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    RawCode , that'd make Minecraft totally stupid to play then. The mods are the reason that I play Minecraft and not of the derpy systems that Mojang creates.

    And if there would be armor for horses, there should be first something like Vanilla armor for horses first.
    But hell, who is going to waste iridium plates for a horse while you can fly with Gravisuite? Unless they add a Pegasus (which they'll probably also make a derpy version of compared to Mo'Creatures), I'm not wasting my precious mats for a silly derpy horse.

    Not sure if you have the ability to read, but could you tell me for which version of Minecraft and IC2 this addon is?

    ---------3013, 16 April-----------

    Interstellar Sensors: *UNKNOWN CYBROID DETECTED*

    What the dick, Zoom in, give coördinates and vectors!

    *Originating from Pluto to Mars*

    Now that's it. Open the Mars Portal and bring that asshat to me! I would like to know if this is another scrapbox!

    *Portals initiated to Cyborg Industries Container*

    So, tell me who sent you here. You know no one is allowed to make technological lifeforms except for me. So, what are you?

    *Kitchen sales on cheap good high quality Martian*

    Scrap it.

    -----Currently in the year 3013--------

    What is going on here again? Where did all the spambots go to?
    Must've been something in the past. Anyway, I will have to continue building on my T IMP models.

    On a note: Activate insterstellar sensors for any technological lifeform not from Cyborg Industries. Also I can work further on Project MASS.

    .....*slow fade out*........

    Painting huge CF buildings is a pain my shiny metal ass. Because you have to refill them constantly and the paint doesn't last for too long.
    So I suggest the PaintPack! You load it with paint and this keeps your painter loaded with fresh paint. Maybe an additional painter which gets the paint through a tube from the PaintPack.

    I remember there is a mod called Gregs Lighting. There are two versions and one of the two requires EU to run. It's like the Wrath Lamp from Factorization.
    But that one doesn't have the ability to choose the area it lights up.

    The fact that this method isn't efficiënt enough, I'd just forget about doing this with Logistics Pipes. USE ROUTERS.
    Let the router extract from a chest with scrap and output it into the top side (the Massfab is above the router).
    Then you can extract the UU with whatever you want.
    It also doesn't require any power or hassle with modules everywhere.

    But if you're really sure to use Logistics pipes only, use a passive supplier and extractor module(output from top) below the Massfab. And at the chest with the scrap; some Extractor modules (mk2).
    Do not use the quicksort module, because as you said, the scrap stacks bounce back and forth, costing huge amounts of power. And if you want to turn off the massfab when there is no scrap available, put a gate on the logistics pipe below the massfab with the following conditionals:

    If inventory empty - emit redstone signal.

    Hope this helps.

    In your state, no. You really have to start to learn coding with Java.
    Make a little mod, then advance to Forge and then try using the IC2 API to implement your idea. It's not like someone eats a bowl of letter soup and craps out a completely bugfree fully compatible mod doing what you've wanted it to do.