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    where do i find asphalt coloring materials like "gneiss, dacite, siltstone, chalk, eclogite, andesite, green schist, komatiite, migmatite, limestone, shale" etc for all the ones except the common ones like marble stone basalt.. 30+ days of game hours haven't found a single one of them. are they only found in specific biomes i haven't discovered? or are they only available from their stone bearing forms?

    Why stick to one boiler? When I last got up to needing enough steam to power a steel turbine, I stuck with 3 dense invar burning boxes with dense lead boilers.

    it would require me to completely overhaul my entire base setup. i'm mostly just looking to see if it's possible to upgrade my current setup without changing everything about my base. i know for my turbines i can do a direct titanium/ chromium setup and upgrade to the 256 output, but i want to know if i can go over that threshhold without using multiple boilers, and also looking to see if i supply slightly more steam to a machine than its input if it would explode

    hey guys looking for some advice to upgrade my machine builds. currently been using the strong bronze steam/ steel turbine-bronze machine setup, or brass steam engine if that is what the machine requires. what is the best way to build the higher tier machines while still only using one steam boiler/burning box? if i want to use, let's say the strong tungsten engine with a steam requirement of 882, will the strong titanium steam boiler at an output of 896 explode as it is producing slightly more steam than is required?

    so because the tier of my recipe is T1 (16-64) because i'm using a T2 setup it's using quadruple the tick cost?

    the B.C pipes are from extra pipes addon and are rated for 2000units/tick haven't had much of an issue so far

    also thank you very much for explaining how the G.T infograph works i understand WAY better how to calculate my output

    Edit: so from HU to steam it's always double, and steam to RU it's 1/3 (even though it states 66.66 efficiency, 768 steam becomes 256 RU, 33.33 efficiency) then you take your RU output value and multiply by efficiency rating? (256*.6875=176EU)

    can someone help me out with the math here? i seem to be missing something. this is a very simple beginner electrolyzer setup for testing if i am able to electrolyze (x dust type x) the output is 256 RU which is the maximum input for the dynamo. the dynamo says it outputs 88 EU, but with the efficiency it comes out to 60.5 EU. with the 2 EU/m loss this should come out to 58.5 EU. i tested a dust that takes 32 GU and it worked fine, but when i went up to pyrite (48 GU) it stopped working. am i mathing incorrectly somewhere?

    EDIT: does it have to do with the efficiency of the burning box and steam turbine?

    i've worked out that my RU output is 217.6, but i don't quite understand how that correlates to the average output (88) of the dynamo or it's loss due to efficiency

    hey, bit of a possible compat issue: when logistic pipes are placed next to machine auto-output slots, the machine no longer outputs like it would a normal buildcraft pipe

    edit: basic logistic pipes usually behave the same as regular pipes, but with special conditions able to be set into them

    specific example: whenever you are using a centrifuge on a purified dust, it yields an extra tiny pile of dust. since the best direct size to build up to from tiny is normal dust (9 to 1 ratio) i usually have it on dust size. when the stack of the specific purified dust is finished, there may be some leftover secondary tiny dusts. i would prefer to have these in tiny dusts because that's what they come out as, but in order to get to tiny dust i have to pass over small dust. this leaves an improper ratio of small, and 1/72 dusts meaning i either need to break down or reform these into tiny dusts, or wait for another amount of the same sizes dusts

    is there any way to make mass storage containers work with logistic pipe chassis? (polymorphic item sink is supposed to autosink with whatever is in the GUI, but possibly doesn't work because mass storage has no GUI? same issue with provider module.)

    Which Ores? All Ores should be supported by default.

    And the Hammering Recipes are not in NEI, but they have a Recipe List.

    before i test which ores aren't working, are the types of ores that can be crushed affected by which level of auto hammer i use? i've only been using the bronze auto hammer. so far i'm 100% certain lead and silver from thermal expansion don't work, and through the small amount of testing before posing this question, standard minecraft ores aren't working either (tested gold and diamond)

    also thank you for the hotfix for dual hotbars, haven't had a crash report since recent update :)

    Throw in 3 units of cinnabar, heat it slightly, remove mercury with a simple glass bottle. Some biomes (hell, desert) may be too hot, but it worked for me in plains.

    thx for the answer, i figured it out and deleted the post b/c i felt silly. another question though: how do i work with tungsten? seems like there isn't much i can melt it down without pyrotheum, or crucibles that are significantly harder to make than tungsten

    Okay I fixed the compatibility with that Mod, until the next update just avoid using the upper 9 slots of your hotbar for Stuff that might be auto-refilled (I copied a Feature similar to something Redpower had, to refill Items from the 3 Slots above the used Slot).

    i'm just going to disable the mod until i see the fix in the patch notes. thanks for the fix, happy bday