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    Oh yeah, no, the tiny copper pipe was not for 64 RU/t, of course, but enough to make a Bronze Centrifuge run. Sorry my bad for confusing

    For 64 RU/t, I think a tiny Bronze pipe would do, but anyway it's really tricky to get to that point and not go over 64 RU/t, where the Bronze Centrifuge will stop working.

    Best is to use the Steel Centrifuge and work with it.

    64 RU/t is the utmost limit of Tier 1, true, but in GT I've learned that limits are blurred, and that's what's fun with it :)

    The second is something that might be intended, but that is quite unlikely. Machines like Squeezer or Crusher finish the recipe (or at least they should according to the GU requirement) and then the machine hangs with a "full arrow" for a while before outputting the result into a chest/fluid pipe. That increases the GU cost substantially as an engine/turbine still uses steam during this...

    Yeah still trying to figure this out myself. Got a Strong Chromium Engine with a Steel Crusher and I spend as much time waiting for the stuff to come out than to crush it. With steam machines it's all about the steam management, which have to be very well calculated to optimize every bit of KU. Electric engines have screwdriver to adjust the KU rate, though

    I also ran into a bit of confusion with the Tiers. One of the books mention that 64 GU/t recipes are still Tier 1. I am unable to get a Bronze Centrifuge (16-64) with a Steel Turbine to process Sluice Juice. It works with a Steel Centrifuge (64-256) with the same Steel Turbine. That seems like the 64 GU/T being Tier 1 is actually not true. Is there something I am doing incorrectly?

    If it works with the same Steel Turbine but a higher tier, it means that you output way too mu RU for the Bronze Centrifuge. Limit the flow with a tighter pipe (look at bandwidth in L/t) to make it slow down enough.
    With a Steel Turbine and a Bronze Centrfuge, a Tiny Copper Pipe should be enough, with a Titanium Boiler/BB on the other side. I know this used to be my setup and it works perfectly.

    Well since I disregard a lot of chunks based on the most common veins (Coal & Lignite are two different veins so they add up, Magnetite and Bauxite are also two frequent one), it can go a long way.

    I don't deny there might be some hole there but you can go a long way quickly. I'd say less than half my markings are clear empties, and very often the one following and empty marking is a vein one.

    All in all it's just a "dig at regular intervals and see what happens". Since veins spawns at specific heights, it's the only way to be sure anyway.

    Well it goes like this: you hit F9 to display chunk corners. NEI will show you red lines at every chunk corner (which is the point where 4 chunks join themselves).
    You choose one red line and dig straight down while standing on two blocks at once, that way you won't fall into lava or a cave.

    You dig straight down until you either reach bedrock (then you can consider that the 4 chunks around you are most likely empty of any vein) and so you can move on to the next red line, or a vein so you can map it, and -most important of all- mark all three chunks in every direction as "empty".

    I don't have a perfect grid (because I know that veins differ in size and I find it a fun way to mine) but you can quickly map a very big area around you that way.


    Some new Worldgen. Nothing crucial. It's just Oil.
    It is a finite Fluid, in the sense of it actually flows down by itself and can be filled partially.

    So underground Oil pockets ?

    It will be fun to chase them down before they fall into lava in caves XD

    Yeah it's really luck based: I have an Iridium vein right under my base :3

    Making a vein map is one of the most important step in Gregtech when you have made your Ore processing chain. Following Bear steps, I have digged more than 50 chunk borders (to check 4 chunk at once, so almost 200 chunks checked) and only found two manganese veins, for instance (but they were enough for Tantalite, hopefully).

    This is a whole other topic completely, but since you're talking about crucible and fluids, it would be a very nice (and intuitive !) option to make the crucible go sideways when we pour stuff into Molds.

    I'm pretty sure there would be no point to it at all but damn I would feel like a badass while pouring stuff into my molds !

    I think the major mistake here is to consider the Electrical Age as a full replacement over Steam. It's not.

    Steam machines, in their building and usage requirements are easier and cheaper to handle for daily operations. Only after converting a LOT of stuff from Steam to Electric will you be able to ease up on Steam machines usage.

    That's why the Steam age does not end at all when you've build a Crusher/Sifter/Shredder. You first dabble with some Battery management and Electrolyzing stuff, yes, but the bulk of it will only come after you've upgraded your main Steam chains.

    And, as always, if you try to rush things, you turn GregTech into a boring grind fest, which is not. I actually find myself planning and computing a lot more than before, because every bit of optimization is there, but you have to find them. I could have tried to touch on electrical age but I decided to focus on making steel machines (and the appropriate Steam production) first.

