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    I had another idea that might be more interesting:

    The Nuclear explosion tears a hole in the fabric of Minecraft space and time. What this really does is convert some blocks into or create a number of mob spawners for Nether mobs (Nether mobs in the overworld!). They should be concentrated near the bottom of the pit. Then you can get your DOOM on and try to get near the spawners to plant a TNT to get rid of them or die trying.

    I always liked this one. I always wanted that for say large TNT explosion have to many it rips the fabric of time lol

    Hello my name is Kane Hart and this my first post on IC Forums. I run a large server called Godcraft woot but it's not as wicked as IC <3 haha Okay my players will kill me but lets say IC/BC is my kind of style game. One of the biggest things I want to do is whitelist more players rather then just friends. But there is one problem and that is griefing.... But wait? Why not just solve that? I think there is a way and that is with Field Generators 2.0.

    Providing a new special config options that allows advance things for server admins to set like indestructible regions protection almost like say using something like WorldGuard... So the field comes up but this time if you go to the top of it or dig under it you just can't... It's sort like spawning a zillion safe's around the world.

    I know that Field Generator was taken out in recently and I think the main problem it sounded like was the field generator shield generation causing the cpu load to climb like crazy. So yes I do get the issue there. But this I would say would cause not CPU time and it be only a optional function.

    Anyways thanks for your time.

    Kane Hart