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    So after reading tons of people who get upset over changes made by this addon, thought id mention that just trying the 1.6 ic2/gregtech stuff now and I think its perfect. A friend on my server found some bronze and wanted to make a pickaxe and said it took him 17 bronze or something to make it. Iron chest plate takes more, etc. This is what we have been looking for, and the vanilla changes ... i dont get why people are so upset. 2 planks for one log.. makes sense. Before it was too easy to just burn planks as fuel, and there wasnt as much incentive to make charcoal. now there is, and you have an incentive to make a machine that gives you 4 planks per log.

    Anyway after seeing posts on here with people complaining that maybe a compliment might be appreciated. :) If this addon disappears, i dont think id play modded minecraft anymore.

    We also added some iguana tweaks stuff, hunger overhaul, etc. So far enjoying the game more than I have in months. Thanks for all the work done here, with IC2 exp and all the addons, really. :)

    This is why I remove mystcraft from any pack i try, and wont ever use it in any pack I make. 99% of the time it is only used to break other mods. Ive seen hundreds of posts about mystcraft where they used it to provide easy mining, infinite energy, imbalanced resource gathering or whatever. One single time I saw a guy use it to make a base. Actually two, direwolf did it too.

    Other than that, its easy teleportation and trying to get to end game as fast as possible. A week ago I saw a guy post a world with an ocean of UU matter with the tagline "take that gregtech". Why would the guy even install it?

    Hello Zorn,

    I run a custom modpack of a creeperhost machine. They are fine with it. However, you must do this by yourself and I assume they will not provide tech support for your modpack.

    Thanks, they dont do much tech support on the software itself anyway. Thanks @ others for clearing things up, without IC2/gregtech i think id have quit minecraft altogether.

    Question: I would like to add gregtech and ic2 to a bunch of other mods. I used to play ftb and might still use it, but their packs are too easy and trying to edit one by disabling osme mods while adding others seems to be pointless.

    When I check out the IC2 thread, it says the builds for 1.6 are experimental, and the download page says it can wreck worlds to use it.

    Then i read on the FTB forums that "Second part to the problem is the builds of IC2 that we are using for the packs we are releasing at the moment are not compatible with Gregtech and my understanding is it will remain like this for a bit moving forwards". Slowpoke said this in a pinned thread there. So am I missing something? I use creeperhost for hosting, but I dont think they support people puttin their own packs together, so I thought I might just try to add IC2 and gregtech to something like MagicFarm2. Apparently that might not be easy.

    Am I missing something here? Should I just go make my own pack and server? Honestly, i have a wife and kids, i dont have a lot of free time which was why i was drawn to ftb in the first place. But the packs are so ridiculously easy it makes you want to cry. Gregtech seems to be the only answer but im stuck as to where to go from here.

    Any help is appreciated if someone can offer advice.

    Thanks. Although I like multifarms instead of MFR farms as they require you to go out and get apatite, and upping the difficulty makes the multifarms use up the apatite faster.

    I didnt know GT had pipes, only played GT in 1.4.7.

    One thing I run into with setting up my own pack... its easier for the other users to just fire up FTB and click a couple buttons and play, vs getting them to install the mods etc. Hmm, have to think on that one.

    AE, if I use it, will definitely have higher energy draw.

    The Opencomputers thing with gregtech recipes is cool, this might be the solution I needed. I have a few players who want turtles, but they are so OP that they ruin any attempt at balance. I had heard the other mod had tougher recipes, but real gregtech recipes is better. Now I guess it comes down to leaving ftb and making our own pack. :(

    I didnt know MFR had gregtech recipes, that might be interesting.

    No buildcraft due to quarries? That means no basic pipes, that seems very hard. Yes unfortunately I dont think i could do super hardmode. Unfortunately it seems that balancing mods is not as easy as it looks, if not impossible. And even ifyou do, a new version comes out and bam! new features, mod devs make their own changes.... have to playtest all over again to try and find balance.

    Id be curious to know how you play, do you have a post here detailing your pack? I assume you guys put your packs together yourself?

