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    As for Water, I am going to add a Water Tank alike thing later, but it will only work when it rains (even though it will fill up fast during Rain). Also it will work like an actual Wooden Tank, so it could store stuff like Creosote aswell. But it won't be able to store distilled Water (it's a Wooden Tank, it is not that clean on the inside, so it would turn into normal Water). And it will auto-emit Fluids to its Bottom, like the Coke Oven. Gasses won't work either inside it.

    So an early game Tank to follow the early game Coke Oven, then. The rain thing could be nice (and maybe a nerf to Desert base ? I never know if rain exist in Desert although it's not shown).

    Any plans for a pump block and/or a mid-game tank ?

    Ok, so I have done a ton of bedrock branch mining and come up with no graphite

    I disagree with the bear here: even though branch mining is the best way to get Graphite, and thus Carbon, I'd rather wait for centrifugating Ashes to get a reliable source of Carbon.
    The best source for Steel is still (pun intended) Loot (villages/dungeons/mineshaft/stronghold).

    1) Why does the manual sifting table require steel, but you can make an automatic one out of just bronze?

    Because using it is almost free (almost because it use quite a lot of food saturation). There is no such thing as a free meal, thus Steel.

    2) Why do the bronze burning box -> boiler -> turbine -> bronze KU using machines line up perfectly, but the sifter and other RU using machines require more than the corresponding setup can produce?

    Yeah I got confused by that as well: there is no such thing as a "Same Material Machine Set", only the tooltips matter. This may even be the most confusing thing in GT6, actually, but I don't see how it can be adressed.
    But it's ok though because overpowering Machine is a thing (I have a Steel Turbine that powers a Bronze Centrifuge, for example).

    3) Is there a way to store a resevoir of steam?

    Nope. I tried to but no. Steam storage is done throught Distilled Water, or Biomass/Ethanol, or even Batteries afterwards. Maybe we'll have compressed Air later, idk

    5) How do you recycle the spent steam into distilled water?

    Do you mean how to gather it or how to use it ? To gather it you have to put pipes around your engines and make sure they are plugged into the little holes. To use it you have to first store into a Tank/Drum and then use the Tank/Drum to fill your boiler. I uses ExtraUtilities Tank with GT pumps, for instance.

    Huge wooden pipes are cheap and a good option for storing water/d. water if you dont have a mod that ads tanks/barrels/drums. good luck and if ya need help I have plenty of videos to help you along the way ;)

    Just a casual note that wooden pipes require Rubber Hammer if I'm not mistaken, and I agree that the Bear's videos are the best !

    There a pump in IC2, which is installed as a basis for GT, if I recall correctly, but since I don't use IC2...

    I spent a couple of hours completely exhausting a Tantalite vein, only to build 1 crucible, 1 plate mould and then nothing else...
    I still have a few stacks floating around somewhere. Work out what you need, then leave once you have it...

    Yeah, but since getting Niobium from Tantalite is chance based I might get a little more than needed, but good advice nonetheless.

    Maybe Tantalum is of some use somehow ? I have yet to discover all its innate wonders :)

    True, but even better because you can grow them, so you are actually responsible of handling multiple forest types.

    Add it an environment restriction for growing some trees (no Spruce in Marshes, for instance) and it might be even more interesting :3

    I did as you say (removing GT config folder, I didn't touch it before anyway) but I still got some IC2 Macerator/Compressor Recipes.
    But it's true I don't see the Shapeless IC2 recipe for Bronze dust so it did work a little at least.

    Btw, I was not talking about the recipe to make the machines (I could not care less about IC2 machines now), but rather the recipes that are available for these machines.
    For instance, I still see the recipe for Crushed Ore to Purified Ore for IC2 Macerator, or the one for Iridium Shards to Iridium for IC2 Compressor.