    When that will have been handled properly, then and only then will I search for these damn Lepidolite/Spodumene veins :3

    So the getting started guide makes amperage sound all screwed up. In reality, you supply the machine with the proper voltage, and it draws the amount of current it needs. Your supply can handle as much current as you want, as long as it is at least as much as what the device demands. The guide makes it sound though, like the device will suck up as much current as it can get, and if it can get too much, it will blow up. How are you supposed to work with that? You set up your battery bank to output enough current to run two machines, then when one of them shuts down, the other blows up?

    Well, let's see what's written there :


    (WARNING, EXPERIMENTAL ZONE. I may write a lot more absurdities than usual because I just reached this part, feel free to correct me)

    And, almost at the very top :


    Also this guide may become obsolete quite quickly because GT is updated every week, so take everything written here with a little bit of Salt.

    Well, I guess now you have your answer.

    And, as of any wiki, feel free to share any insight on how it could be improved, instead of making it sound like you're entitled to anything :)

    Why not making grass grow when it rains ?

    Would be a nerf to Desert (it's already the best environnement anyway), make more sense (pun intended), and would mess up nice crops by needing to tend for them (or else, you know, grass will grow instead of wheat).

    See this is my crusher with its Titanium Engine behind it :

    Note the Titanium pipe going from my bronze mine pipe line, which powers the Engine.

    This is my Centrifuge :

    Note the Steel Turbine located under it.
    Note also the copper pipes all around. Their purpose is to collect distilled water emitted from the sides of Turbines and Engines (mostly oversized, but I like copper color).
    There's also Brass items pipes to move item from one machine output to another machine input.

    By the way, on the left side of the Centrifuge you can see my Bronze shredder, which is powered by a Steel Turbine on its left side.

    Everything you need to know about machines should be in the tooltips.

    They internally use GU, yes, but they need different types of energy to get their GU. A Centrifuge use RU, and RU must come from below (read the tooltip) ! So you're double wrong here.

    Additionnally, a Bronze Engine will not output enough KU for a Sifter (although the energy type is right there: a Sifter do use KU, and also it takes KU from behind). Look for a better engine.
    I, for instance, use a Titanium engine for my Sifter and Crusher. Again, read the tooltips carefully.

    If you need more info on energy types, or even machines, feel free to read the wiki :


    Outputs of Machines with Randomized Outputs being placed inside the wrong Slots, causing the Machine to stop instantly once that Slot is filled. I never noticed it because I always had a Chest on the Output.

    Wow I totally thought it was intended to make us use better item pipes (higher bandwidth) to empty the Sluice faster.


    Simple, dump the distilled Water back into the Sluice

    Yup since drying the Sluice juice will only give back half as distilled water, in the long term the distilled water volume will decrease.
    Plus using distilled water in Sluice makes it require less GU.

    I couldn't get the tank to fill either, but once I figured out the pipe has to have a capacity of at least 1000L ( that seems like a silly restriction if not a bug ) I managed to use the drain to fill a sluice nicely. Two more questions:

    1) There are strong versions of burning boxes, boilers, and engines... why not turbines?

    My guess is that's because turbines already use a Robust Machine Casing. They have a base material (Bronze, Steel) and only the different rotor materials set the turbine power capacity.
    Engines, BB and Boiler are more of a whole, where the same material is used for every critical part of the contraption, thus the more stronger alternatives, made of the same material but stronger.

    2) Is there a way to regulate the flow of steam so that two different machines each get the proper amount?

    Pipe bandwidth. Be careful to do the proper math with your boilers, pipes, engines/turbines and finally machines to get what you want. You can also play with overpressure and plug-in/out machines to regulate Steam flow.

    For instance with a Invar Dense Liquid Burning Box/Boiler + Titanium BB/Boiler I'm able, through a Regular Bronze pipes mainline to power a Titanium Engine/Bronze Crusher and one of Brass Turbine/Bronze Sluicer or Steel Turbine/Bronze Shredder or Brass Turbine/Bronze Centrifuge, all with according pipes (respectively Small Titanium, Tiny Copper, Tiny Bronze and Tiny Copper). If I'm not using the Crusher then I can power all three machines at once, and with Brass Item Pipes it's a beauty to look at. I almost mine ores just for the pleasure of watching the whole Ore processing go through :3

    Of course trial and error help a lot when setting up your mainline, and it's mostly safe if you keep an eye on boiler pressure and know how to extinguish you BB safely soon enough. At worst, just wrench it out.