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    look at the recipe, it required 64GU/t for the coal ball and 256GU/t (a lot) for industrial diamonds
    you propably dont give it enoug, the process starts, consumes the item and then stops

    also, if you give the bronce one 65GU/t it will stop working, and that is hard to hit with steam engines
    Better use Steel for that

    Is anyone of you doing mass scale nitric acid production?

    i cant figure out how too get dynamite, the Sulfuric acid and glycerol is child play, but that nitric acid
    the only recipe i found required saltpeter (or aqua regia, so kinda pointless or Niter ore, which doesnt exist in the config), which only exists as small ore. one small ore is giving me 3-4 units
    i did the math, 5 dusts can make you about 6 1/2 sticks of dynamite.
    OR, converted to Aqua regia, refine 2 Purified Ores
    Plating group Ore processing can require huge ammounts of Nitric acid, but compared to Sulfuric acid its a pain in the ass to come by

    actually, it could make for a interesting processing chain to make saltpeter out of stuff in the fermenter, and refine it (like they did for hundrets of years)

    you can make mining tools out of wood, stone and flint
    you can make all tools with lead and copper, those can be smelted in a vanilla furnace, aswell as bismuth
    you can make fire starter out of dry grass to get your first iron
    then you make your first crucible out of ceramic (clay)

    For Circuits you also need a Crystilization Crucible (7 Iridium) to make the Silicon boul (which requires molten Silicon and Helium, in other words the smelter)
    And that Process takes time. A long time

    I found 2 Tantalite Veins now making a serval hundret meter long tunnel at deep 30 and using the hammer ricktklick every 10 meter on 4-6 blocks

    when you have a smelter and a mixer (and the resources for stainless steeel^^) you can make with that baby a couple stacks per hour without doing anything

    btw. you need a tantal crucible to make tungsten, niobium will melt

    So, one page before i asked something about turbines for my electrolyzer setup.
    But one thing bothered me
    Ulzgoroth Said steam /3 = RU in a turbine, just as the Tooltip numbers say.
    And it is exactly like that.
    I got 2 Tungsten BB, a chrome turbine and a mv dynamo
    2*125HU*2 = 512S/t
    512S/t /3 *0,75 = 128 EU
    And i have like 126 EU on the meter after the electrolyzer, so the math is right

    But there is this 66.66% efficiency on the Turbine tooltip

    66.66 in my book is 2/3, so i searched the changelog for "Turbine" (found only 2 entries, but one was about boilers)
    and i found no change of the following described by greg


    But we have Steam /3 *0.75 = EU, equalling to one quarter

    Can someone explain this? because thats the same thing i got when i did the math on my electrolyzer for the first time, when i calculated with the 66.66% of the tooltip (and it confused me a lot)

    wait, then why does the tooltip of the turbine say 66% efficiency? (and the Values too, 60 ru is 2/3 out of 90 steam)
    I know, with the 75% of the dynamo, i get a overall 50% of the whole setup. In theory i should get ~127EU out of 256 steam?

    hmm i do a test setup later




    what did i even read last night?

    whew, i didnt want to post in here again, but ive been running into problems running an Electrolyzer.

    After long thinking, the question i have is

    Does a turbine lose efficiency, when i supply more steam than the tooltip value? (but less than the max value)
    for example, steel turbine 1
    92 steam/t (96 to 384, back)
    64 RU/t (32 to 128, front)
    i feed it with 256 steam but it doesnt seem to give me 170 RU (because my MV dynamo doesnt give me power)

    A game performance spike, not a steam machinery performance spike?

    Yeah, that's...a separate problem. You probably should look into why your minecraft is malfunctioning... (What's the memory allocation like?)

    3gb, the newest java is installed and my cpu is overcloacked to 4.5 ghz...
    the minecraft client is new installed as i installed the modpack (so nothing 2 year old broken)

    as i get a new rig sometimes next spring im not fixing anything on this rig untill its a fatal error

    anyway, the steel engine doesnt impact the performance (because it doesnt flicker with its color i guess) so i got that for now.

