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    Ok thank you, was just trying it out and somehow the small ores are wierd, they get displayed as impure piles, but I don't think that matters, atleast not to me

    Edit: I was testing on the same versions btw, just for other people to know

    Does someone use biomes o plenty? if yes , could you maybe send me your configs? I would like to check why in my configs the world doesn't seem to have much biome variety (which sucks)
    I did disable some biomes where I think they look ugly and don't add anything to the game, but I haven't found any Cold biomes, just a littlebit of taiga without any snow etc. (mainly looking for Winter/Ice Hives), does the scanning with the OD/OV scanner work on 5.05.13? and I don't mean on kirara^^ I know it does there but I would like to know if it does for the normal GT version.

    @ Blood Asp: That sure looks good :) can the "Control block" be made out of the diffrent materials? or will it be a universal one? (I hope its the first option ;) )
    what are the capacity's ? are they in millibuckets or in buckets (I assume for wood= 4*(tank volume), with or without the Frame? )

    That are great suggestions :) Thank you
    I know about the forestry extra sticks, so they are for sure being changed or removed, also the ingots you get there (via crafting in the carpenter) are going to be changed or removed as soon as minetweaker gets forestry support :) in 3-4 versions I think
    I don't think its possible to change the storage of an capacitor bank, but i am going to do some research on that one
    I think I am going to make that tomorrow or when weekend is starting :)

    Edit1: Yes the Capacitor Banks energy storage can be tweaked, what would you think would be a good value? maybe 500.000 RF and making it a bit more expensive? I think that would be pretty good :)

    Advanced Solar Panels changes:

    Thank you :) I do like them, maybe you guys want the Remain in Motion recipes we are using (let me say this, they are not cheap by any means)

    Im curious if it is possible to power IC2 machines with Gregtech power, should be possible right? Because I would like to get rid of the IC2 lossless power transportation :) in our modpack, cause it does break the Gregtech challange or the thinking required to work around the power loss and amp going through cables
    atm you can just put MFE/MFSU's near each machine, and the power going to them through glass fibre, I think It would be cool if there was a config option in gregtech which would disable all ways of IC2 to transport energy (or is that not allowed from the ic2 side?) I think that would be a pretty nice feature (and a lot of work I think, though I'm no modder by any means so not sure how hard that would be)
    ((fuuuu sioooon)) HAAAAA .... That would be more important to me though xDD (I wish SpwnX never told me....atleast not as soon as he did^^)

    Edit1: SpwnX did you overlook my first Post on site 2111? or didn't you answere intentionally? just curious

    5: Maybe lowering the spawning change of Infernal mobs (Death, this is truly horrifing/many other dwarf fortress quotes).
    6: TiC is little bit overpowered (mostly because 2x ore from start).
    7: Additional changes to EnderIO because crafting recipies are not balanced (like having most "vanilla" EnderIO crafting recipies changed).
    8: Making so that IC2 no powerloss things to be either disabled or changed a lot (Gregtech has it's own power storage and energy transportation why have more cheatier ones?).

    5. Yes I can do that, I also think that there spawn a few too many of them^^ Till you get a decent armor you just run atm so yeah gonna change that
    6. maybe i could make it that you require an LV assembling machine or something similar to make the smeltery , disable the hammer for these dust, but you can find the smeltery in villages, don't know waht to do about that
    7. I could look into that, if you have ideas on what to use for what recipe would make things a bit more easy :)
    8. Yeah I think I will do that, gonna take me awhile to do all that though (School began for me again and its exam phase right now)

    And thank you again for submitting Ideas :)

    Was wondering why greg didn't implement this, maybe he doesn't want you to find ores easier? Thats the only reason I can think of

    have somebody ever found a platinum vein?

    interesting calculations thanks for good read

    Yes a friend of mine who is playing on our server did find one yesterday or the day before, he was searching for something with the random weight 40 I believe and then he said I can find something with the lowest randomweight of 5 but not with 40... we laught pretty hard at this :D
    why did you want to know? thought it did't spawn? or just curious?

    SpwnX, I think I did read something about you making a crops guide for the gregtech survival guide right? or did i missunderstand something? If you are not planning on doing something I would appreciate something like that (I have only breed a few crops but I would like to try it out in the future again)
    Also, didn't ask this in a long time, but how is the fusion going :P (still feaking excited, just sayin :whistling: )

    yeah thats what I found out after some research, I don't really like that reika doesn't allow his recipes to be changed by minetweaker and i don't get (and can't think of something) why he doesn't allow altering his recipes. That makes balancing pretty much not possible for reikas mods (and his recipes are so fu***** cheap thats not even funny) but the general Idea behind his mod is pretty darn cool so i also don't want to take that out.

    Okay , for everyone who wants to know how Gregtech's machines can be used to add recipes, the Assembler for example
    you should visit this page to look the diffrent machines up

    Important: You need the import function to be on the top of you script you use the function in, so nothing above it except for other import functions
    the adding of a certain recipe can be anywhere in the script except for above the import function

    so you would do:

    Thanks for the suggestions :)

    1. Dunno about that, sounds good to me, gonna see how it works out :)
    2. Deathcounter is in the Tab list on the scoreboard
    3. Sounds good, can't edit the Worktable internel recipes though, not supportet by minetweaker. I could only make the Worktable itself recuire something more expensive (done for now)
    4. I Removed compatability between Rotarycraft alu and gregtech alu, also the worktable itself needs some alu plates and silicon plates (--> EBF)

    The Pack is still available and it is tweaked to my liking, but due to lack of interesst I have stopped updating the mods itself for now.
    I might resume it when I got some more free time I can spend but getting everything working to my liking is just extremly time consuming and its taking more time than I want to spend on somehting that gets nearly no response. The pack is perfeclty fine, but I won't update any mods for now (you can do it on your own, should be pretty easy just to update (only problem will be compatability with forge and some mods -->reikas for example).

