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    Kinda, I am struggling to find and download the mod "Storage blocks", Maybe you could update the post to have that mod link in it?

    im watching you login and its not showing you as having the mod_storageblocks, did you add it to the jar and not mods folder? or open tmi and look for id 130, 131, 133 and see if redstoneblock, coal block and stacked cobble is there(maybe not in that order)


    Anarchy's Server : Currently Open to new Peoples
    No its not a anarchy server, I just go by anarchy.
    So i decided to take my server public so lets have some fun together.


    So i have a few rules. Failure to abide to these results in a strike, 3 strikes and its a ban for you.

    1: First and foremost, do not greif or steal. Cakes
    2: Do not build annoying 1x1 or 2x2 etc towers to sky limit, unless its actually for something worthy such as a building.
    3: Do not build large redstone devices that would cause lag, such as calculators or Operating systems etc.
    4: Treat others with respect, got a problem with someone, ignore them, dont whine to the admins unless they are out and out antagonizing you( i will check logs to see if your starting shit).
    5: Do not invade other peoples land area, as in say user1 is building in x500 z500, dont go to x490 and z490 and build there. Give yourself room.
    6: ALL quarrys are to be outside the x1000 z1000 area, as in x1001 z1001 +, dont build it right next to the teleporter either please. (if you want one farther inland ask Geizhals or another online admin for a "permit" to do so)
    7: I have a ts3 server, if you wish to use it, dont annoy people like poke them for no reason etc, and dont whine that someone is cussing etc.
    8: The admins reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason they deem necessary. If you feel it was in vain there with be a email listed at the spawn and you can always get on ts to get ahold of me/message me here.
    9: DO NOT GO 10000 blocks in a direction to go 10000 blocks ina direction, unneeded generation is very annoying.

    Ok mods you need to install are :: note you only need client files, not server
    RedPower Pr3b(all parts) you will need to go into the redpower folder in .minecraft and change the cfg to this...

    BuildCraft 2.2.4(all parts)
    IndustrialCraft 1.337b
    PowerConverters 1.2
    Advanced Machines
    Additional Pipes rev29
    Iron Chest

    Not required to play but may be nice to have.
    Craftguide thats for ssp and below is required with that to allow it on smp
    Quickguide (note thats the mod makers adfly, not mine)

    Also nukes can not be made. Nuclear reactors can but not nukes.

    Now the commands yall have access to are...
    /spawn : to be teleported to the spawn point.
    /kit starter : to get a starter kit(can only be used every 5 days.
    /sethome : sets your /home spot
    /home : to go to your home
    messaging commands /msg etc
    /call : /call username to call them to you. and then they /accept to be teled to you.
    Once i get a spawn city built, i will have a building in it with teleporters people can link with so at that point the /home, /sethome, /spawn may be removed.

    Hopefully the server will stay fun. If you cant login check the forum post here for any news on me updating or adding something.

    I wont be on the server today much as im playing skyrim.

    Now the whitelist app.

    1: Do you swear to follow the rules. As they are shown above?
    2: Did you read the rules cause if you did you will copy and paste this below with yes/no next to each one to prove you did.
    3: Do you intend to cause problems?
    4: Are you going to try to install the mods yourself or just ask me to do it for you?
    5: Did you read the rules?
    6: Are you gonna have fun?
    7: Is there a reason for this? Yes, to weed out lazy greifers.
    8: Thats about all, also somewhere in the rules above is a word you need to also add here. It has absolutely no relation to the rule, dont have that, dont get whitelisted.
    9: What is your ign? On minecraft of course.

    Thank you and have fun. If you have any problems do let me know and ill try and help.

    Server login is : Servers down.

    Freind who hosted it for me got a new vps and they wont host mc servers(douches), anyhow, so no more server, sorry

    i would suggest checking out Lhowons server

    sorry guys :/

    You will see an area where is already colonized please dont use that landmass, thats where me and the admins are. Thanks. Also please dont make any bases past x1000 z 1000 and their negative counter parts, i will not be responsible if it gets trimmed off cause you did.

    If you get a id conflict, go into your jar and remove the personal mod stuff, i removed in prep for a recode for 1.0