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    why do you use transformers going up in tiers? I i hook them up straight and have no issues, example: I currently have 1 LV steam, 1 MV steam, and 1 MV gas turbine hooked up to 1 HV 9 slot battery buffer.

    Also Gregg I was wondering what happened to the Zinc blocks from 1.6.4 to 1.7

    i have found a uninification issue while playing on axlegear's server. quartz dust needs smelted to create silicon for the inscriber of AE2. GT quartz dust isn't smeltable nor does Silicon ingots or plates work in the Inscriber. I believe the best fix would be to make the AE2 silicon and GT silicon interchangeable.

    While GregTech has several storage units available, I would love to be able to store a full suit like the 'Hazmat' suit with leggings, rubber boots and scuba helmet and be able to exchange it with the current armour I am wearing or store that in a different storage unit. Could we have something like a 'locker', to store full armour sets? Maybe even a possibility to hook it up to a power supply to charge a full set of nano armour at once?

    try bibliocraft armor stands great for quick suit changes if supplied with a redstone signal

    It is a big pack should be fine with 4 gigs ram and a semi decent CPU. The server it self runs of 64 gigs of ram dedicated box. We do not accept donations for items and there is very few items banned. So pretty much wide open!

    ya thats way too big I;m looking for more of a tech only 60 so mod pack based aroud GT, I;m not into all the magic stuff. and I only have 2gig of ram and a 32bit system, I said it sucks

    Hey if you are looking for a good GT server thats pretty hard, if not uber hard like a lot of purists like... try the beyond reality pack on the AT Launcher. I play on the public server that the creators let people use for free, and its very well run and so far all the players are pretty cool. There was one troll that joined and he lasted 15 minutes before he got the boot.

    I'll have to check that out thanks, as long as its not to big of a mod pack my pc sucks

    Actually lots ofof FTB people like gregtech. I know no one here is actually going to listen because this forum is a giant circlejerk, but I'm right.

    TPPI, a modpack made specifically by r/feedthebeast, has gregtech. Most people, however, don't like the stupid grindy bullshit you people call "balance", which in reality is just grindy, they like the what it was in 1.4.7: A tech mod that added cool multiblocks and had an interesting tech tee. And for some reason Greg decides to make it a giant pain in the ass to turn it off with retarded names like " namefix" that no one can possibly comprehend without asking on the forum, which shouldnt even be enabled by default because only a tiny percentage of people actually like the grindieness. And this is what most people complain about.

    The way I look at it that may help you out is that GT is not for everyone, yhose that enjoy starting new worlds every week, geeting to the OP gear as quick as possible and rince and repeat, would ot enjoy GT. On the other hand those that want to have long running worlds that have to build a bass and explore the world before getting OP gear and always having ways to upgrade there bases will enjoy GT. now I personally LOVE and at times HATE GT but wont play without it because I dont have a server to play on so im stuck in single player and get bored very fast when I can make 1 mining trip and build about everything in the game. I believe there should be modes for GT myself that way more people could try it out in its current build and see all the great things it has to offer without having to sift threw tuns of configs or get other mods to lessen the blow. then ramp up the difficulty see the way we hardcore GT manics enjoy it. Hope this helps someone

    hey greg thanks for an awsome mod! I love what i've seen so far in 1.7. now that the new guy ass kissing is over I have an issue that im hoping someone can help me with. I stopped generation on all mods including IC2 but the IC2 ores are still generating. am i missing something, cause it seems anything i change in the IC2 config does nodda.