    It's a mild inconvenience but it's just clutter when I browse NEI Recipes tabs, that's all.
    If they can't be easily removed it's ok, I just wanted a lazy easy way

    Will the tower fractionate anything other than petroleum? Creosote, for instance?
    There's also the oilberries crop, which has persisted into GT6 (I just installed 6.03.29 to check), though the items for it don't show up in NEI by default. There are some options in GregTech.cfg for hidden items, materials, and prefixes; once I enabled those, I saw them. NEI lists some of the oil berries as being from mods I don't even have installed (e.g. the basic oil berry says it's from Buildcraft, and the creosote oil berry says it's from Railcraft). I don't know which berries are actually dropped by the crop in GT6, but if the basic oil berry is available, that can apparently be put in a squeezer to get oil.

    IC2 have oil crops. I got one near the only GT Stronghold I've found, so I'll build an oil rig too :P

    Speaking of configuration, is there an easy way to disable all IC2 machines recipes, machine by machine ?
    My main priority is to get rid of Macerator and Compressor (the IC2 one only of course) recipes but I'd like to also get rid of Blast Furnace, and even Shape[d|less] IC2 Crafting recipes, to avoid such things as mixing copper and tin dusts into bronze dust, for instance :3

    Is there an easy way to do that ? Or should I learn MineTweaker ?

    So MineTweaker may be a good candidate, then. I'm going to remove it and try

    - Not MineTweaker, still got villager sounds in Lead Avanced Crafting Table (I craft a BC wood gear with 4 stick, FWIW)
    - Not WailaHarvestability
    - Not Optifine

    Go to go now but I'll do some more tries when I get back later if you guys haven't figured it out :)

    Ok so deleting all my mods jars (except gt and ic2 of course) yielded the same result.

    Then I look at my folders and tried to delete the first one, named "asm" and it did the trick: no villager sound.

    Looking at it it seems it's generated by ChickenCore, well at least there are two files named after it so I don't know.

    I'll try to focus one the files in this folder to see if I can isolate one culprit.

    The plot thickens !

    So MineTweaker may be a good candidate, then. I'm going to remove it and try

    - Not MineTweaker, still got villager sounds in Lead Avanced Crafting Table (I craft a BC wood gear with 4 stick, FWIW)
    - Not WailaHarvestability
    - Not Optifine

    Go to go now but I'll do some more tries when I get back later if you guys haven't figured it out :)

    But why the hell do you get those Sounds, I don't get them with my Modpack.

    Well, let's be practical and cross list our modpacks, then :
    Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.8 - MC 1.7.10

    Not a lot of stuff, maybe there's something related with BC or EU, maybe even Bibliocraft ?
    But I sure as hell got sound crash with obsidian axes on big spruce tree (but it's quite rare, one in thirty uses maybe and only on big trees) and villager sound when I shift-click a craft in my Lead Advanced Crafting Table.

    Lignite originally was 1.5 Furnace Smelts in Underground Biomes, as opposed to 8 Smelts from Coal. In GT I buffed it to 2 Smelts. And soon in the next Update there will be Lignite Coke, which is 4 Smelts.

    Nice, that's a significant buff to a resource that needed it.

    Also pondering low-level fuel efficiency issues of how best to feed a basic machine at 16 RU/t. A bronze burning box is only 75% efficient, but more efficient burning (like the dual invar boxes I use to produce 16 KU/t) seems to produce the same waste by overfeeding the turbine. It might start up slightly more smoothly but it's not recovering that loss relative to the bronze. Is there a trick I'm missing, or is that just an unavoidable loss?

    My thoughts was that the efficiency is time based, meaning that an Invar will take more time to use fuel than a Bronze, relative to its HU output difference.
    Pipes also are of great importance: I've had turbine issues yesterday because my second boiler, although turned off keep "eating" some the steam produced by my first boiler, which in turn would cause my Steel Turbine to be underpowered. Just cutting the second boiler pipe from the main pipeline solved the issue, immediately.

    By the way, I just realized yesterday that mining a ton of Lignite is good for Coal Coke because Purified Coal Ore is a byproduct of Lignite that you can use in the Coke Oven.
    I used to sift Purified Coal Ore to get Coal for RC Coke Oven but it's not needed anymore, and can even be detrimental because sifting a Purified Coal Ore does not garantee Coal 100% of the time while using it in the Coke Oven will get you a Coal Coke everytime.

    Nice find on the matchsticks, I'll write about that.