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    If you don't have NEI installed I suggest you install it, many recipies have changed.
    For the Iron Furnace you need 5 iron plates and a furnace.
    For the iron plates make a Forge Hammer like this:
    S= Stick I=Iron B=Blank
    B II
    B II

    Then put an iron ingot and a forge hammer (shapeless) on a crafting table to get an iron plate.

    What about a material named Mica (or Feldspar) that you get from Granite and you can use to make some machines/machine boxes?

    Or as a replacement for aluminum.
    Though you need 64 Granite Dust for 3 Unrefined Mica/Feldspar dust.
    Then you put it in a Centrifuge again for 3 Mica/Feldspar dust.
    Then you put them in a Compressor for 3 Mica/Feldspar dust or in an implosion Compressor for 5/6.

    EDIT: Some suggestions would be appreciated :D

    I do not get ANY errors or things in the crashlog(s).Only thing I get there is "Unsupported Environment:mod.gregtech".And yes, I'm using the latest version.
    And all of my ores never clog up..

    EDIT: Actually updated again and got that thing.
    No matter what, I'll never take away GT, neither TCon

    Hello, I decided to put GregTech on my modded minecraft and I get this crash log after resolving ID Conflicts: