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    I see your point. So basically we could move the weights around however we wanted, and then put the custom weight at triple the total for all the ores, to get a 25% frequency?

    Right now its at 240, so we are basically spawning gt ores at 86% frequency or so if I am understanding this correctly.

    How exactly does randomweight work with the GT ores?

    If I had 10 ores at randomweight of 10, and 1 ore of random weight of 100, does that mean that the second ore vein will spawn 50% of the time? (you add up all the weights for a total of 200, and to get the percentage chance for that vein to spawn, divide an individual ores 'weight' by the total?)

    If it works this way, can I make that last ore from height 250-255, so that it forces a vein to spawn in air, effectivly making a null vein and no gt ores in that area?

    Blockmaster and I are trying to make veins spawn at 25% of the default rate. It doesn't seem to be working, we still have veins occuring fairly frequently.

    We have one custom ore that spawns from 254 -255, with a randomweight of 240, trying to have this vein spawn in an impossible area, and thereby making veins rare. But its hard to understand what randomweight really means. Is my guess above correct?

    I am guessing that if all the randomweight values for all ores are say, 500, then we would need to put our 'ghost' vein at a random weight of 2000 to get gt veins to spawn at 25% frequency?

    I had a reply written up lsst night and when I submitted... it said i had to login. 0_o

    Anyway, yes the ores are horizontal, so branch mining is the way to go.

    To give an example Iron spawns about 200 ores per chunk in a typical pack. CNC spawns a max of 80 iron ores per chunk. If you go to the two ore layers, Iron is overall a bit more dense than normal so hand/branch mining is like a normal pack. Tunnel miners like a steves carts miner or tunnel bore will also be as effective.

    Quarries though will net you 80 iron per chunk instead of 200 like people are used to. THe original idea was to make ic2 miners cheaper to make, and make them the cheapest way to automine, but its also the least efficient, being vertical. Ic2 miners wont pick up GT ores though :(

    Blockmaster used Customstuff to make custom ores, so the important GT ores are recreated using that mod, thats how we spawn some GT ores 'the old way'.

    GT veins are not necessary to find to progress, they are just a bonus.

    I ran out of time last night heh, my son had so much homework...

    Ill get the server updated tonight and PM you the IP. :)

    Yeah we were going for something catchy but to say the pack was about ic2 and railcraft mostly. the pack makes railcraft a bit easier, and removes other easy ways to move lots of blocks, and makes it harder for players to move around the world (flight is very hard to get).

    maybe we should have posted asking for ideas on the name before we did all this work lol.

    I like zorn's more... might not be MC-y, but describes well what you're "selling".

    Anyway, maybe mismash both to get something new?

    Yeah i suggested to blockmaster to post here and even ask for suggestions. I didnt really like my design too much but i spent an hour on it and dont want to waste a day just on a logo for a pack that might only have 10 people play it. lol

    If someone else had a better idea than we did though, we are open to suggestions. :)

    Zorn's is way too perfect and smooth for Minecraft.

    I do very amateur web design stuff occassionally for my job, so I went for that style. Apparently i need to remember my target audience though. :) A mc modpack is not a business trying to sell something heh.

    Well, since you created the mod, our visions on it is very diferent, but you just said your partner did most of the resource gathering and used auto mining for that, wich shown how much grindy it is, also i ask, did you try from scratch since the last updates? because it became grindy as hell on the beggining rather than tier above mv, all changes requiring new and especific machines for simple purpose that we could make before in hand, is realy boring and annoying.

    Idont wanna gregtech dead, i want more people playing with it, but if the mod kill any will to play it on the beggining, less people will gonna play. Any game that dont hold your attention on the first hour of play, 90% would not play.

    Sharing machines doubles the speed of progression of the game. The only way to test is to play ssp.

    In the 1.7 beyond reality pack I spent hours looking fire ores and did fill up a chest, but no tin so I couldn't even start the Bronze Age. I only get an hour or two at most per day to play so I got bored and quit.

    I never liked GT for the grind it was because it added complexity. Complexity created problems to solve. "Hmm how do I fully automate the industrial grinder?"

    It also was the only mod that made use of lots of resources. "I'm gonna need a ton of redstone!"

    If a mod like TE suddenly introduced tons of grind I'd still use BC pipes over itemducts and eu power over rf. Problem solving trumps Grinding IMO.

    I wish more mods pushed emergent game play.

    Just disable quarries completely, people wont miss it after a while....(well, after they find the vein, for sure....)

    Quarries are fun. "How do I get all these blocks back to my base?" I like the old ic2 where you recycled cobble so you wanted ALL of the blocks that came from a quarry.

    We have made it so quarries get less than half the ores that you'd get in a typical pack and along with nerfing tree farms and doubling the power draw of quarries, I think they are fun but not too OP.

    question on the GT ore veins. How are people finding them now?

    Blockmaster and I are making a pack and combining the older style ore gen with the gt veins. I only played 1.7 for a couple weeks though. The last I knew people here said to dig vertical tunnels every 48 blocks to find a vein. Is that still the popular method? Block said caving works for him, but I was curious what other people were doing.

    We want the veins to be kind of rare, but not impossible to find.

    I also read SatanicSanta say here that the key to GT 1.7 is 'quarrying', and we are trying to nerf quarrying. We already have it set up so hand mining works like people expect, but quarries will net you half of the ores than a typical pack, so we don't want the ore veins to promote quarrying, we want to promote exploration to find them. If we make them rarer overall though, will it be impossible to find any?

