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    Hey there,

    It seems like if you use the Vajra on the Magic Walls blocks from ArsMagica (blocks that reappear when you break them), you'll get the block, and then it will reappear anyway. So basically you're getting an infinite source of magic blocks (which should probably not be collectable in the first place).

    Bug Report Time \o/:


    The redstone machine controller cover does not longer work.
    - If in normal mode, ores won't process regardless of redstone input
    - If in inverted mode, ores will process regardless of redstone input.

    The correct behavior would be:
    - In normal mode, the machine will work if a redstone signal is inputted.
    - In inverted mode, the machine will only work if no redstone signal is inputted.

    At least that's how it worked in version 3.03d (as this video shows:


    So, here's a question about the new wireless covers.

    How does the Redstone Transmitter (IN) cover exactly work? I mean, the out version transmits its signals to receivers, I get that, and receivers can either output redstone out of the machine, or into the machine, but not sure what the description means... Would you please give me an example of a redstone transmitter (in) cover at work?

    Thanks a ton!

    Indeed, version 3.04c works for me in version 1.5.1 of MC.

    I've got a couple of questions about the Redstone Circuit Block.

    First, in the logic gates section, how are the BIT version of the gates supposed to work? (BIT_OR, BIT_AND, etc). I read about bitwise operations here, and I tried different things (e.g: giving them signals with the same and different redstone signal strength), but I couldn't make them work.

    Second, is the length property of the timer section supposed to do anything? If it's supposed to determine the length of the outputted signal, it's not working.

    Then we've got the redstone meter... it says it checks boundaries. How & why does it do this exactly? Not sure what all the settings are for either.

    Randomizer seems to emit signals of random strength, if I understood it correctly.

    So about the combination lock... do the numbers (power 0, power 1) correspond to a specific side? If I understand correctly you need to input 4 signals of the specified strengths for the output side to emit a redstone signal. I couldn't make it work in my tests though.

    Also not sure what the hardcode bit-and section does...

    I'd also like to become a wiki member so I can put all the information I'm learning into the wiki. I submitted an application on the wiki page, but I haven't gotten a response. Is there something you could do about that?

    All you need is to upgrade the furnace with heating coils. Craft four of the both higher tier ones and right-click on the furnace with them. All you need for 3k K furnace is 10 normal and rest hardened casings. Zero adv. casings needed :)

    However, if you do it this way, you'll have to upgrade any blast furnace that you use with that multiblock structure with coils. It might be better resource-wise to use as many advanced casings as possible, so that you minimize the amount of coils you need. This certainly needs some playing around with to find the cheapest solution.

    Hey there,

    I've been of lately documenting the current state of GregTech in a series of videos I call "GregTech from Scratch".

    You can find the playlist here:…sODMp91p5ujrDC9FYqPDqn7u2.

    In later episodes I plan to cover the fusion reactor & automation machines, as well as a few other things. Once I'm done I'm thinking about covering when the mod changes (and something new is added).

    I thought this would probably the best place to put it, even thought I'm sure many of you know quite a lot already about the mod itself :).