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    You say doing this would get rid of a problem, but this problem isn't Greg's. I doubt he gets payed for every user playing a particular FTB modpack built around the balance of his mod. This isn't Greg's problem. A fun pack was put together based around Greg's mod, you can play it or not. Personally, I've never played FTB. I enjoy putting my own pack together, adding and removing mods and resetting my world all the time. It doesn't benefit Greg in any way to appeal to more people. In fact, quite the opposite, he'd have an influx of dumbfucks constantly hounding him to make it easier, or yelling at him for "Going too far" if more people played the mod.

    Hmm, I suppose that is the case, but even so, this pack is designed with gregs interests in mind, and if people decide to use this pack knowing full well that it has greg hardmode configs, and they complain that it is too hard, then there is nothing they can do about it, since its not designed with them in mind. I just think having more mods will appeal to the people that enjoy the Gregtech hardmode experience, but are not using the pack for the sole reason that it does not have enough mods. And the people that aren't using it anyway, and are against greg, have another argument as to why you should not use this pack.

    Gregtech reverse-smelting recipes in this case refers to metal blocks being smelt-able into metal ingots. Having smelting and fortune on a TC pick allows many different blocks, not just ores, to have their smelting output increased, such as wood-charcoal, and metal blocks-metal ingots. Having these both together can allow you to infinity duplicate metal, by compressing, then mining, and getting more metal you put into the block.

    I understand this is an option, but even then, it's not just me. I know that many people on reddit/RL are combining the unleashed and unhinged packs, but keeping the difficulty down, all because of the lack of mods on the pack. Adding just a few mods would get rid of this problem entirely (and also, Im trying to convince the owner of a server I play on to use the unhinged pack :)).

    Edit: I think as the pack has less and less people using it due to the fact that the recipes are hardmode GT, and having the lack of mods is just another argument they can use. Having more mods would appeal to more people, allowing them to get the hardmode GT but with some other stuff too, which would work well alongside it.

    There has probably been a few posts of this, but I haven't seen any of them looking back in the chat.

    Greg, is there ANY chance, of some more mods being added to unhinged. If there were more mods, I would play it so much (with default configs), but the lack of a few mods is making me have to choose between Unhinged and DW20 :S.

    You realize you're moving closer and closer to Better than Wolves. You nerfed the wood/stone tools. You made it so you need a saw to effectively cut logs into planks. And now you're going to be adding a shitty counterpart to Better than Wolves' hardcore stratification. In case you're confused, I invite you to play on my BTW server. I DARE you to survive.

    Why do we need BTW? We have Gregtech :thumbsup:

    You can add mods to packs quite easily, just remember to check the logs for the word "CONFLICT" and resolve any item and block ID conflicts in the mods you add by moving those ID's to an unused section.

    If you add Binnie's mod, you may wish to check the configs to make sure apiculture is set to hard, hardcore, or insane (if you want some fun challenge) and add blacklists for any species you may feel is OP.

    Well I suppose you win some, you lose some :).

    Diamonds are not that valuable, I could go mining for 20 Minutes and get much more Diamonds from that (without Fortune or Silk Touch!). Not to mention that it is hard to navigate through these Doors, without either loosing track or getting sent into the Limbo.

    Not just diamonds, let me do a test to show you, one moment.

    Edit: Thaumcraft wasnt included just because it was more about Magic (same for Ars), while I didn't want Extrabees/trees in it for serious balance Reasons.
    The Adventure Mods (Twilight Forest and Dimensional Doors, yes these are more of adventure Mods), are there to give people something to explore, when enabled. Mystcraft was just added, in case of Server Owners needing additional Worlds.

    While I understand that, is there any way you can do some magical java trickery so that extrabees isn't so OP? Something like making the bees have a much lower chance of breeding, and if this is not possible, possibly have it, but disabled by default? (I will miss my bees :( )
    And doesn't Dimensional Doors throws balance out the window> I can get 20 diamonds from looking through one of the dungeons for about 20 minutes :S, doesn't exactly scream 'balance friendly'.

    Just took a look at the Unhinged pack list (Here) and it seems like a good idea, and I agree with everything that is included, and why it is included. One thing that gets me is why stuff wasn't included, such as thaumcraft, and extrabees. I assume its to make the pack as 'techy' as possible?

    Edit: Phew, thought AE wasn't included for a second :D