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    Don't think so. Didn't require anything like that before.

    Now IC2 API allow register own components that can be used in reactors. But itis impossible to modify ice and water bucket class to implement that API without modification of base class.

    ItemReactorDepletedUranium does not contail any limitations. Each acceptUraniumPulse call will decrease damage-value by (1 + reactor.getHeat() / 3000). And i tested it, it really decrease damage-value by 25 for each decrease damage-value of Uranium Cell by one.

    This is my first breeder in new IC2 1.106

    When temperature is 72000 it can enrich 4* (72000/3000 + 1) = 100 Depleted Isotope Cells.

    Fast way to heat up reactor is use Quad Uranium Cell instead Uranium Cell