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    Would be interesting to know how the ore data gets transferred. If its plain nbt data then it will consists of 1 Byte, 1 Short, 3 Integers and a String of 18 Chars plus nbt structure data for every single ore.
    Ordering this into lists for network transfer could be more efficient like a group of lists per chunk:
    A byte list for "n", a short list for "m" and a integer list for an local block offset which contains the x,y,z coordinates.
    This format should be easier to compress for any fast compression lib.

    So what do you think Greg?

    By network bandwidth I mean the world data itself not the ongoing traffic. And by doubling i mean only the world data. So if I move a chunk in any direction I get a network lag of a sec and more. With constant movement it's possible to stack this effect to multiple seconds and even to a point where you reach "the end of the known world".
    To make things clear:
    448 kilobit per second download
    96 kilobit per second upload

    Hey Greg, is there any chance of a network bandwidth reduction? Currently GT nearly doubles the network traffic and make it unplayable for me on internet servers. I have tested this with OPIS in a new generated world but I really don't know how reliable it is.
    If it's not possible than it's okay. There are plans on extend the local bandwidth in the near future. At least I hope so. The money is on the table but only til February 2015.

    Hey Greg, do you unify the UU-Recipes for the Scanner? Because Certus Quartz from AE can be scanned only if Gregtech is installed.
    I've tried some config changes but nothing helped. I need to disable this or I get some serious problems on my server.