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    On Radeon R9 270 , i7 4xxx (can't remember) 4 ghz 6 cores (x2 so called intel "threads"). Without FastCraft someting around 40 fps ( very laggy base ) , and with it 48 - 50 fps. So it does help, but just a litle bit .. But that at least someting in that laggy base.

    Short answer is no.
    Long answer is noooooooooooooooo.

    Though it is possible to write a native library for that, integrating it would be difficult as you would need to replace all calls, to it (though definitely possible).

    As javas current random optimized to be runned on java, and doesn't consult existing randomizes within a system. (It is also really guilty of SIN and COS calculations as they all software based and therefore stupid slow)

    but ... but ... you could do that with ASM , and repalce worl's random... i did replace it with random that always returned static values ( with immibis , remember that in IRC? :D ) - it was sooo fast ( world gen ).
    I need that mod for speed... even on i7 4770k it lags soo much , chunks generating sooo slowly. I'm playing on far render distance , and that is kind of problem too.

    just saw new ore in my mine ... did GT add pyrite ore as retrogen ?

    Well, network should know where's its nodes(blocks) located. If a block update noticed on location of the node, check if node is valid if not invalidate that branch of a network connection.
    I have worked on problems like that before, though I am currently to busy on the job to work on MC mods.

    For optimization sake treat it per chunk so all nodes are saved for chunk this way it is easier to iterate. So nodes would be stored in chunk containers and nodes would belong to a branch of a tree which makes up a network.

    Also for resolution memorise completed branches, which still don't have finished connections. So unloaded chunks would still hold data about branches within them, even if they not powered.

    or just copy paste ENet code ...

    Inb russian it is calles circular saw - циркулярная пила. I think if you read it fast enough you can summon a demon.

    that is nothing ... try fastly read that ->

    1. ^[a-zA-Z]([a-zA-Z0-9-]{0,61}[a-zA-Z0-9])?\.[a-zA-Z]([a-zA-Z0-9-]{0,61}[a-zA-Z0-9])?(\.[a-zA-Z]([a-zA-Z0-9-]{0,61}[a-zA-Z0-9])?)?$


    [size=10]and that is not that bad example ... its very basic regex actually ...

    You are both right.
    1. If you point a Drain upwards and it rains above it, then it fills the Tank it is attached to with Rainwater. This works whereever it Rains regardless of Infinite Water Settings.
    2. A Drain that does not point downwards (cuz gravity) sucks up all Fluid Blocks (not only water) in front of it, making Infinite Water possible, but ONLY if it is enabled.

    Greg rename it from drain to Suck module. It would be "more" logical (cuz gravity)

    Is it me, or do fishing poles make early game food a non-issue? My first goal when starting a world (I start a lot since I play hardcore) is to find a Greatwood tree from Thaumcraft and either kill a spider or pull a couple of webs off the tree. Throw three sheep in there and the terror of a GregTech start melts away.

    What are your favorite food methods very early game?

    bread, or simple GT food that could be made from wheat. I'm eating bread even late - game if i didnt make cow farm.

    There is wooden pipes... do you know why they are existing? FOR WATER TANKS, YES!

    I do have Railcraft, but out of curiosity how much challenge is there in having finite water? Does it actually become an issue?

    You would need tons of wood, iron and slime, to build big RC tanks. And its gives diffrent count of water in diffrent biomes.

    In jungle it gives 80 mb/t, and its hollow 3 x 3 x 3 structure.

    EDIT: I wanted to clarify this, since it's a similar question to my previous one. Will finite water result in me just needing to build a machine or two extra and I'll have no more issue, or will finite water be a consistent obstacle throughout my GregTech experience?

    No, it would require a lot of water saving , and a lot of machines. More water you need, more RC water tanks you need.

    edit: the smell of the final water sad to me : "TURN OFF INFINITE WATER, RIGHT NOW!"

    edit2: Is it 80 mb per tick, or per second? I cant remember

    edit3: btw, you shouldnt turn it off - only if you really need it to be off beacos of other mods, or if you really not liking ocean problems. You can get water in deep ocean, and not in top level.

    p.s. off - i mean turn on infinite water.

    p.s.s. for users without RC - there is module that can be applyed to GT blocks that can collect rain water. But its ... its not that good.

    800mB/t means it is an Large Bronze Boiler in the calcuation.

    Afaik all types of Large Boilers use the same amount of fuel, but the Large Tungstensteel Boiler produces 2,5x as much steam.

    So its 277.(7)% efficient? Wow, very good :D

    /me was thinking what better kind of boiler equals more steam and more fuel usage ...

    I did some calculations before, source-code based. I can not find them though in this messy thread.

    There is search by all messages created by you , isnt there ? Just try search all messages in this thread with boiler word.

    Sorry for bombing the thread but I am rather interested in what mods you all have installed. For me it would seem to be 100% on EnderIO. I have went through 100+ mods in and out and the only one that seems to effect it is EnderIO .

    I'm using DR20 mod pack, with some additional mods such as BluePower, Framez, etc. EIO is installed too, and GT macerator works fine. Maybe Greg could help with this ?

    Some math on big steam boilers:

    Big steam boiler uses one coal per second (20 ticks)
    Big steam boiler produses 800 mb/t of steam
    Big steam boiler produses 16000 mb/coal

    High pressure coal boiler has 160 "power" per coal
    HPCB uses 2 power each 12 ticks
    HPCB uses coal each 160 / 2 * 12 ticks, and that is 960
    HPCB produses 15 mb/t of steam
    HPCB produses 14400 mb/coal

    Soo, Big steam boiler has efficienty 111.(1)% , and ... Isnt that great?

    p.s. is my math ok?

    Note, if TC is installed, you should just keep its Worldgen on. It has the proper Amounts for everything it adds.

    Some ppl likes you ore gen style, even if its not right for that ore type.

    And amber is a gem tehnically, even throught its piece of old tree .... very old tree


    p.s.s. even if it would need 10 ^ 7 temp.