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    I have made a blank wiki at [Link removed by bjm904] (Just a spare domain I had) Lets work on it there and then we can port it over to

    I have a dedicated server where I could host the new wiki (if you decide to do that) until someone with power sees it and then we could port it. I think a brand new one from scratch is the way to go. There is too much wrong to use the old one. Also I know how to host a wiki and use databases.

    The Wiki has a technical error. It is unable to send email activation. I confirmed It with Player and he said he sent a message to Imer to get it fixed. I would love to help you with the update, I have tons of free time and love IC2. Do you know anyone that could manually change my group on the wiki to editor so I can make changes while this bug gets fixed?

    The Ic2 wiki is very outdated and basically dead and I would like to revive it, however when I attempt to register there is a server error. If I try to "Mail a confirmation code" I get this and no email.

    Industrial-Craft-Wiki could not send your confirmation mail. Please check your e-mail address for invalid characters.Mailer returned: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function.

    Please help me get this to the right person so it can be fixed. Thank you.

    Thanks to adamros there is a version that's been updated to the IC2 Experimental release. I haven't had time to merge the changes into the source tree and build a new version though. Some of the changes in the energy net in IC2-Ex broke how our machines will work, specifically the battery station, emitter and adjustable transformer. Apparently you can only send one energy packet a tick now.

    Its been quite a while now. Is there any news on when an updated version might be released? I would llove to be able to update to IC2-experimental and keep this mod. Thank you.