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    From one Oldfag to another, Thank you Alblaka, and everyone on the team who I don't actually know the names of.
    With the recent updates to IC2, I am feeling that I may just make a map and stick with it sometime soon. All I need is some flat areas near spawn, hopefully a ravine close by, and some rubberwood trees. The amount of maps I've gone through is staggering, but one will be the one. I just know it.
    ...I wish I could remember that one seed I had... Or any seed which places me near a jungle and desert when I spawn.

    Thanks for the update. I know some people don't like it, and some have complained about cost, but I enjoy this addon. It's not cheap, but I can avoid nuclear power with these(nuclear power setups confuse me as to how to get the most power safely). While I need to spend a lot of EU to build even one of the end tier ones, it's nice to have the option. But EU is infinite if you use renewable resources, so it just will take time.

    Sounds like something I could use in my game. I tend to avoid the whole animal breeding mechanic, but beef is rather good.
    Though if all else fails, I could try and make a Beefapple crop.

    Some people may prefer NEI because it also allows you to give yourself items. I have NEI and Craftguide. I don't use NEI for crafting recipes(I am not a clever pony, I don't know how to make it show them, nor do I care to make it show them), I use NEI for items(which I can sort and search, which is why I use it instead of TMI).

    True, I could remove CraftGuide and just use NEI. But NEI(as far as I know) doesn't have "alternate crafting system" support for it's guide.
    Plus, CraftGuide is easier to use for this.

    Meh? I never use straight coal in a generator. too valuable for that. Even then I only use charcoal in a generator for a relatively short time until I get something a bit more renewable online.

    as to magic... makes *no* sense whatsoever given the previous history of the game.

    What, you mean green exploding wangs, countless undead, spiders bigger then a grown man, taking 8 cubic meters of gold and putting it into a apple(which then becomes able to cure any wound, save death), weird dust which can power damn near anything, interdimensional travel, giant flying jellyfish which shoot fireballs at you, rocks which emit as much light as the sun, slenderman knockoffs which can teleport, and the ability to carry 2304 cubic meters of stuff without a backback isn't "Magic" enough for you?
    Face the facts: Minecraft is a Fantasy genre game, even if it IS a sandbox. Magic comes with the genre, and is often omni-present.

    ...Though yeah, Coal has MUCH better uses then simply burning it. I had a double chest full of it on one world.

    OK, let see.
    Option 1: More Missile Content. Makes for some fun PvP, but there isn't much use for it in SSP. Unless you LIKE wasting resources just to ruin the landscape. TNT for any reason other then carving tunnels out of stone is pointless in my eyes, since it wastes so much of the resources. ITNT works fine for mining, but actual TNT is wasteful.

    Option 2: Nanotech. d\shafxcszjl\fzhnaz sorry, wiping jizz off my keyboard. Properly implemented, it's even more sexy them magic or magitek. Hence the clean up there.
    As for balance, don't listen to all those people saying that the ability to turn a metric assload of cobblestone into a single diamond is unbalanced. I mean, they're using IC2 here, for christ sake! SUNLIGHT makes diamonds in this mod. Sure, it's slow and takes a lot of resources. Guess what? So does EE turning cobblestone into diamonds. And you can turn sunlight into diamonds without having to micromanage, since you can just wire it all up and go do other things while you wait.

    As for balance, try to make it costly to run. Coal can be made into diamonds, yes. It's just that you get small diamonds from this, which are industrial grade, normally. But turning organic matter into something which can be eaten is easy, and one could explain a whole lot of "magic" with nanotech. I'd even suggest, if possible, to make a nanotech infusion device, which could allow you to give yourself a colony of nanites which would do a specific thing when released. Recharging it would involve going home and spending more resources building these things, or even more time and resources making a type which could reproduce when given carbon based compounds to build with. Or just by eating you and making you eat more food to keep them going.
    The possibilities are endless if one has a good imagination!

    Option 3: Automated everything! Eh, pass. Most of the things I would want to automate are already possible.(yes, even a rubber farm. Get creative, people!)
    However, DNA modification, geneticly modified crops, cloning, and genetic modification? All new ideas. Bonus points if you manage to make Plasmid-ish things which let you do crazy things. Fire blasts would be fun, and a way to make yourself a super soldier would be awesome. "I don't need a weapon, I AM STEVE!" [/smash things barehanded and jump insanely far, and of course, explode on a whim, dealing damage to yourself and foes around you]

    My choice array here is 2, 3, 1. I don't play online enough to need more missiles, since I don't have any foes in SSP which call for nukes, really.

    Hang on. No moon makes me kinda sad(the idea of building a moon base complete with a giant frikkin laser to blow up my foes seemed fun), but I have a hunch I know what you're planning to do to make the rockets which could reach the moon still useful...
    Orbital Ion Cannons! I love it! Always wanted to build one, the idea of blowing up foes with a few button presses with a pretty death beam from the sky has always made me happy.