    Unless you spend a long time balancing all configs, you'd have to do real Hardmode GT (GT + IC2 + nothing) or your pack will be easy. Literally any other mod can break GT balance when not carefully configured, even Railcraft.

    Plus, the real fun in minecraft isn't progressing to endgame, it's designing original contraptions and architecture, for which the "difficulty" of mods has no real bearing on.

    Well i find it fun to design original contraptions AND have to struggle to make things. I also enjoy feeling that something I made solved a problem. Like for example, I feel MPS suits ruin a lot of the fun in teh game, because it kills rail systems. A friend told me 'if you enjoy rail systems, make one and have fun'. But to me half the fun is knowing that I solved a problem (item/player transport for long distances) not just riding in a mining cart. If i have an MPS suit and tesseracts, building a rail system is not really that enjoyable for me.

    I dont know if I would do true hardmode GT, as I said I dont have that much time to play so some shortcuts would be ok to me. I like railcraft and buildcraft (except quarries) as examples of balance. And forestry, although im thinking 'normal' would be interesting, instead of the default easy mode.

    Do the big gregtech players around here not even use buildcraft? no quarries, just ic2 miners? That is definitely hard mode.

    (my apologies if this is not posted in the right place)

    Well to try and sum up what advice Im looking for: I found FTB and started playing it, but after months of playing I felt it was too easy. I posted on their forums months ago about this and... that started a few months of people there constantly attacking me. "Minecraft isn't hard, its a building game!' IMO it's also a resource gathering and survival game. But the way FTB packs are set up, you quickly move to it only being a building game, survival and resource gathering are not an issue not long after starting a new world.

    i saw on Direwolf20s videos of Forgecraft3, where Player (he is a dev here, correct?) said "instant item transportation ruins the game". it was a comment he posted while playing, i read it on direwolf's screen. it was not him talking to direwolf or anything. I like this idea, i think teleportation should come with a cost, like the IC2 teleporters.

    Also this being where gregtech is, and from things Ive read here< im thinking this forum is my only hope to try and make modded minecraft have more 'struggle'. honestly, i dont know if I could do real hardmode gregtech, as I have kids and a wife and really... Im not sure that I could get a world to be stable for a long enough time to even get to end game if things were set to what I hear the new gregtech is about.

    So I thought I might toss out what im trying to do, and see if others have any suggestions. I use FTB at the moment becaue it is easy, and id rather not spend my few free hours messing aroudn with ID conflicts. Is there a better way than FTB that isn't too hard to set up?

    These are the ideas I have on how to adjust 'common' modpacks, ftb, technic, etc. Im playing DW20 1.5 right now on ftb and ... it's ridiculous.

    Removing MFR

    Setting Forestry to 'normal', although not sure how to do that, I just looked at forestry configs today. Amazed to find out forestry defaults to 'easy' in FTB packs.

    Remove computer craft

    Install gregtech for harder quarry. Id like to make quarries require more power, but I dont see anything in the buildcraft config. :/ Id like to find a way to make other automining options more viable, and not have people just jump to quarries as the default way of automining.

    Either remove EE3, or what I am trying now is to set the minium stone durability to 15, instead of 1521. nice in a pinch, but you aren't going to be making stacks and stacks of ender pearls with them anymore.

    Use gregtech MPS recipes, or just increase the power consumption of the MPS jetpack by a LOT and use IC2 recipes. maybe reduce the armor effectiveness, making it better than a nano suit, but not Godmode. Cant say I enjoy even a Quantum suit. no risk = no fun.

    Thermal Expansion? Not as bad as MFR, but still very powerful and easy mod. Lemming told me once that he had Steel recipes but they were 'for masochists'. I liked the idea. Im thinking that using TE steel recipes might be ok, but I dislike 4 mj/t getting you ore doubling, so I think using TE at all kind of kills balance. Even the macerator with gregtech installed seems too easy. Althought... the pack im playing also has very high ore gen, so maybe it wouldnt be as bad if ore gen were more 'normal'. Thought about disabling macerator and only allowing Railcraft Rock Crusher, and then the Gregtech Industrial grinder? Ore doubling should be, to me, a big milestone. Also makes the cost of the Industrial grinder worthwhile.

