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    I would like to ask if you guys have the same problem or if it is just a change i didn't notice but normally you would have asteroids in the end(there was a config option in the 1.6.4) now with 1.7.2 i cant find the option and they are not being generated in my worlds. I would like to know if this is a bug , a problem on my end or just a new feature.
    If it is a new feature where can i find naquada and the other Goodies in the end, except for the main Island which would be a little small.

    btw i am using v. 5.03j , tried it with all the other mods I play with but then tried it on a clean copy with only ic2(484 exp.) and GregTech.

    and while im already writing a post here (first one, but have been playing with GregTech for about a Year or so) I would like to thank all the people which are involved with GregTech and wanted to say that I think that this is by far my favorite mod, even though many people dislike it because its a little to much thinking involved (thats what i noticed at least :D)
    I hope you guys keep up the Good work :D

    Greets form Germany :)