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    Suggestion for a machine: A Dustbuster. Takes up to LV, when placed next to a chest, it scans for any 4 matching "tiny dusts" and automatically combines them, then ejects the dust out of the opposite side of the machine (or just puts it into a buffer for a pipe/tube/conveyer to suck out). Burns a few hundred EU per dust combined.

    Suggested Recipe:

    [Advanced Circuit/Appropriate Gate option] [IC2 Compressor] [Advanced Circuit/Appropriate Gate option]
    [Copper Cable] [Machine Block] [Copper Cable]
    [Blank] [Blank] [Blank]

    Maybe put those new conveyer belt things on the bottom row? This shouldn't be one of the expensive machines IMHO, as it is something that will be integrated into the sorting/processing system in your base, something you'll be setting up early in the game.

    You can centrifuge redstone to get ruby dust and you can get redstone by centrifuging netherack dust.

    That process is best started early though as it is slow as heck.

    So I looked this up minus the netherack->redstone step because we have plenty of redstone. To make one chrome ingot takes 2.75 hours of centrifuge time, so to make the reactor using only this method you would need 1125 hours of centrifuge time (47 days or so).

    This is feasible with a big enough array of centrifuges and a chunkloader and very good automation (loading cells is always a bit of a challenge).

    If i remember right, only the LP 36 Boiler run for longer than a day outperforms a combustion engine run on fuel for efficiency. HP Boilers never outperform them.…-boiler-efficiency.13506/

    Also just make 2 nuclear reactors for that 768EU/t power plant, why does no one make nukes, they really are quite good.
    Just use 2 of these and then you wont need to run around moving your lava pumps, instead you can just refill a few cells each day

    We're doing Nuke plants too, but Uranium doesn't last very long when they're running 24/7.

    You know you can configure the Energy Rate? Also having to replace the Pump 3 times a Day means that you actually have to work for the Lava, what should get rewarded, don't you think?

    Oh sure, the lava doesn't come free, but it is not that hard to move the pump when you're just moving 4 blocks (pump, energy tesseract, liquid tesseract, and chunk loader) and you have a jetpack.

    The more I think about it, the problem isn't really that Thermal gens are overpowered, it's that Diesel gens suck and BC pumps are overpowered (which we already knew). The oil refining process is way too expensive for what you get out of it in the end, especially since Oil is not particularly abundant.

    I still don't understand why the Distillation Tower is so radically overpriced compared to the BC Refinery either. It would take forever to recoup the sunk costs in that thing, especially if you're powering a matter fab. I've always thought of Oil as an early-mid game fuel source, because it is a bit more powerful than early gens, but runs out pretty quick. Making the distillation tower a late game item means it has no purpose.

    It's not that I want people to use MJ over EU. The inefficiency of 1MJ => 1EU Conversion is, because you dont have to replace the Steam Turbine every so often using that Method.

    But I just pointed out that the Steam Turbine is for chumps regardless. The Magma Crucibile is only a little less efficient (more if you have a ready source of Netherrack) and maintenance free. The Steam turbine blades wear out far too quickly and require an annoying amount of steel to replace, they're just not worth it.

    If there is anything that deserves a nerf it is the Thermal Generator. 24EU/t for pumped lava is really easy, and without it our Fusion Plant wouldn't be nearly as close to competion as it is. We have 32 of those guys fed by a nether lava pump (via liquid tessaract) supplying 768EU/t to the matter fab. The downside is that we have to move the pump 2 or 3 times a day as it completely destroys the Nether lakes--this is also why we don't have more Thermal Gens running: moving the pump is already a nuisance. The Thermal Generator is pretty cheap too.

    It makes all of the effort needed to grind up and extract and refine crude oil to run lame 12EU/t diesel gens look like chump work. Even if you're pumping crude from geysers it's just nowhere near as powerful. Even IC2 fission plants pale in comparison to that simple and cheap thermal gen setup.

    I think I will nerf the MJ-Stuff. 1MJ => 2.5EU is too lossless. 1MJ => 1EU should be better (and easier to calculate).

    Doesn't that just put you right back where you were to start with? Igneous Extruder->Magma Crucibile->Thermal Gen->power network? 1MJ->2EU seems more reasonable as a conversion factor.

    If it's not in the same ballpark efficiency wise people will just ignore it. If it's just a little worse then the simplicity of the setup could make it worthwhile.

    I don't know anybody who bothers with the steam turbine, because the slight efficiency improvement is more than offset by needing to replace the stupid blades every couple of days.

