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    The reasoning it takes so long is that it works differently. It turns iron + air into steel + slag.

    I'm not sure that really justifies it taking an entire minecraft day to produce 4 refined iron ingots in one of them, but on the other hand, by the time I have enough energy production (e.g. nuclear reactor(s) and/or Radioisotope Thermal Generators) to consider adding overclocker upgrades to my other machines, I should easily be able to build and run several blast furnaces in parallel. I might have been trying to build advanced solar panels too early, and I hadn't noticed the addition of the RTGs (which now that I look at their description on the Wiki seem more attractive than advanced solar panels).

    I appreciate this thread, since I had figured out that I'd need to place a heat generator next to the blast furnace, but hadn't realized I'd need to make the colored squares touch each other.

    I have a couple of things to mention about the Blast Furnace and related items, though:
    1. I tried with build 645, and the Electric Heat Generator now has 10 slots for coils, and with them all filled, it outputs 100 heat (10 heat per coil).
    2. The new Blast Furnace is painfully slow - even when preheated first, and kept hot with that 10-coil electric heat generator, it takes about 3 seconds to progress by 1% (regardless of which of the 5 possible items is used as input), which means it takes about 5 real-time minutes to make one refined iron ingot, or 20 minutes to make enough for one advanced machine casing (not even counting the time for converting the refined iron ingots to plates). I crunched some numbers, and starting from the mined items (iron ore blocks, tin ore blocks, copper ore blocks, and coal), using a macerator, electric furnace, metal former, and compressor, with no overclocker upgrades on any of them, and not leaving items processing in some while I use others, I could make the rest of the items for an advanced machine casing in a little under 19 minutes. I could easily speed that up by running several of the machines concurrently and adding some overclocker upgrades (and possibly even smelting un-macerated ore for the iron plates and tin plates), but I see no way to make the blast furnace run faster. For comparison, the longest processing time for a GregTech Industrial Blast Furnace is 100 seconds (when processing Tungsten Dust or a Tungsten Ingot with a Steel Ingot (and btw, the latter is distinct from a refined iron ingot in GregTech), according to…/Industrial_Blast_Furnace), and even a Railcraft Blast Furnace only takes 2 minutes 8 seconds to smelt iron into steel (according to Any idea why it's this slow?