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    New or improved Water Mill, possibly multiblock.

    A multiblock structure for a new Water Mill. The old one generates a few EU (1EU/t).
    My suggestion is to create something like this:

    Or better like this:

    Because this is a current IC2 hydroelectric power plant

    And this is a real Hydroelectric power plant

    This new kind of multiblock Water Mill should generate more EU (something like 32/128 EU/t) and should be built with a new Water Mill Core block (where i put the Water Mill), some kind of Turbine block (instead of Reinforced Stone) and connected to a transformer (the block where i put the MFE)
    This is only an idea, but i think that can help a lot with EU generating, and finally the dam behind my house wouldn't be useless.


    Well, servers should can disable them like nukes, but... there aren't weapons yet, so it's useles to discuss now.

    If you go to minecraft forums modding section, you will find about 50 weapon mods/page. Even through only 40 topics per page are shown. Seriously. Theres at last 1000 mods adding weapons. I've once seen a mod that adds 150 swords. 150! God damn it. just enchant your diamond sword and stop bothering modders about weapons.

    I know that there are tons of weapons mod, but i've posted in Suggestion of IndustrialCraft Forum because i'd like see and use a IC2 weapon.
    And i'm not asking "PLS ADD WEPONS PLZZZ I WANNA WEAPONS" i'm just making a "suggestion"
    Please, WWII guns are annoying...

    It would be really nice, a fantastic thing.
    For now, maybe Greg could add a plasmagun that uses plasmacells from Fusionreactor and causes lot of damage...

    IC2 has many features, like Automated Agriculture, Automated Mining, Nuclear Generators.

    But the only weapons presents are a sword (the Nanosaber) and a Mining Laser.

    Nanosaber is quite expensive to craft and use, and it can be dangerous using the laser as a weapon because you could hit your home fighting zombies.

    I want to advice to add some weapons, like laserguns, energyguns or anything else more powerful than a bow..