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    New ResonantRise 2.5.4 install with IC2-344 and GT-4.0.6g:
    1. In DynamicConfig, had to correct quotes around Redstone Arsenal section.
    2. New stuffs:

    3. ID Conflicts for anyone else that tries to add GT to RR (Not reporting as error, just adding to help others out):

    4. Hmm, anyone know what is running a webserver? Haven't seen that one before:
    2013-12-26 13:56:35 [INFO] [STDERR] 01:56:35 INFO [JM-svr-2]: JMServer.stop() Stopped webserver without errors

    Oh, JourneyMap, you can browse to http://localhost:8080 to see.. stuff.

    Woohoo, 173 mods loaded. Will edit if I find anything else interesting.

    @ GT hard configs:
    And since Slow won't host Unhinged 1.6.4 ;) we can have suggestions on the GTCW page for modifications to other MODs configs to make it more difficult. IE: remove Fortune-smelt from TiC configs, how to make Bronze age a viable path, etc.

    @spnwx in FTB forum posts:

    I totally agree with splitting the configs into two separate ones that can be dropped into an y FTB pack. One "Normal" and one "Hard Mode" just as you described them.

    If we can separate out which version of GT works best with the version of IC2 in the different mod packs, then we can just make that version of GT available separately.

    If Slowpoke can host two config versions, and we can host the "Version of GT that supports FTB packs", then we can setup a GTCW page that keeps track of changes, etc, and FTB can just point ppl there.

    There will be occassional updates, but Slow just has to post in this thread to let us know of upcoming FTB updates (IC2 version changes), and we can update configs / GTCW page / GT version every so often.

    On the GTCW page we can offer updated configs / GT versions for people that want to keep up with Bleeding-edge GT (updated as GT versions changes make it worthwhile).

    Anyways, Gregtech has now been added onto the Universal Config and this will be pushed to existing packs during their next update cycle.

    Thank you for including the config with packs.

    Please correct me if this is wrong, I just want to make sure we have something that works for players that want to do this:
    Just one thing, unless someone updates the configs included with the Modpack everytime GT updates, the configs will not be viable with GT because of the constant updates.

    Is there anyway to "lock" the FTP Modpack version with a GT version? Either by providing a separate download, or having FTB download and store the version of GT the configs are made for?

    Maybe I'm overcomplicating this. Maybe we just put a similar changelog on the GTCW that lists which version of GT configs are for which version of the ModPack? (Then provide a separate download of that version of GT?)

    Hope this makes some sense.

    SpwnX I got it from the same place he did, I just went to the raw data as opposed to the automatically generated graphs.
    This thread:…esults.35137/#post-485749
    After you take the survey, it lets you go to the responses page, which the link below might work for, otherwise you have to take the survey to see the responses.
    This google form output (where he got his screenshot):…B83z0ONlmHM/viewanalytics
    There is a link to "View All Responses" on the top of the google form page (think you have to login with a google account, which is why I'm not linking it directly), that is where I got my data from.

    For hits and giggles, here's the breakdown of responses that had gregtech listed among their 5 fav mods, and the other mods ppl chose (cause I like data analytics). There were 463 responses out of 3886 (as of about 5 mins ago) that included GT.

    So, 11% of responders listed GT as one of their fav mods. (463/3886).

    463 GregTech
    278 IndustrialCraft2andAddons
    253 AppliedEnergistics
    206 ThermalExpansion
    176 BuildcraftandAddons
    116 ForestryandAddons
    111 ThaumcraftandAddons
    83 Tinker'sConstuct/Natura
    79 Redpower/ProjectRed
    79 ComputerCraftandAddons
    73 Railcraft
    69 MineFactoryReloaded
    61 Mystcraft
    47 TwilightForest
    44 ExtraUtilities
    37 ModularPowersuits
    23 Factorization
    21 Steve'sCarts
    21 OpenMods
    11 Galacticraft
    10 Millenaire
    10 BiblioCraft
    10 ArsMagica
    9 UniversalElectricitySuite
    6 Metallurgy
    5 Xeno'sReliquary

    Statistics is a real witch.

    There needs to be a block empty behind all of the steam machines you are trying to use, so that the used steam can escape. If not, then it will just process one, and then it will stop. Clearing out the block behind the steam machines should allow them start off again.

    You can also right click on a Bronze machine on the side, and that should move the "Steam vent" from the back to whichever side you wrenched. Not sure it works on the front tho.

    There is also Iridium Ore.

    Hah, true. But having gotten just 2 iridium from a max size, lvl64 to 0 quarry, and 5 from dungeon chests. It's going to be a bit before I get the 16 I need for an advanced jetpack (I think it is).

    I thought the old way of ferrous ore (TE) to platinum to iridium nuggets was pretty tough. But I don't play hardmode anyways. Maybe once TE is out this week ferrous will make a return.

    Hey guys. I was looking through getting up to a quantum suit last night (1.6.4), and I'm stumped as to getting more iridium.

    As per the Machinery Tiers page, are dungeon chests and the MassFab the only ways to get Iridium? I thought I saw something from Nickel ore, but I don't recall exactly (maybe that was just tungsten or something).

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    Maybe I'll get nuclear power going next and figure out those steps to help out the machinery tier page.

    I am looking to replace my DISK DRIVE with an SSD, not the HD.

    What, you mean your CD/DVD drive? lol. That's manufacturer dependent. Check the options for your laptop's model to see if they offer a HDD/SSD enclosure replacement for the DVD drive bay.

    And yes, HDD is a (Hard) DiskDrive.

    I'm looking to replace my laptop's disk drive with an SSD, how do I know the dimensions of the disk bay?
    Also, what brands should I look out for?

    Your best bet is just to open up the HD bay and pull it out, then compare it to laptop drive pictures on, and maybe measure the sides to make sure you get the right one.…rives15-_-VisNav-_-Laptop

    Or google the part number of your existing drive and see if there are any web pages about that drive that detail it's size.

    Crucial and Intel seem to have good SSDs at the moment, afaik. That's what I usually buy.

    Second, could you make something like a button or hotkey to trigger it instead of periodic checks? I use R to auto-sort my inventory almost every time I look at it, so I might hotkey T if I had the option.

    Third, is there a way to make it work with chests or (I'm sure more difficult) AE storage?

    Hmm, I haven't tried it with a quarry yet. Unification should get interesting once everything is being pushed into AE or something else.

    Greg, we need a block that we can pump items into and out of that unificates for us. And it has to be fast :)