    Thank you! I appreciate the help.

    Ive read how half of the ore gen config works, would anyone mind explaining what these mean?

    I: Amount_32=32
    I: Density_5=5
    I: RandomWeight_10=10
    I: Size_32=32

    I assume the 'mix' section is the big veins, and the Ore, Small section is for random ores that generate outside the vein in tiny amounts?

    I did some searching here but only found a few pages back where it was explained how the I:OrePrimaryLayer, secondary layer, etc works.

    You would universally find less ore in the world. Yes, all veins would be found in hills and mountains, but large areas of those veins would likely not exist, because they would have tried to generate in air. (the second of the two options you listed)

    Every mountain would have an ore vein in it though, unless it got really unlucky with the chunk grid.

    Well we are using a modified style of 'normal' ore gen to reduce how many ores a quarry gets, while keeping hand mining normal. It also promotes horizontal mining. Then we have to add in some gt ores though. Blockmaster found a way to have GT veins not spawn every 3x3 chunk, so some areas would be 'dead' and not every hill would have one. We have no way to teleport ores, no way to mass backpacks or put chests into backpacks, etc. so the only way to get ores from a far off hilly biome to your base would be by rails. So if the veins only spawned in hill, it would promote exploring to find those veins, without having to dig a vertical tunnel ever 3 chunks down to bedrock.

    If I set all the GT ore veins to only spawn above y64, would it cause any problems? (Other than all ores being above ground)

    Working on a modpack with blockmaster and we are trying to configure ores in a different way. Anyone know if this would cause problems? I guess i should just try it and see what happens.

    In theory this would mean that a flat area of the world owuld have no ores at all, and you would have to travel to find hills and mountains to find any veins, right? if a hill is small, does the vein try to pack all its ores into the tiny hill, or if the ores would naturally spawn beyond the edge of the hill, will they just not spawn, and you get a smaller amount of ores than you would if the whole vein spawned underground?

    How sad is it that the guy quits because people want the mod to be simpler and easier?? I saw the same thing with the guy who made Soul Shards, he posted about how people were constantly whining at him to make the mod more powerful and complained that people wouldn't stop til they had all their 'op' items to play with.

    The problem with AE was that AE1 was the OP mod of choice, I think he then realized he wanted it to be more challenging. I saw him post on reddit a few weeks ago that he would not, when playing MC, use any type of item teleportation, not even the singularities in his own mod. He felt it made things too boring and easy. I havent used AE2 because I quit AE many months ago, but now it seems AE2 is something GT type players would enjoy, so Im going to try it.

    Anyway, his problem is that his core fan base were all MFR type players. If his mod had always been harder and more challenging, he wouldn't be getting as much bad feedback.

    Remember modular powersuits, I mean before they were nerfed with Heat and when you could fly in all directions at a decent speed?
    Oh, and let's not forget about the amazing texture's of liquiducts
    That was a really nice part of 1.4.7 that should never be forgotten.

    Power suits were so OP but the speed was so fun too. 1000 blocks in under 30 seconds, IIRC. :)

    Lapotronic Energy Storage Units (LESUs) were a cool concept with a bit of an inefficient implementation; not high enough potential input/output voltages for their storage capacity. Real cool though.

    And that really is the thing that's bugged me. With each successive major minecraft version, the game has gotten harder and harder to run. My CPU and RAM didn't really start sweating until 1.6, which then became alright when I upgraded, but then 1.7 hit and my CPU started sweating again. I can still run a small server and client on this computer at the same time, but I can't do much else on the side.
    Meanwhile back in 1.4, I had a weaker computer, but could easily run FTB Ultimate on one monitor and a fullscreen Twitch.TV stream on a second monitor and still have resources left over, or I could comfortably run Ultimate and stream at 720p, and not have any FPS issues at all until I tried to enter the nether.

    The biggest thing that hit me recently was COG/PFAA. For some reason, when I added them to my fairly minimalist GT pack, my FPS dropped by 70% and I had to cut my render distance down to like 3 chunks to get it back.

    Yeah LESUs were a litle under powered but super fun. I thought they could have worked if you could put multiple controllers into one system, you could make a whole building out of the LESU blocks, then just add a controller where you needed to power something.

    but if one were to argue for ONE version of minecraft to be kept up to date, I would argue that 1.4.7 is that version that mod developers should continue to offer their packs to be downloaded - and possibly throwing an occasional "bone" for updates and or fixes. I have yet to play any pack or version of MC that was as stable and have the base of servers and support.

    FTB Ultimate was still too OP, but it turned out to be ok for me as I didnt know enough about the game then to take advantage of the OPness of that pack. Like Turtles. :)

    Still, id agree, 1.4.7 was so great. Xycraft sucked in many ways, but the tanks being made from any material were awesome. The IC2 enet was functional, Thermal expansion was OP but so small it didnt matter. Soul shards, if you didnt know about the anvil exploit, was super fun. Redpower 2... ahh.

    Plus, making a huge LESU kicked ass. (Was it LESU?)

    Xycraft soil was a great idea, but too cheap.

    That pack ran at a higher FPS than FTB lite 2 does for me today on the same laptop :(

    xbony you do nuclear control !?! Awesome for updating it to 1.7, the pack blockmaster139 and I are making is trying to push nuclear power as a more mainstream power option, and we are using this addon. Just wanted to say thanks for making it. :)