    I normally use BC's quarries, but I remember a time when miner's would dig up everything. Plus a quarry costs a lot to build(11 diamonds, 16 gold, 20 iron, and redstone dust, which I always seem to have problems finding). A miner costs 3 diamonds for a diamond tipped drill, takes low voltage(which I can supply with a few generators feeding a slew of power storage items, or just RE-Batteries), and looks a lot better(less holes in the world which I have to refill with another device).

    Though getting 11 diamonds can be easy if you are lucky. Or just happen to find a good cave.

    This idea is quite interesting. Running my machines faster would be nice in some cases, and the higher cost makes sense.
    Even if my stuff has a chance of exploding, I wouldn't mind this idea. I could overclock my Massfab, or mine even faster.
    ...Though making my Miner dig everything instead of just "valuables" would be nice. I have uses for cobblestone and gravel, and dirt can be recycled! Though I haven't used a Miner in a while, so maybe it still does dig everything up.

    Generator, Macerator, extractor, Batbox, solar panels(5 to start)(with a generator for emergency power), and work my way up to a MFS as quick as I can(I go on LONG mining trips, so storing extra power is good for my setup), and auxiliary Batboxes for even more power(plus I use 1 gold cable with two rubber to make it somewhat safe between the MFS and the LV Converter thing before my chain of Batboxes).
    I rarely use batteries in things other then tools.

    Uhm.. why not use the UUM required for QuantumSuit to produce countless stacks of bones instead? :3

    Because that isn't in the current version?
    Regardless, the idea of paying millions of EU to get a few bones sits poorly with me. Are we talking like a full stack?

    And, to offer counterpoint to the "EE is Unbalanced" vibes here, most of the things worth having in it need Dark Matter. Not Blocks of Dark Matter, actual items. To get them you have to wait like 3 hours for one block to be mostly done becoming a ball.
    And that's only enough for a shovel. Making diamonds in EE isn't as easy as it used to be as well. For one, sugar canes can NOT be turned into diamonds. Nor can Cacti. They might be able to produce fuel, but diamonds are not possible.
    And the Cobble to Diamond path is not really feasible, because you can't make cobble into redstone ore anymore, thus you can't just convert up with no problems. In theory you can still make diamonds with a cobble farm, but it's much more complex(for one, you have to smelt the cobble into smooth stone first, then make stone bricks, and THEN you can start making iron ore blocks), and requires resources to even do it.

    If you try and do things legit, it will take a long time to even get the pickaxe. Which is the most basic item in the mod worth having.

    While yes, you can turn renewable resources into valuables with EE, one can do the same thing in IC2(with UU-Mater). It might take a while, or you might make a insane setup which would allow you to take nothing but solar energy and make diamonds with great ease.

    OK, so installing this mod is a bit more complex then most mods. Yes, you downloaded a .zip, and chances are you placed it right in your Mods folder, like most mods are installed these days(yay for less .jar installations!). You forgot a step, though. The .zip actually isn't the mod. There's a .jar inside that .zip, which is what you place in the Mods folder. Though placing the actual ic2 Folder into your ic2 .jar is something I haven't done, I just place it in my Mods folder. So far no issues I've seen, but I haven't built certain things(the advanced Batpacks, specifically).

    Sorry, just had a minor heart attack, but the idea of enchanting items from IC2 is relevant to my interests. Maybe not consumables, and maybe not normal things, but maybe things which have been "Modified" in some way. And recharging them would take more then just EU from a Batbox(or whatever kids are recharging their lightsabers with these days).
    Maybe it would take a retardedly complex device which consumes EU and other things to power these things.

    Though honestly, I would LOVE to be able to make Mad Science potions. And store them in Energy Drink cans. Hell, adding Plasmids would be awesome. But maybe out of touch with the rest of the mod.

    ...Though my vision of the future isn't complete without Nanotech which can do anything. And DNA re-sequencers which can grant powers beyond normal human potential. Such as pyrokinesis or laser beams shooting out of your eyes.
    And Cybernetics!

    I rather like the idea of a laser fence. I currently have a mod installed which lets me set such a thing up, but if such a thing could be done in IC2, I'd very much enjoy this.
    As for how the lasers look and act, I'd suggest thin, red, and static beams. Why? Because it's easier to have a static beam then it is to have it change.
    The Laser Mod implements lasers very well in my opinion. Having the lasers only beam between linked "fences" would be a fair balance. EU cost would depend on distance between "fences" and how much damage they do. For a weaker but still "light 'em on fire" beam, maybe 2 EU a tick per meter of distance between each post. Thus, a two high laser with 7 blocks between the posts would be 14 EU a tick. But a "Mega-Ultra-Lavos-Death-Beam" setting would need a decent nuclear power setup, but would kill anything which passed through it(except maybe ender dragons, but who cares about them?).
    A setting which would prevent item destruction would be great for a mod trap. Assuming you can collect the items safely.