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    Does tin vein spawn only on mountains? I have found 1 vein in extreme hills on my previous map, but I have yet to find a tin vein below sea level on my new map. I have drilled like 30+ 2x1 holes with 48 (3 chunks) distance between each. I even found 1 diamond vein, but no tin so far.

    It uses less energy. Or at least the extruder used to use more energy per operation than the specific machine designed for it.

    It uses less energy but produces 2x less rods. So, in order to compare it with extruder power consumption you would need to multiple lathe power consumption by 2x and add cost to smelt dusts into ingots (which lathe produces). I think they would be about equal.

    Extruder is easy to build now is probably the best machine to build as first, since it alone can replace wire mill, lathe, and plate bender - at same material cost per produced item. And in addition to above it can also do things no other machine can. It's pretty much the same as IC2 metal former - all in one machine, without any cons. Previous GT extruder high tier machine.

    And for some reason lathe produces less rods then extruder and costs diamond to construct. Any reason to build it?

    Possible bug: I was using plate bending machine (32 eu/t) and did not have enough power to complete operation. So, I removed tin wire, let my batbox (with 4 re-batteries) gain some power and reconnect wire back. Except that wire simply disappears when I try to place it. I tried copper wire just in case but it also disappears.

    My setup is pretty simple:

    that batbox thingy with 4 slots for batteries (32 eu/t) -> single 1x insulated tin wire -> plate bending machine (32 eu/t).

    Version inside says 5.02a.


    Do you have Biomes O Plenty and Twilight Forest installed? This is a know issue with a conflict between these 2 mods Biomes Ids. Check the configs and fix the biome ids.

    I normally do have Twilight Forest installed, but for purpose of testing this bug I removed all mods except gregtech and mariculture - bug still occurs. Which does not make sense, unless mariculture scans loaded mods and does something stupid if it detects GT.

    configs of all mods, you are getting some biome problem and as far as i know GregTech does not generate/modify any biome.

    In my test case "All Mods" are only GregTech and Mariculture. And Mariculture have no setting for biome ids. GregTech also seems to not have any such settings.

    The words "biome" or "ocean" are found only 3 times:

    For some reason GregTech 5.0.1h and Mariculture beta 12 replaces Ocean biome with Mushroom Island biome. So yeah, we now have a whole mushroom continent... Not sure which of the two mods does this, but it seems to occur only if 2 mods are launched together (Mariculture does not do this by itself). I posted this on GregTech and Mariculture forums.

    Coal is hard to find now in large quantities. I have only encountered small coal ore and even then it did not drop coal most of the time. And lignite Coal is pretty useless right now. I wonder if it is even energy efficient to process lignite coal in order to use as energy (since it does not have any other use).

    Basically, there should be a way to produce normal coal, since some other mods balance themselves under assumption that is present in large quantities (Ars Magica, Railcraft, Pneumatic Craft).

    I use Small Coal Boiler, wait when steam is full, and then place Steam Alloy Smelter next to it. Is this normal that all steam in Small Coal Boiler instantly disappear and I can't make bronze in alloy smelter? It displays "!" mark, which is probably warning about not enough steam.

    Edit: I have reloaded that world and for some reason I can make bronze now. Either steam stopped disappearing in to the void or alloy smelter finally got full (how much steam does it need?).

    But it has the least height, what would reduce spawning rates so or so?

    Suppose our algorithms selects chunks based on their average height (larger height - more chance of being selected), and suppose we have a pure ocean in, like, 128x128 chunks around player. Now, if algorithm *must* place Ore Vein ones per 3x3 chunks (on average), then low height of chunks will not matter in this case, because almost every chunk around player will also have low height. It will, however, matter on biomes borders, or where chunk suddenly begins to generate a large hill.

    Just to clarify then: Every 3x3 chunk area has a single vein of each ore? OR single vein of a single ore type only?

    Also, you said previously that ore gen was no longer dependant on biomes (so it makes sense to mine in extreme hill, given the amount of stone). Does that include things like rubies too? They can be found in other biomes aside from deserts?

    While I don't know answer to those questions I would like to point out, that generation in biomes largely depends on how chunks are selected for Ore Vein placement:
    * If chunks with larger mass (more solid blocks) have a higher chance of been selected, then Extreme Hills would have a higher chance of having Ore Vein.
    * If chunks are selected purely at random, then best biome for mining is probably the Ocean.