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    I'm using a pump module, which moves 1000mB/t and thus should be saturating the pipes.

    as far as i could understand the mechanics of pipe, the actual fluid per pipe is just 1000mb, when pumped it will move, and behind will be outer 1k, so it dont have more than this at continuous work, to resolve some of it, you would need to pump from outer sides, so intead of just 1k, if you use 3 pumps module would be 3k per work, however, since the pipe use the next and previous pipe capacity, it will have a space of 3 pipes until another full one move. The best result would be to store on a digital tank and the tank feed the machines. just a noobish guess.

    GregoriusT : i would guess a machine that emulete the remaining function of the metalformer, the extrauding thing. i would like an eletric hammer so i can stop wasting materials on that, or even better, the projects to be used on workbenchs.

    i am having a strange behavior on the auto compressor , most of the auto machines, accept itens from a hopper, or pipe with item injected by a hopper, however, the auto compressor dont behave like that, it dont accept itens from a hopper, and even a pipe will not be inserted.

    while texting , i checked something, and found the trouble.

    it seen the compressor dont recognize an item of a recipe, if the item is on lower number than used on the recipe, while we can manualy put less material on a machine until we got more, the machine will not accept if thats the case, i was trying to feed the compressor with plants to make plantballs, but since the hopper dont move more than 1 item at time, the machine will refuse the item, and then the pipe will be clogged, yes, it stop receiving more itens , tested with large platinum , no good.

    it can be see as a bug, or not, if the way of inserting itens on the pipe is a conveyor it works fine because the conveyor move stacks at time ,diferent from just one item. wonder if would happen with outer recipes such as alloy smelting dusts/nuggets.

    ah, just wondering, since i just got into blast furnace, are the coil recipes, i dont know, wrong? i can make the most advance coil on a furnace, but the normal one, i cannot, it require 2500 heat on the blast furnace to smelt kantal, and a fully reinforced lava fill blast furnace goes to only 2200, the cheap coil cannot be used, even the advanced coil cannot because i need to use the kantal one first. So, it is right? I need to depend on luck to find smelted kantal on a chest, or simply, spend tons and tons of material upgrading the casing with adavnce casing until i can finaly smelt kantal?
    aside that, is not 260k eu to smelt aluminum too much? almost the same eu as titanium.

    (gosh, feel so ankward to spell "Eu", because is the personal pronome for "I" on portuguese)

    Thanks. Just did another Grinder)

    this may be useless now, but , to fix some of it, just increase the internal energy buffer of the grinder, so it will have enough energy to run for some process, but since you cant fill eu fast as it consume, it will not take much time to empty the buffer. as the upgrade work, on the end it seens better to have four machines running than a single one overclocked.

    have anyone playied with the lastest natura objects, the nether blocks and stuff, well, there is, if you smelt soul sand, gain a soul glass that work like phantom blocks (you , mobs pass through it) and have a blast resistence of, just, 1800. a safe and easy to reach nuclear reactor.

    the thread moves so fast these days, most time i check the changelog , and very often a new version is out.

    i know about nuclear, but they should be need so earlier on the game, guess cant be helped after all. Green energy source, feels like the greg machine will starting "LoL"ing at they most time.

    Can a config option be added so you can make tin cells in a metal former?

    oh,Gregorius, any reason to stay on regular tin cells and not using the new universal cells?

    Aside that, i would love to have a "big hole" mode on the jackhammer or advance drill (when i get one), so it would replace the Thinkers construct Hammer or the gravity advance drill (with the new ic2xp, the gravity armor looks lame).

    How can ppl have so much eu, and make it sound easy to get? i know with certains mods, can be realy easy, but in a "vanila" ic2, is not that easy.

    this may look small and pointless, but, whenever i use the bronze workbench, it dont trigger the achivements, as if the game dont reckon it as a oficial workbench. since, in the future the achivements will be lock on the map itself, ppl may complain about it on the future.

    off: found nickel, just after postin, typical.

    I have 3 stacks of Manganese I got from blacksmith chests, abandoned mines and dungeons.
    I won't even need The End.

    i count chest from these location, as luck, i am extreme unlucky. I cant even find nickel ore.

    Drill is required to use the miner, i dont wanted to have/use outer mods aside ic2xp and gregtech as core mods, so my only automining is miner, funny enough, i could use the advance miner, but all my tests dont give a good result.

    i just dont like to depend on luck to get things, i wrote early and goes ignored, but without a mod with returning way (mystcraft/dimension door) i cant get the "like a boss" achivement, because i need manguanese from the end to make a simple drill, and there is no return without killing it or killing yourself (i know ender chest), luck should not be part of this.

    funny, that most things that we would like to play with, are so game ending, that when we arrive at that, we will be tired and weary of the jorney.

    I am pretty shure a noob, because I am unable to bring a standard IC2 pump to pump lava.
    IC2 336, GT406a
    one block lava get pumped, but not more. I wondering, that miningpipes couldnt place in pump - GUI.

    I found no bug reports..

    you are talking about vanila ic2 pump? on its own it only pump the liquid block direct under it, no one else, but if its atach to a miner with scanner, it will use the miner pipes and scanner to suck lava on the way of the mining pipe. only the adavnce pump will work, somewhat similar to BC pump.

    is gregtech realy supossed to be this hard, i play some 1.5.2, and liked, them waited until holydays to plays on 1.6.4, but just as now i passed the bronze age, everything looks screwed, i can do some machines, but those who i realy need , is so far away, the early centrifuge is now almost a game end machine, require stainless steel, which require chrome and manguanese, the only way to get chrome "easily" is electrolizing alot of ruby dust, that can be done, and after the first centrifuge, became more easily made, however, for manguanese, the only way is to macerate a ore from The End, so i need to beat the ender dragon to get a way to make my first centrifuge? and since there is no outer way around it, everytime i need more manguanese, i need to colect more. Not even the mass fab will help, because i need so much iridium to just make it, aside needing more complex machine and process, that is kind of letting down. But realy, stainless steel to make a simple Drill :Mining Drill: ? so until i defeat the ender dragon, i cant use a simple miner? i tried to make a LP core based on gregtech, but not having acess to a single mining machine is a downfall. I always thinked , that modders, would love to see ppl using their mods entirely, than just some parts, but making things impossible alone, is no brainy. anyway, prob gonna be flagged as spam or flame, whatever, i had hope, but in vain. I liked what you done in the past.

    Do you mean dust recipe? Alloy smelter? Or ingot recipe? If you mean ingot recipe, that is/was a bug.

    if you use optimal machines, like the alloy smelter you will get four bronze for 3 copper ingot and one tin ingot, while before was just going to get two, dusts, it seens if not smelted toghether will give less bronze, just a litle adjust of gregtech with ic2xp, but with come with a nerf too, now bronze will be same tier as iron.

    @ GregriusT : i am curious if the "plans/projects/blueprint" for bronze workbech will be implemented, seens to be a good way around so many recipe recording benchs out there.

    there also a machine who work with redstone signals directly,the redstone circuit block, you can use with with cover to do some advance setting to work with signal strenghs above or below certain lv to do your binding.

    started playing my LP today, and now a new version came out, and i just spend alot of bronze without needing, oh wheels, the ration to bronze is now like the forestry used long time ago, 3+1=4.