    There's plenty, as long as you aren't after sheldonite (I'm stripping it of sodalite in order to stockpile sodium whatsit). Take an OD scanner so you know where you'll find stuff below the surface (and for the love of god don't mine a block you're standing on).

    Generally anytime we care about getting minerals we just pull in a Quarry with a couple of Tessaracts now. Mining by hand takes too long when you're talking about dozens of stacks of anything, unless it's Netherrack and you have an Advanced Drill or something.

    We've not had much luck on the bees thus far thanks to a capricious RNG, but that Netherrack->Redstone path looks promising. It's not like everything in Gregtech doesn't require centrifuging tens of thousands of blocks already. Netherrack is not exactly hard to get. We already have a big bank of fuges hooked to a liquid tessaract (so cheaty!) that extract copper and other metals from lava because even with the crazy number of quarries we're running that copper requirement was steep.

    I assume the path is one of those "centrifuge 16 dust to get 1 tiny dust of what you want plus a bunch of crappy useless cells after 20 minutes (my favorite are compressed air cells), then combines those dusts into a full size dust, take 16 of those and get 1 tiny dust of what you finally want after another 40 minutes" paths right? It wouldn't be Gregtech without that.

    I put it at one enderman every 5.6 seconds, less with Looting enchants.

    Wait, I forgot that it's 16 pearls per stack, so it's actually 160 stacks.

    Still: 40 stacks is 640 pearls. Pearls have a 20% drop rate, so you need to kill 3200 endermen. There are 3600 seconds in an hour, so it's still about 1 Enderman per second.

    Not sure what an Athame is, so maybe its better, but: Sword of the zephyr, can hit 4 or 5 endermen at once.

    It's from RP2. It's a cheap weapon (1 silver 1 stick) designed to kill Endermen quickly, because Elorram really hates Endermen. Doesn't have great durability though, so you have to recraft it a lot and enchants end to be wasted on it.

    Quick question: If you have RP2 gems disabled as per the install instructions, what is the intended method to get Chrome for advanced machineblocks? Gregtech gems don't seem to spawn in anywhere near common enough to make the Fusion plant achievable, and even if you do leave RP2 gems on it still requires an incredible quantity of them.

    We are trying to build a Fusion plant totally legit using MIndCrack but with Advanced Solars disabled (because a cost benefit analysis between the two makes the Fusion plant a joke), but some parts don't make sense. I'm also dubious that anybody could ever collect enough Ender Pearls without something like Soul Shards letting you set up an autofarm, even with access to the End. 52.5 stacks of Ender Pearls is just absolutely insane.

    It is amazing to see just how much terrain must be destroyed to build a single plant though. I can't imagine doing this without the other mods to help out. Without TE's tessaracts the 60ish full quarries we need to run would be a big hassle. Without Soul Shards I don't know how you would ever get close to enough Ender Dust. Without Railcraft you'd be totally up a creek because everything wants to use the Rolling Machine even though everybody hates the Rolling Machine because it is dumb.

    Ironically, the big reason to build the Fusion plant was to have enough energy to run the Matter Fab, but in order to build it we've had to make enough UU to build every tool we might have wanted anyway. The Fusion plant's costs are so high that if you can build it, it's already redundant!

    You can wear rubber (or Quantum) boots to reduce the amount of fall damage you take as well, but for the most part you just have to be wary of jetpacks in SMP.

    I just wish I had discovered this before setting up the fully automated rocket fuel facility.

    Wind Gens can produce a goodly amount of power for not a lot of space if you're willing to make big towers of them. If you have Advanced Machines then small arrays of MV and HV solar can produce way more power than you need.

    I lost my very first gen on like the second thunderstorm that rolled through the server. It was a miscalculation on my part, it was at effective level 81. After that, I've been extremely cautious about placing the gens.

    The only thing I would note is that there is no capacity limit on the cables, just a per-packet size limit. You can send a million EU/tick down a tin cable as long as no packet is larger than 5E.

    The caveat is that all of the storage devices have a fixed output limit of 1 packet at max size per tick. So a MFSU spits out a 512E packet every tick if there is someone on the line that needs all of that power. The MFE only spits out 128E packets, and Batboxes deal in paltry 32E packets.

    Transformers also have a maximum conversion rate, but if you're talking about EV then you don't have to worry about it until you're generating far too much power anyway.

    An update on the Wiki suggests that unmanned water mills were removed from the latest version of Tekkit. Does anybody know what the story behind this is? It seems weird that unmanned hydro was the one removed, since the manned mode is the broken one.

    The manned mode seems either useless (manually bucketing water into the mill) or brokenly overpowered (that RP2 setup that makes a gross amount of power for the amount of resources spent on it).