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    Very helpful reply indeed ^_^

    I do have one more question however. The Kinetic Steam Generator's sides are quite confusing. There is no orange square as you described, but since that's the Kinetic output, you probably mean the white circle side. Also, which side is the excess steam supposed to output to?

    Seeing as the Kinetic Steam Generator turns water into distilled water, isn't that more practical than the condenser?

    Well, he still adds the boots thing, but that's better.

    1. public static void postLoad(FMLPostInitializationEvent evt)
    2. {
    3. ItemArmor boots = net.minecraft.init.Items.leather_boots;
    4. ItemStack booties = new ItemStack(boots, 64, 0);
    5. boots.func_82813_b(booties, 0x3479F2);
    6. OreDictionary.registerOre("greggy_greg_do_please_kindly_stuff_a_sock_in_it", booties);
    7. }…d/modhelpers/ic2/

    Stupid thing about that is that it appears even when you don't have Gregtech and causes random redditor on agrarian skies to post about it every other day.

    They show goddamn mega lopunny...BUT STILL NO MEGA GALLADE! *table flip*

    Also why does Salamence lose his arms o_O

    Reddit's gonna have a field day about this one :D

    my answer to Ic2 tediousness:

    the only people that IC2 should make fun are the people he develop ;) when other people like it its nice but not but for me not necessary..

    Some people may interpret this as being selfish, but the whole point of making mods is to get something that's fun. If Thunderdark doesn't have fun with IC2 being 'tedious', why would he make it like that? And If you don't like it, that changes nothing. You could just go and download Thermal Expansion or Mekanism, the IC2 devs aren't afraid of 'losing customers' or something.

    I say go for Technic. Their bad history has been cleared up since the old days, I don't think even Forestry has that weird bee thing anymore, and I'm fairly sure that they need permission to put mods in the pack. I've actually been thinking of making a similar pack, and I'd be glad to help (as soon as I get back from vacation :P)

    Since skyboy systematically censor when people complain about how annoying his "protest" is and how it slows their server/loading time, it won't be removed.
    Its not even his mod to begin with and he uses it to annoy people enjoying another type of gameplay, what a shitty attitude.
    And its coremod is not released for 1.7.10 afaik.

    Gotta agree with this completely. He gets far too much credit for what he's done, yet people still eat his shit up.

    Also 2 things:
    1. That user was on 1.6.4
    2. MFR and CofhCore have open betas as of yesterday(or was it the day before?)

    Without Gregtech my load time is 75 seconds, with Gregtech included, it is increased to 155 seconds, thats a double in load time cause of Gregtech, and when I check the console window, 90% of the page is Oredic reports.
    If this doesn't happen to you guys it would be nice.
    BTW: most of my items have a tag saying 'Greggy Greg do please kindly stuff a sock in it'

    That would be MFR doing that. Uninstall it or look for the Gregtech freindly version.

    Speaking of MFR, does anyone know if the 1.7.10 version still has the aforementioned bullshit code?

    I really need to make an overclocking making tutorial. Watching wasting 21 lapis per overclocker after Thunderdark didn't tell him that distilled water makes coolant with 1 lapis dust rather than normal water's 8 is somewhat annoying. But also funny.

    Random fact of the day, Gregtech is a blacklisted word in Q's stream :D

    Hey, it's only lapis :D

    Plus, Quetzi bans a lot of words :P especially ones that people like arguing about :D