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    Sure about that? Not only that it defaults to non-GT Items, which Thaumcraft Amber is, I also clearly see a "gemAmber" Config Setting in the Unification Config.

    There may be a "gemAmber" in there, but not under the ThaumCraft heading; I only see "gemAmber" under gregtech_addon and rotarycraft headings.

    The Thaumcraft section of the Unification config:
    # thaumcraft

    thaumcraft {

    There is only oreAmber, no gemAmber.

    With Unification on, any amber gems turn into rotarycraft or gregtech amber gem. It cannot turn into thaumcraft amber gem.

    The reason you can't use Greg's Certus Quarts is that AE dose not use the ore dictionary in its recipes using Certus Quarts. Or that's what I think was going on from a few pages back.
    EDIT: If you have this problem with any thing the simple fix is to just change the unification target

    AE is designed to only use it's own Certus Quartz, not anyone else's Certus Quartz. It's oredict name is the same as nether quartz' oredict name.

    And, I've said this a few times: I've tried setting the Unification config, and it has made no difference.

    Every item works fine apart from the quartz. That will be fixed in 1.7.

    Why 1.7? Why not in the next version of GT? Nearly everything ultimately outputs Greg's version of Certus Quartz. So, I'm left unable to increase production of certus quartz for my AE system until 1.7?

    He added unificated versions of EVERYTHING EVER. I guess he still needs to remove his unificated plutonium, copper, tin ect.

    But, it doesn't seem to be working out that well lately. With the Certus Quartz at the moment, as I said, it can only be used in place of AE Certus Quartz in 3 recipes, but those recipes aren't even from AE. The same goes for the Certus Quartz Dust; it isn't fully interchangeable. Even the Unification config doesn't seem to affect anything; with the Atomic Science empty cells, I got no crafting method, those stayed the same, and with AE Certus Quartz the TE pulverizer still outputs GregTech's Certus Quartz, regardless of config setting.

    Is there any chance Greg will ever stop making and adding his own version of other mod's items? It seems to be affecting compatibility as of late. I can see mods attempting to code in overrides for such additions if this keeps up.

    There must be something wrong with my copy of GregTech. I set applied energistic's quartz to "true" in the unification config (and no, I do not have the GregTech version set to true as well; GT certus quartz is set to false), but I'm still getting GT quartz after pulverizing quartz ore with a TE pulverizer. GT quartz also only works for 3 recipes (Redstone Receiver (IN), Redstone Transmitter (IN), and Redstone Comparator) that AE certus works for, and otherwise just pulverizes/macerates into dust. All other recipes using AE certus quartz cannot use GT certus quartz.
    I need to ask, why has Greg added his own version of certus quartz?

    Even though you quoted and responded to azazator, I shall respond here also since I have this same problem. Yes, my config does look like that. B:cellEmpty_false=true.

    Are you sure you toggeled the right Config? Try regenerating the Config. It works for me without Problems.

    Well, every time I update GregTech I remove and backup the configs from the previous version and allow fresh new configs to generate.

    The config I used is the config named "Unification". In that config, I went to the atomicscience section, and set B:cellEmpty_false=false to B:cellEmpty_false=true. When that did not seem to work, I set it back to false, then changed the B:cellEmpty_false=false under the gregtech_addon section to true. When that did not seem to work, I set both to true.

    I do have crafting and inventory unification from the "GregTech" config set to false, if that affects anything.

    That would be a Bug, I will check that.

    Well, since I didn't have any specifics of what to do and what to expect, I changed IC2 cells to true, then atomic science cells to true, then both to true, and with all those I expected to be able to put either cell into a crafting slot to output the other cell. Is that what is supposed to happen (because it did not), or was something else supposed to happen?

    Thankfully, I discovered that I can put either cell in an Uncrafter (from the Uncrafter mod) to change it, so I'll be doing that until this is fixed.

    Wait, aren't the recipes for atomic science ones and IC2 ones the same? I seem to remember having to get the ic2 cells and put them in the crafting table once to turn them into the other ones.

    Yeah, that doesn't work any more. Ever since IC2 cells changed to the plate-bending machines, you can't craft them directly into Atomic Science cells, so now Atomic Science cells have no recipe and can't be crafted.

    EDIT: Greg, which Empty Cell recipe did you remove? IC2/GT or Atomic Science?
    EDIT2: I set the atomicscience unification to true for empty cells, did not work.
    EDIT3: Tried the gregtech_addon to true for cells, still no luck.

    Please, let me be able to craft Atomic Science cells again.

    That is wrong. You can change it using the Unification Target Config if it is really necessary..

    Not to sound completely thick, but which config exactly is that? The "Unification" config? And what exactly am I changing? cellEmpty=false to cellEmpty=true, I would guess, but would that be under the gregtech_addon, or the atomicscience section? Also, wouldn't that just "unify" it so that regardless of crafting method, all cells would turn into the specified mod's version? What I want is to be able to craft both, not have to pick between one or the other.

    That is already in there since a while. And the UE Cells are completly interchangeable with the IC² Cells, so there are no Problems at all with that. Ofcourse you now need a Plate Bender to make the Nuclear UE Stuff.

    I can't change the IC2 cell to the Atomic Science cell, and Atomic Science needs those cells for it's deuterium manufacturing and it's fusion and fission reactors. Please can you put this recipe on your ignore list, or whatever list it is you have, so it doesn't get interfered with. You used to be able to directly craft one cell into the other, but that can no longer be done. I'm guessing that's because either you've changed the recipe, or because of those "Universal Fluid Cells".

    You say you want maximum compatibility across all mods with GT and other mods, but passive-aggressively altering and overwriting other mod's recipes is not going to inspire modders to work with you. The fact is, with your mod not installed, the recipes from other mods stay intact and they generally play nice together. But with your mod installed, recipes left, right and centre suddenly change, even to the point of not working at all. Perhaps you should consider a less aggressive and forceful approach, because until the author of whichever mod is being affected comes and sorts these "problems" out with you, their mod is compromised, but your current approach is discouraging them from actually speaking with you. In fact, some modders I've spoken to have said that won't speak with you anyway because they believe their recipes will be affected in the same way regardless.

    On 4.07o, I noticed that I can no longer craft empty cells with the previous method. Normal, I'm sure, and the recipe is now in the plate-bending machine with 2 tin plates. However, this seems to have affected the empty cells from Atomic Science, too, as they are no longer craftable. I don't know know (or care, really) if this is intentional or accidental, but could this please be resolved/fixed somehow?