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    Here - I managed zero excess heat: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…n622314zzk5hnt83hkiyn2hhc

    How? I'm not even sure myself, but for some strange reason putting a heat capacity plate in the remaining empty slot minimally improved overall heat distribution, and with some component reshuffling I ended up getting 635 out of 640 cooling utilized. Even the exact type of plate seems to matter (it doesn't work with a normal plate, and only half as well with a containment plate). I have no idea what's going on.

    Unfortunately that doesn't keep that one vent at the bottom from melting after four minutes, and every attempt I make to move heat away from it ends up reducing cooling by a way too large amount.

    I also had slightly different heat distribution results when I moved the location of the fuel cells to a different corner, but I didn't manage to make anything intrinsically better out of it.

    I only change Thorium and Plutonium Cells a bit, and remove the override of the regular Uranium Cells.

    Well, considering that these thorium and plutonium cells are the exact thing that hybrid reactors rely on, I hope you understand that I'm not holding on to any expectations until the update arrives ;)

    Unless you'd be willing to divulge the nature of the planned changes...?

    Alright, thanks, I'll give that a whirl in my test world. If it works I might just use it in my next new world... although GregTech is planning on doing something to nuclear reactors in the 1.5 update, so who knows if these designs are still valid then.

    Ah, I see. So that assumes that you have a breeder reactor to go along with your hybrid reactor? Bit of a bummer, I never touched breeders before because of the (perceived) tedium of tending to them around the clock. Can you also run a hybrid without a breeder on the side in some way?

    (Unless something changed since I last looked and breeders can be automated nowadays)

    Just tested.

    Redstone ore, lapis lazuli ore and diamond ore are overloaded. Uranium ore and nikolite ore however have the same recipe in both cases.

    I then had an epiphany, and thought: "Hey, it looks like all overloaded recipes seem to be for vanilla ores."

    And sure enough - the other two are coal ore and emerald ore.

    Thanks for the answers, I'm going to check those recipes in my test world with and without overloading.

    In the meantime, a different question.

    A page or two back, I was told that this config section:

    would decide which kind of ingot is produced by all machines. As in, by default all machines produce Redpower ingots/dusts but if I change this to false and TE to true, all machines would produce TE ingots/dusts instead. (Someone else asked if he could do this, and the answer was to set it in the config, I just asked for details).

    But isn't that completely backwards? Shouldn't it be "all machines from mods set to true produce IC2/GregTech ingots/dusts"? Because if not, what happens if I set all of them to true at once? And why is Thaumcraft set to true by default, if Thaumcraft doesn't even add copper/tin/etc? It's to make the infernal furnace spit out IC2/GregTech ingots, I would think. And if TE is set to false then TE machines will produce TE ingots/dusts and if TE is set to true then TE machines will produce IC2/GregTech ingots/dusts instead.

    So which of the two is it now? 8|

    If you divide 170 by the base output of plutonium (which is 10), you end up with 17, thus indicating that the efficiency of the plutonium cell is 17.
    A quad cell outputs FOUR pulses in each direction, however those pulses are divided by the number of cells receiving those pulses.
    This is why a quad cell surrounded by 4 reflectors only has an efficiency of 7, the quad cell emits four pulses in each direction, which are reflected, and then divided by four as the quad cell receives it.
    However, a single cell does not divide those pulses, thus allowing it to achieve efficiencies above 7, but nonetheless, the total efficiency of the reactor can never go above 7, because the quad cells are only receiving one pulse from that single cell, thus decimating the overall efficiency.
    Come at me bro.

    That makes no sense whatsoever. If what you say is true, then a quad cell next to a single reflector would have the exact same efficiency as a quad cell surrounded by 4 reflectors, because that single reflector would get all four pulses directed at it. And even in the online calculator that is not true, much less in the game.

    I would be really careful, by the way, with basing your arguments solely on the output of that java tool, which has been known to be buggy and doesn't even run Minecraft code. Go ingame, construct that efficiency 17 design, hook it up to an IDSU or other large storage unit, and see how much EU you really receive. I have a hunch that it will be much less than you think...

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for someone who would be willing to spare a few moments of their time to help me with a few things I don't understand about the GregTech configuration files. Especially the advanced recipes config. Expect me to ask very in-depth questions - i.e. I want to know not only that a setting overloads some recipes, but also which recipes exactly and how each of the changed recipes looks before and after.

    If anyone can satisfy my curiosity, I thought, then it must be the regulars in this thread, who know the mod far better than anyone else! :)

    If you'd like to help me, just say so, and I'll send you a PM.