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    seeings how we are using IC2 Enet for right now, can you re add the ruby dust energeum dust recipe for making energy crystals? maybe adding the purified crushed ores to purified dust recipes to the macerator also. hand washing is time consuming, but the hammers you go thew is ridiculous right now.

    RC electric feeder units are uncraftable, is that one of the recipes that are being fixed mentioned in the current changelog, or is this something I need to report to CovertJaquar?
    Uncraftable because there is no recipe showing for it in NEI.

    How hot can a ceramic crucible actually get? I made some iron ingots and I forgot the burning box was still burning when removing the liquid iron, causing the temperature of the crucible to shoot past 2000K without turning into lava.

    2500K, if you look it up in NEI the tool tips tells you the max temp. of all crucibles and molds


    The difficulty in this step would be making the steel production multiblock strcture rather than the required input into the process. The difficulty in making steel should be a technological one rather than it being hard to find the reagents as once you have the technology it would make sense to make all iron into steel since it is just plain better as a material.

    this what Axlegear and I have been saying all along. making steel should be a hard process not a Easter egg hunt!

    that is unless u have RC installed, u can just bypass the GT veins and look fer abyssal geodes and get a diamond in little time with a lvl 2 pick. so not as hard as you seem to think it needs to be.
    then u have the other blast furnaces that can be made, so easy to bypass either way. unless your running a GT only mod pack, and I dont know anyone who does that. Im my opinion the GT way should be hard, but not unrealistically so, that it almost forces us hardcore GT players to try going around its steps. and diamonds/graphite for steel is that sorta step id work around.

    But anything Coal related is too overpowered.

    but after all the work we added to iron, steel doest need to be a huge leap, and redo the charcoal making and use it rather than coal, also steel is lvl 2 metal not lvl 3 now so your not really progressing much going from iron to steel.

    Hell even if you have to make coal coke to make steel would be better than diamonds and graphite!

    i agree about charcoal, that's one of the things i really like about TFC is having to cut down so many trees to make charcoal
    and u getting less charcoal out of the amount of logs put in.

    how about using bone meal for calcium, is that a viable option? another idea is, as far as I know most mod packs, weather private or public use chisel mod, it has marble and limestone deposits. also the quarried stone from RC may also be an option for calcium.

    To start this post I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I love Gregtech! It makes me mad, it makes me proud, and most importantly, it makes me work for what I get in Minecraft.

    With that said, there are things I dont understand, RC is NOT the parent mod, IC2 is. Although there are more things compatible between GT and RC. Ic2 machines get disabled automatically, but rolling machines aren't, RC steam and steel recipes are the ratios GT uses not IC2s. Even the new "Heat" power with IC2 aren't compatible, even if its throttled back like the MJ/RF is and was at least its compatible. i understand keeping things compatible, like everyone uses the 3:1 ratio for bronze, TE, Tic, forestry, etc.... but if your using a entirely different method then its not a compatibility anymore. steel would go from a coal/charcoal alloy, to a refined iron that uses coal/air for the refinement. i think we need to remember, that to make something great you may have to break outta the molds set before you, like GT did in the beginning. Make things the way that are right, rather for ballance, progression, or realism. Not what would work well with everyone else's sensibilities, and rules, even all of us here.

    Now for my play style, and opinion, GT is the best and they need to conform to it not the other way around.

    I will not put Coal in as source of Carbon for Steel, that would be a bit OP earlygame considering you then would only need 1 Coal every 25 or 50 Steel. (And I am not going to change that ratio)

    I agree with the use of coal for iron processing, In GT% I only ever mined coal veins if I needed to make diamonds, with I usually only needed for the industrial before I made an implosion compressor, or was having problems finding saltpeter to make gunpowder.

    If you make a List of X Material (like Calcite) + Y Iron Mineral (except vanilla Iron Ore ofcourse) = Z Iron for all the things like Yellow Limonite, Brown Limonite, Magnetite, Banded Iron and Pyrite, then I will add Alloy Recipes for making Iron with those Combos.

    Also note that 1 of the Ingredients in any Alloying Recipe does not have to be molten in order to create an Alloy. It basically alloys molten Wrought Iron with Carbon Dust to create Steel.

    just FYI but limonite, banded iron are like an 8:1 ratio right now, and i can not get iron outta magnetite. I also agree that titanium is way easier to obtain right now than steel, i chose to make a regular IC2 blast furnace rather than using the GT way, and I never have chosen standered IC2 over GT. I perfer the complexity of GT, and in all the versions i've played with, sense 1.4.5, there has always been a blast furnace, so why not now?

    we really need a blast furnace for steal, either a low'teck way to inject air/oxygen into the crucible. personally I'd make the regular crucible, clay or stones, only usable for lower temp. metals, and regular iron, then the nether brick can be the wrought iron, steel making, air injecting crucible. you could have a bronze or iron tube with a rudimentary bellows or pump to inject the air. this could also be added to the burningboxes to allow them to get up to some of the higher heats required. give the lead, bismuth burnboxes a max temp, and the Invar and other higher grade burnboxes an inlet air pipe to reach higher temps. this would keep balance and require more setup for steel and higher grade materials. we also need chimneys required, in my opinion this is alot of heat to be stuck in a closed in area with.

    Alright, so, I've looked through the Q/A, and I don't feel like going through two thousand pages to find the answer.

    If I were to add Gregtech to a pack without it, would I have to manually modify the configuration files to disable the other mods' ore generation, or does Gregtech do that automatically for me?

    yes you would have to manually disable the other mods ores, Gregtech only disables vanilla ores(except emeralds).