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    Can you give use the mod versions of gregtech, NEI, and thaumcraft? Sorry if included in your link I canot use it at the moment. I am asking this because I have those mods installed atm have not had a problem thought I am not using the latest of any of them.

    Hey this just might me failing with PFFA but how do you get copper from Chalcopyrite Ore (Copper) because I have looked through NEI and have not found a smelting recipe in it. :cursing: This is the only copper ore that I know of if there is some other way of getting copper please tell me.

    Well I'm not running the latest TiC but I have had 0 problems with the smeltery...
    EDIT: By latest I mean the Dev versions

    No idea what it is then because I can change my unification targets just fine.
    Also random queston, anyone know how many Railcraft Steam ovens you can run off one 36LP?

    He added unificated versions of EVERYTHING EVER. I guess he still needs to remove his unificated plutonium, copper, tiThe

    But, it doesn't seem to be working out that well lately. With the Certus Quartz at the moment, as I said, it can only be used in place of AE Certus Quartz in 3 recipes, but those recipes aren't even from AE. The same goes for the Certus Quartz Dust; it isn't fully interchangeable.

    The reason you can't use Greg's Certus Quarts is that AE dose not use the ore dictionary in its recipes using Certus Quarts. Or that's what I think was going on from a few pages back.
    EDIT: If you have this problem with any thing the simple fix is to just change the unification target

    1. Thanks, but that doesn't mean all of them are good (I still need to tweak some Color Modulations)
    2. I will remove the old Items when updating to 1.7.4, because 1.7.4 is changing the Item System (and I take that opportunitiy to redo all the Item ID things). The MetaItem is already working properly, I only added it, because I wanted to test all the Recipes (since it adds a ton of new Items). Just go into the Unification Config of GT and set everything in the gregtech_addon Category to true. That could work.

    Btw. I disabled some of the Item Types, because that would have flooded NEI even more (and because I am lazy at doing their Textures). Those Types are: ingotDouble, ingotTriple, ingotQuadruple, ingotQuintuple, plateDouble, plateTriple, plateQuadruple, plateQuintuple and plateDense.

    Edit: HarderMobSpawners makes Mob Spawners ALMOST unbreakable (takes a long while to break)

    Ok, thanks for the quick answer Greg.
    EDIT: Yay page get!

    Hey Greg can we have a config so that causes unification to target the new items by default. The main reason I want this is the fact 1. the new items look better than the old and 2. I have a feeling that your going to remove the old items once you feel that your new META item is working properly.
    EDIT:What dose hardermobspawners do any way?

    Did you look at nickel ore in Extreme Hills Biome that should give you it.
    Or you could use an industrial grinder and some of the outputs of the vanilla ores give small amounts if nickel.
    EDIT: Grinding iron ore in a Sturdy grinder will have a 10% chance to give a nickel dust.

    Here you go Greg some more ore dic stuff for you. :)

    RotaryCraft -> ingotFZDarkIron uses an unknown Material. Report this to GregTech.
    RotaryCraft -> dustQuantum uses an unknown Material. Report this to GregTech.
    RotaryCraft -> gemMimichite uses an unknown Material. Report this to GregTech.
    RotaryCraft -> dustSoulSand uses an unknown Material. Report this to GregTech.