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    My name in RL is David, in the internet you can find me mostly under the name Gornakosh, while in MC-environment im known as Gorni (some guy stole my original longer name... :( )

    I'm 25 years old (don't use it against me! ;) )
    I like to play video games since i got my first computer with 16 (!!!) MHz. I got some very very basic ideas of HTML but nothing else in coding. I although know pretty well how to use a computer and how to get it working again if somebody "did nothing but that damn thing just doesen't work anymore".
    I didn't create anything in computer environment. But as stated in the recruitment thread i am working as a lab technician in a Pharma company to develop the synthesis process for medics you once may need. Thus i created some good processes for a few antibiotics (mainly tetracyclines) and other different stuff.
    I like: Fantasy, Sci Fi, RPG's, Building things, logical puzzles and stuff like this. in RL i like to skydive, work on my moped and make some awesome 8h BBQ's.

    - Name/Nick: Gorni
    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname: gorni (all places)
    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT +-x : GMT +1 (Switzerland)
    - The position you want to take, aka: what do you want to do? : Beta Tester, if needed id like to test also in SMP.
    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above? : Not that much, but i bring another qualification: In RL i work as a lab technician where my job is to develop a working process for medical APIs. Taken from there, i know how to test and find problems of something. Making experiments to isolate a bug or problem and hopefully reproduce them to finde the reason, so you can kill those. I hope i can provide those skills, to help you make another awesome industrial craft, since i really liked playing the old one.

    Let's hope you aren't over-qualified :3