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    err trun off your creative mode? shouldnt beable to break any thing normaly with 1 hit. thats only a creative mode function

    I'm not in creative mode. With most recent update I can break machines in one hit now regardless of tool in survival mode. They also explode too but I was able to turn that off. This is only on Greg Tech machines.

    Testing more it also happens on superconductive wire and just about every single greg tech machine.

    Same problem here.

    With the superconductor wires is there any energy loss per block? I searched on the wiki for greg tech and it didn't say. I set up something in creative with a ton of blocks and there doesn't appear to be any. Just wondering if this is as intended.

    I don't crash when looking at Lapis usage with GregTech ver. 2.74b, CCC, NEI and IC2 1.112-176...

    EDIT: But I get 2-3 seconds lag when searching something with that version, so better back up your previous GregTech..

    Did you click the left arrow when looking at the usage in NEI like 5 - 6 times to cycle through all of them?

    Edit: And where did you get IC 1.112-176? I can only find 1.112 170.

    Been having the following crash when you view the usage of Lapis Lazuli in NEI. This happens on FTB Mindcrack as well as my own personal mod pack. When removing Greg Tech it doesn't crash anymore. Tried every version of NEI and Code Chicken Core for 1.4.6 and still creates this crash.

    In 1.4.5 with NEI and Code Chicken Core 0.6.11 and GregTech 2.61b I didn't have this problem.

    Crash Log