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    So, here's what I have planned for my uber-safe simple reactor:

    Here's a 2D diagram. Water is indicated by Squid. Dynamite indicates redstone. The advanced machine refers to reinforced stone. Personal safes represent reaction chambers.
    :Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine:MinecraftSquidMinecraftSquidMinecraftSquidMinecraftSquidMinecraftSquid:Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine:MinecraftSquidMinecraftSquid:Personal Safe:MinecraftSquid:Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine:MinecraftSquid:Personal Safe::Reactor::Personal Safe::Dynamite::Advanced Machine:[lever]
    :Advanced Machine:MinecraftSquidMinecraftSquid:Personal Safe:MinecraftSquid:Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine:MinecraftSquidMinecraftSquid:Glass Fibre:MinecraftSquidMinecraftSquid:Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine::Advanced Machine:

    EDIT: Whoever's in charge of the smileys here needs to adjust some priorities...

    I don't think the extra layer of water actually cools the reactor, but I can't afford to put reinforced stone there too, I think.

    All this is inside a huge cobblestone bunker underground, which is 12 x 13 x 10 with 3 layers of cobble on top.

    The high-efficiency wire heads into an MFE unit, which is led by more high-efficiency wire well outside the bunker into an LV transformer, which powers my simple-machine base.

    I'm probably only going to have a Mark 1 reactor at first, with uranium cells surrounded by cooling cells. I don't need uber-efficiency, just enough energy to keep my base constantly powered.

    But before I start placing everything, this layout should work, correct?

    I have a nice little IndustrialCraft setup inside a mountain in Survival mode. I'm trying to make easy, renewable energy for simple stuff at the moment. I have a bunch of watermills in a water pit with some insulated copper wire and BatBoxes for storage and energy-loss resets. I then have an insulated copper wire (with a few BatBoxes) going straight up, well above the mountain. It's ALMOST at the top of the map; about layer 124. No obstructions except for the copper wires coming down. I've attached some screenshots. Thing is, I'm getting absolutely NO power from my windmill. 0 EU/t over both tens and thousands of ticks, according to my EU reader. Have I done something wrong (I'm not great at wiring stuff) or is this actually a bug?

    (Also, on an unrelated note: RedPower2 Pneumatic pipes don't seem to connect between my Macerator and Electro Furnace. I don't know if that's an incompatibility on IC2 or RP2 though.)