    New pack: Link
    Whitelist: Comming Soon
    IP: Comming Soon

    Additional Information: Link

    We are looking for people which want to play on our Server using our Project Sunrise Pack, our Server(whitelisted) is mostly German but we also are looking for English speaking people. If anyone is interested in playing a Gregtech based Modpack just PM me or join our Teamspeak3 Server.

    Now a bit more into what our Modpack is and what we try to archive with it, first of you probably want to know which mods are in there atm :) so here you go
    Download on the TechnicLauncher: Link

    We are still not finished with making all the recipes changes to really balance it out, but that needs people who play on our server to help us figuring out which item is OP and maybe needs a little tweaking :), we are open to suggestions.

    So moving on I may list a few of our changes to the recipes:

    · Some GT nerfes removed (making planks still yields 4 planks)
    · RC Blast furnace disabled
    · Made Remain in Motion VERY Expensive the motor for example (4x Field Generator(HV),4x Electric Piston(IV) and a DataOrb)
    · Quarry changed with the Ender Quarry, and made its Recipes more Expensive (Tungstensteel)
    · Used AE Recipes of the "let's Greg other mods" thread from DreamMasterXXL
    · AE also only Craftable through EnderIO Sag Mill, which requires Stainless Steel
    · Removed most Molecular Transformer Recipes and made others harder(Sunarium and parts need 10x the EU)
    · Nerfed Gravitation Suite (also according to DreamMasterXXL's Recipes)
    · Nerfed Steve's Factory Manager
    · Made Forestry Farms more Expensive
    · Made BuildCraft Pipes more expensive
    · Gregtech Steel not available through other mods, atleast not easier

    We got some more changes, you should visit our Server if you like what you see here :thumbsup: , you are free to suggest some changes which would make some things more balanced if you find/know some :) Balancing out so many mods is not easy for a Single Person :D
    We also Update the Pack and the Server Regularly

    Teamspeak 3 and Server IP can be found in the TechnicLauncher Description here
    Whitelist Access:
    You can send us a mail on this site, to apply for the whitelist

    Due to the Resource intensity of this modpack on a Server, we only have limited space for about 20 at the same time, but we will accept upto 30 Players, because normaly I don't think that all players are online at the same time. If we get some Donations (for the server managment, not the modpack of course ;)) we would like to Upgrade our Server, making it possible for more player to play on it, we will see how it goes.

    Greets from Germany :D

    Thank you very much! would been nice to know the ip though (don't worry i am atleast not grief-aholic).

    the IP:
    I added it under the Modpack description just now, but you could have found it if you joint the teamspeak and looked at the sunrise channel discription (there are also instructions how to install the pack if someone doesn't know how to, though I don't really like people which are not smart enough to find out how that works(@the modpack instructions) :whistling: )

    It is not not allowed to do that, since this thread is the most derailed thing ever.

    However, since it is a server (and obviously has IC², duh) , you might want to post it in the IC² server section as a separate thread, like cables n carts modpack test server did.

    ohh ok thanks, gonna do that :)


    Looks basicly like my Modlist..on my Server...on which i play alone
    right now.Without the HQM tho. Might be interesting to play with others
    for once tho.

    You can remove the HQM mod for now, we didn't really have time to implement quests, so we removed it for the time beeing, its gonna come back when we got some resonable quests done :)
    maybe you can pm me your playername really quick

    Well i would like to be whitelisted (can't member when i last played on a server now i will add my in game name: solu1 (it's cell1 in finnish and that makes me absoluticly original).

    Your whitelisted, just pretending that I know your a good person and that you know some stuff :P (you should not be able to to things we don't like :thumbsup:(I am pretty confident about that) )
    Everyone else needs to wait till tomorrow, gonna go to bed, already 3am here

    I should mention that the spawn is not really finished and there is a protection around so don't worry if you can't build there.
    you can protect your own house everywhere where there is no protection (aka Claim) of someone else there. So have fun :)

    Id like to ask for people to maybe join our server (German and whitelisted atm, but I wouldn't be against a few people who speak english ;) ) or use our modpack. We try to center it around gregtech, yet have some mods which are independent from it, we try to balance everything to match the gregtech standarts. It definetly isn't finished yet, but we would be happy about a few more people :)
    Project Sunrise (Techniclauncher, hopfully ATlauncher in the future, but we will see)
    If you would likte to see a modlist, you can find it here (just click it :P)

    I hope it is allowed to post this here, if not just make something funny with my post :thumbsup:

    oh ho one stack of Posts ....Very interessting

    Is it possible to change or remove Forestry Carpenter recipes? I like Forestry Extras2 but there are some Carpenter Recipes which are to easy in my opinion, Forestry is not under the list of Modtweaker and the carpenter is a little special with what he needs (water, honey, lava etc.) so i doubt it is possible right?

    Edit1: found this page: Beliving them I cant remove or add recipes to the carpenter, which really is too bad, would like to get somethings only through bees to make it more challangeing

    Edit3: @ Gregtech assembler: ok my bad, needed to put the import function at the beginnin of the file, didn't know that