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    bug or intended?


    There is no recipe for the generator except for the assembling one. How can I solve this problem?

    there is no way around, i believe greg wants to remove all ic2 components/machines/process to use his own method of crafting/process, this may be seen as snobish things, but realy, from a long time ic2 is not improving much, so a "new" system that resemble but behave diferent is a good thing, also it is supose to be more "balanced" , so expect gregtech =\= IC2 vanilla .

    The debug scanner is no longer working as an infinite energy source in machines battery slots, it even interrupts processing.
    Working fine in IC2 energy containers though.

    it works, but remeber the greg e-net, it provide an infinite 1 amperage of 32v, so anything that consume more than 1 amp will not keeping running, and you cant power higher voltage machines. To teste higher voltages, just use the debugger on an ic2 storage of a high voltage and transformer it down with gt transformers.

    Added Filters in 20 different variations.
    Added Thermal Centrifuges and Ore Washing Plants.
    Added some "Decorative" Blocks.

    woah, that update is realy better than expected...not so much, but finaly starting the sorting system, just miss some covers like active, redstone throught put

    Added Battery (de)charging loss.

    wasnt it already in? feel like it would, well we cant expected to have all things right on the first version. Also just to say, but each batery on a buffer is 1 amp suply, one batery will not charge the max amp of the buffer, learned the hard way.

    Well first you all need to say what version you are playing, if 1.6 just bad luck, try taiga or crops, if 1.7 ores are not biome related anymore, check every 3x3 for an ore vein, if is not what you want, next one , also crops.

    If playing in 1.7, go to nether. Loads of ore in nether.

    That only happens IF PFAA is instaled.

    Ahem, I UNREGISTERED it to NOT be considered as a 333 Liter of Water Bottle, because you could get infinite Water from that.

    to those who dont get it, if you use a bottle on a water block, even on finite water world, the source (water) do not get depleted, so you could get infinite amount of water bottles from a single water block.

    Things are improving steadily, pity it dont folows the same order that GregoriusT talk about them, but even with everything, alot of things from the previous is missing (for rework or simply...laziness), so it dont fit a Lp yet, i dont even know if i would do another, also the last one are not gaming changing for a sneaky peek, but i have some hope for future features, so keep up.

    I had foreseen this cable loss discuss long ago, did not? well, people are still used to old system so the change is realy annoying, but for now i can see a future to greg wire system, each day i play and try to learn things to share later on my videos, more open my mind became, also there is a huge improviment on how e-net and hydralic (sorry if wrong word) work since the 1.6 , so thing are not so grim as they seens. I wonder how many people will complain alot when they realize that nuclear power is gonne.

    I had troubles with the chunk load and pipes, it seen that pipes that move out chunk border, dont transfer liquids after some chunk unloading and loading, had to break and reconnect to make it work again, lacking some update i guess.

    Also when we update from a previous version where steel was tier 3 to now that is tier 2, old steel pipes got destroyied when i used the steel wrench, it only happens with older pipes, ones placed before the update, just to share, if you gona update gregtech zip to jar, remove your steel pipes before that.

    has anyone made the EBF work? i placed all the blocks, repaired it, started with soft hammer, suply power to it (32v 4 amp), placed the aluminum dust at the input bus... and nothing. It is realy bugging me, since for any tier above lv we need aluminum ingots.

    so i believe that the bug on EBF is still present, i tried and no aluminium smelt with LV , and for MV we need aluminium.
    Also i sugest give diferent names for the bus input and output, it is very confusing they all having the same name.
    Bane of the Ender is a new enchant right? never saw that before.

    i start to think that the problem with fps drop when a mod give world tooltip (waila , nei) is due to the long tooltip every machine/cable gregtech have, since the electric blast furnace is so damn long, it decrease from 120 to 0-2. Maybe the multi line...

    also, basic extruder is useless. It lost the original purpose for the machine.

    well, i tried and build it, but it only tells me to hit with the rubber hammer to (re)start the machine, but nothing happens...also dont have a clue on any recipe, how to put it, use or stuff... also when i look at the blast furnace the fps drops if i have world tooltips on.

    We realy did not had a good start on 1.7 .i am prob only one of the few who did not liked this new ore gen at all, some complain to put it to have more dificult, yes it is more dificult, but the irony is the one who require that are the ones who are more used to it, and so dificult became just normal, also, people want to have to explore more than before... but what about people who dont like that? i like to use more my time planning what and how to build than just wasting rows of pickaxe on vain search for something that may be or may not be there at all. Luck is a great factor on this new ore gen, some people can sit on places where they can have almost everything they need, while outers on a desert. Previous even not bein in the right place you are rewarded with something for your hard work, now is just look here , if you find something ,score, nothing just leave to another one dumbly mine there.
    What wil change with my post? nothing, and i am very aware of that. But i said that to GregoriusT, and will say again, it dont matters how much you try to make things harder, people will always find a way to bypass that, but those who dont, will only have a cruel thing to deal with.

    well that must have happened on last build, since on two version before, i recorded the macerators and they all just give two crushed, the last i think is to emulate the rock crusher from RC and get back more materials.

    Geez PaladinOne . so much info, so much work, why dont you make some videos on it? you clearly have more info than i ever did, also mr10 is off, and my mic died and i cant do anymore, at least keep it somewhere easy to acess, or might be lost below some random post fever.

    The changes on last update are interesting, more durability is always wellcome too, i am curious about the new itens added (with no use yet) , the auto crafting is on the way? Also liked the new generators, i hope you dont plan to added more of simple generator, only multiblocks, but more suprised how affordable the sun is. Keep up, i will follow quietly .

    Did you connect the Output to anything? Such as an MFSU or something, to actually empty the Buffer?

    i did connect to machines running, so i get you point, but is pretty more realiable than old generator anyway.

    Did you use the GT Canner?

    the recipe dont shown, NEI bug, it work, was going to edit my post, but got ninjaed

    There are 4 Options, how much did you expect?

    when looking at recipes, most time it only shown some, like i wasnt able to get the mortar recipe for dust. minor problems, will try to avoid such things .

    You mean the one I answered with every Generator doing 1 Packet?

    i realy dont recall that answer, maybe you did say something before the time i asked, but after i dont saw any. Well thanks anyway, so should i asume the same behavior from EU storage?

    I needed 7 High Pressure Coal Boilers in order to run one Turbine fluently, but the Turbine itself can run slower ofcourse, since it isn't the large Version.

    Then maybe we are not talking about the same same generator, i tested with the lv steam turbine, and one single HP coal boiler give it enough steam to run and stocking some on its internal buffer.

    Biofuel is already creatable

    i cant seen to make the biocell, i can compress, i can exctract, but i cannot canne it, maybe just not showing?

    I was able to look up the Mortar fine and without Problems.

    i prob said wrongly, NEI isnt showing all options, but just as you changed the tittle, is a NEI problem.

    I am still waiting for my answer on the question of amperage feeding.