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    Oh, I like this one, I don't use Water mills all that much, but I use the Geotherms a lot, and have wondered about that, it would help in the sense that I don't have to worry about my pesky Miner network (it drives me nuts trying to split the current enough to satisfy the rough fifty of them)


    Still, glowstone has limited accessability, compared to infinite wood.

    What about terraformer is not creating stuff out of nothing, but reach into corresponding nether point and drags blocks out of there, replacing them with overworlds block? it's like Nether flows through terraformer into Overworld and vice versa.

    When I read that, the code from the portal class just went over my eyes; that would require a call to a method that IF the Nether's files don't exist, create them (processor alert!), if they do or was just created, then load that Nether chunk into memory and begin transplanting blocks which can kill a processor in that fashion.

    And in regards to the glowstone per tree idea, I like it if this terraformer idea weren't such a memory hog.

    And the "Glowstone Seed" idea, again processor issues, having to call a method with each block the Terraformer passes over eats precious time.

    Not bad ideas at all, just a little memory-hungry, that's all.

    As with radiation, if I am not mistaken is that the game would have to continuously call to a method to check the blocks for the "irradiated" flag which in turn eats up processor power and the game would have to give that single block and definite place inside the RAM instead of lumping everything together into what we know as chunks.

    Same case with radiation from Uranium ore.

    Not necessarily, you can just power a block from the outside, remove the redstone torch, and move through. Sure it's not the most elegant way to do it, but it works. Else, i'm sure there's another mod that allows remote controlled redstone input.

    Yeah, there is and it works through blocks too.


    Just make to grab the remote addon as well, I personally use it to open/close my base and it works great.

    Not bad, but on SMP servers, I think it'd be a bit harder to program a GPS into it and have everyone have the same map at the same time, one, too many updates to the GPS and two, methinks that a LOT of CPU would be used in maintaining the status of the thing.

    Oh, and in terms of the so-called "not limited to map 'screen size,' " I've poked around in the MC server code and maps run fairly smoothly as they are limited, but the memory usage of a "infinite screen" would (probably) spiral out of control quickly.

    But, not a bad idea though.

    Actually, I forget who did it, but I remember seeing an Alloys mod over on MCF where if you place two metal blocks above and below an iron block and the properties would "leak" into the iron (I think though. Haven't seen the mod for a while.

    As with any idea, it can be improved.

    I like the idea of if it were to be used in those "End-Game Machines."

    Taking an idea from one of the other threads, maybe the Plutonium could be found around the bedrock layer (~5 and down) if not synthesized somehow (seeing as how Plutonium is an artificial element)

    Not bad, but considering the physical aspects of Plutonium, it would have to be rarer than Uranium (one every few chunks, maybe use a generation algorithm similar to the Slime spawn?), but when placed in the Reactor, there's an increased chance of a meltdown, but outputs double the EU that the Uran Fuel Rods do.

    I like your idea, but as far as I know, Alblaka stated he wouldn’t include weapons.

    Besides that, I don’t think this would really be the right mod for it.

    Yeah, there's already a mod for that, and like Fast2 said, it doesn't fit into IC2 that well.

    I kind of like this idea, though I usually build a basic house until I have access to bronze, then build a new base with Reinforced Stone, but my only gripe is the recipes for the nickel, perhaps Nickel should be a generated ore around the rarity of Iron or Tin, but take longer to mine in this form. Smelting takes a little longer than anything (aside from Uran), but uses the 2x2 crafting idea for block form.

    I like this, gives water a new use in Minecraft and Industrial Craft aside from the *inefficient* water mills. I do not like have to deal with those.

    Plus if this idea were used in conjunction with my Water Generator (for Realism mode)... HAYO!! XD

    It's called a Mass Fabber.

    Srsly tho. Not a bad idea, though I don't think its useful enough (considering water is infinite) to devote a whole machine to. Perhaps a function of the extractor?

    Yeah, but to build a Mass Fabber in less than three MC days? Even an extractor would be iffy due to the fact that if your stuck in a desert (Try having the Infinite Biomes mod, my worst mistake EVER) you have no trees to make the treetap necessary.

    Unless there was a way to combine a bucket and a cacti to make a bucket of water as I just remembered that some kinds of cacti (read: barrel cacti) naturally contain a lot of water.

    Looking back on Mojang's plans for the "Realism Mode" what with having to eat and drink every Minecraft week and three days, respectively, I was think that, say if you're held up in a desert without any water around (spawned a few too many times there) and we all know that the air contains the blessed fluid, that perhaps there could be a machine in which you would put a single bucket in the upper slot and a battery in the lower and after a minute or so, it would fill the bucket with water fresh to drink. It would work something like the canning machine, if you will.

    Unfortunately, the recipe I had in mind escaped me, so I will edit this (if possible) with a recipe I think would be balanced.