    Thaumcraft... seems more balanced than most mods. But golems are pretty strong once you get them with farming. No power, etc. Does anyone use it, but just adjust the research configs so taht it requires more resources to get through the research. I have one player on my server who loves TC, but Im thinking that if I adjust forestry and install gregtech, etc. that thaumcraft will be too OP.

    Also.. i have no experience with forestry, ive read that Binnies addons make forestry too strong? Anyone have thoughts on this?

    Anyway if anyone has any advice or thoughts on this, I would appreciate hearing it. :)

    This is the wrong section for this. you should be posting in the screenshot section.

    Blast furnaces can share the same machine cases so four blast furnaces per set of machine blocks is pretty good.

    I generally use AE for super compact storage and when moving mining equipment/resources across long distances.

    Ahh i didnt even see that section, there are so many subforums here, it's crazy. i was specificlaly lookng for gregtech stuff too, so i thought this was the best forum. Ill look for the screenshot section, probably where i saw gregs old post that has images that wont load anymore...

    I thought only the grinder would let you put multiple units on one frame, but now that you mention it, it makes sense. That saves me some time thanks.

    Im just playing gregtech for the first time, and wondering how other people set up their bases. Anyone care to share some screenshots?

    @GregoriousT, i saw there was an older thread where you showcased your own base, do you have any screens to share? The screenshots in that thread don't load at all.

    So for example, I just setup a second blast furnace to run aluminum through. Do people generally build more than one blast furnace? I would think those not using chunkloaders or playing SSP build a lot of them.

    Do most of you use ic2 and gregtech sorting machines, or just use AE systems to route all of your stuff? Although I loved AE when i found it, I'm beginning to think it takes a lot of the challenge away, and am thinking about some way to restrict it, or just remove the mod altogether. (I kind of think that getting rid of buildcraft quarries is really the way to go, that would also make big AE networks much harder to build.)

    Agreed. Not like Tin is a rare ressource though, but I don't see any point not to use Al for that sake.

    Its possible that im just making an error somewhere because I am new to gregtech. I am not real sure about processing cells to empty them out, without knowing exactly what is coming for me as I move along the tech tree. I have thousands of silicon cells, should i put them all in the blast furnace to make silicon plates? I dont see a lot of uses for silicon plates, does mean there are other uses for silicon cells that i dont see, or is it just that more uses for silicon plates havent been invented yet, or is my own processing just lopsided, or some other factor I cant even guess at?

    So until I need silicon plates, my gut instinct tells me to just hold the silicon in cells. Really though, if people wanted to use cells for storing lots of resources, allowing alluminum gives another 'goal' to strive for. "Gotta get lots of clay to centrifuge it so i can get more aluminum" etc etc. Wait, electrolyze or centrifuge? Sorry just a newbie, cant remember lol.

    Would it be possible to allow Cells to be crafted using Aluminum? Maybe its just me but with about 30K iron in storage, i have zero tin for cells. I have 7K aluminum ingots stored up too, and not many ways to use them. Maybe i did something differently than most to get such a huge surplus of aluminum...?

    Really any other way to make cells would help, but aluminum makes sense i think, and its a higher 'tier' metal than tin so it wouldnt upset any sort of balance, would it?

    Playing gregtech for the first time ever, and im hooked. :)

    One question/suggestion: what about adding durability to items like furnaces and such? Instead of having the machine break after X uses and need to be replaced, you might have to right click it with a machine block or something. the more you overclock it, the less uses you get before you have to perform maintenance. So a normal electric furnace might run 10,000 operations (or whatever) before needing repairs, but overclocking that furnace now forces repairs every 8000 operations.

    Second: allow adding more than one LESU controller to the storage system. When i tested it, it made the whole thing not work at all. Id have loved to have made the floor of my base be LESU blocks, then add controllers as if they were power outlets in a factory, then runnning cables from the controllers up to the machines that were placed on the 'floor' of LESU blcoks.

    With just one controller, my only option is to put it in the very middle of the LESU 'floor' and run cables all over the place. Id gladly pay a higher cost for extra controllers too.