them. Gives off extra loot and methane/liquiflesh. Should work for mobs aswell (think about macerating creepers).
    Maybe even...... players......

    Just wondering 2 things
    1. were gas turbines made to be a way to get power out of unwanted cells like hydrogen and methane? or as serious power gen?
    2. is an automatic carrot farm, making the methane, to power gas turbines, what you had in mind with the centrifuge recipes? or this about to get nerfed now i've made a whole power gen off it.(or buffed i like that 2)

    I think it is intended. It's also the only way I know to make power out of skeletons (skeletons->bones->bonemeal->wheat->bread->methane->EU).

    Get a T4 wither skelly spawner and slay them with turtles. There you go, infinite WSSs.

    As for slaying the wither, use an MFFS forcefield to trap it so it does no harm and then kill it inside using nano sabers or something.

    That pretty much negates the purpose of the anti-lag, as pulling it out of a chest with a gate or rs engine will put singles into the pipeline. Why even have an automatic machine if I have to pull out of it anyway. I understand for the macerator/furance it could be useful, but for a recycler less so.

    Yes that's very uncomfortable, in my current automatic macerator setup I have a Macarator -> Translocator-> Relay before it finally gets to my RP tube system. I hope that eventually I could just replace everything with an automatic macerator that will directly put it into the tubes.
    If you think about it though, to make it work with tubes you need to take care of the whole backlogging thing which might be too complicated, using bc pipes will be a lot more simple though.

    I've been trying to figure out your new automatic machines, I can't seem to get them to output to bc pipes. Not sure if that was intended, I tried all combination of buttons on/off, pipes on every side, wrenching it around.

    It is impossible to get greg's automation machines to directly output to BC pipes. You need to put a chest and then pull it using gates/rsengines. Same goes for RP tubes, you need to put a relay.
    Perhaps this will change in the near future?