    Steel burning box, steel boiler, steel pipe, steel engine, bronze crusher (connected in this order). Then more pipes and a tank for distilled water.

    ive tested them all the ones who got posted here now and that one seems to be the best. while running slower, it doesnt impact my game performance at all but it really took a while till the machine did start
    The one Ulzgoroth posted with the two bronce bb was good too, but every couple minuts it spiked. that might go away after a extendet running period? anyway, i go for the single boiler one

    thanks guys

    Hey guys,

    Ive run into problems running a crusher and im curios if there is a workarround.
    Basicly i have these since i started using it

    So the Problem is, the Steam engine running the crusher, does after a short (1-2min) Settling time start to blink between green and dark green, very high frequent and as a result, spams chunk updates through the whole game.
    With the Setup turned off, and my other machines running in the background, f3 shows me between 0 and 6-10 chunk updates.

    edit: chunk updates might not be the problem, but the stutter is gone the exact moment i disconnect the steam engine from the pipe. And by stutter i mean game performance, and not the machine not working

    With the Steam engine running, it basicly stays the same, until it starts blinking again. them im up on an avarage of 30 chunk updates, but spikes go up to 400!
    At this point, the whole game stutters

    The Egine setup is
    Dense invar BB -> Stron Invar Boiler -> Bronce Fluid Pipe (the one on the boiler has a pressure valve) -> Chromium engine (was Titanium but that has the same problem) ->bronce crusher
    Running on dest. water, so 0 calc

    addition: I tried it before submiting this post with a strong invar engine (this one should operate above tooltip power, instead of below like chrom or titanium) yet still after 3 mins running smoth, it started flickering leading to stuttering.

    anyone having similar problems? this one is gamebreaking imo

    im Running 03.40 right now

    Ah, not related to GT at all, just like I thought. See, if you force close Minecraft, like a Bluescreen or an automatic Reboot typically does, it will fail to save the Game Data and pretty much fuck up everything. There is only 2 Solutions:

    A. Fix your Computer or buy a new Computer, or

    B. Make a Backup as often as possible, maybe with a Backup Mod of some sort, so that it even backups ingame.

    luckily i do a backup every time i update gregtech, so just lost 2 days of progress. maybe i cheat it back in (and i wrote down those diamond coordinates. best decission ever)

    First crash report

    WoW, now im really glad i wrote down the coordinats of that diamond vein i found yesterday on a piece of paper!

    wooo im special! :D

    first of all. I think i had a blue screen two days before, i had the game running in the background to cool off my vanadium crucible and when i came back the computer was restarted.
    This however didnt corrupt my save and forge did a backupt right after. This was on gregtech 37!

    soo, this happen in my survival game.

    I had at some point turned it into creative via /gamemode to cheat in the tutorial books i couldnt find. at the crash it was however set to survival.

    this was happening in my base:

    I had a solid tungsten bb/boiler setup running in the background on charcoal and normal water, feeding a titanium enigne and bronce crusher, crushing lignite ore. destilled water was collected by wooden pipes into a wood tank

    i had an array of 9 coke ovens installed, collecting the creosote via small wooden pipe into a wooden tank
    one coke oven has an hopper attached on its bottom, collecting the coal and running it into brass item pipes, but i think this one was turned off.

    maybe one CC computer was turned on, but ideling because i didnt wrote a programm yet.

    one crucible was cooling down.

    The crash happend as i right clicked one coke oven, to get the coke out, right after opening the gui

    After the crash i did relaunch the game, loaded the world up and as the screen changes to the game, it froce and shut down. the launcher gave me the crash report.
    i tried it again and again, the 3. time it crashed my system and the pc did reboot. Bluescreen (stupid win10 one) did say memory error.
    After the restard, on reloading the world, forge requested to perform a backup, but it does still freeze and crash.

    i got now 5 error logs, and from glimpsing over, they look identical. I posted the most recent one, this is the first (in next post, character limit reached)

    now a list of my mods: right first, i did not alter any config files
    I did only update GT since i started to play.
    -Applied energistics rv2-stable 10
    -buildcraft 7.1.18
    -computercraft 1.75
    -Reis Minimap mod 1.7.10 (filename doesnt specify the version)
    -inventory tweaks mod 1.7.10
    -Industrial craft experimental 2-2.2.826
    -Gregtech 6.03.39

    yeez, if id updated to .40 this morning, id had a fresh backup >.>

    just klicked my coke oven and corrupted the save :/
    Restarting the launcher and loading the world even ended in a blue screen

    Dont know if its gregtech who caused the error, but its really the only mod i use beside inventory tweaks