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    Hello guys,
    I wanted to use electric motors to alternate steam engine to power wooden pipes for fast transport and i had discovered serious problem with that. Every time wooden (also advanced) pipe connects also to the motor and half of things go to the motor and no to the pipe as it should. It is good that motors have inside slot to electric things or transformators, but this should be repaired because it is really annoying.... :)


    Heya, how it looks with bukkit version, please?

    We have on server the REQUIRED version (1,97 IC2) and also BC, but it still has the problem with no chance to craft items. However, we give items from creative of admins to the game and everybody can exchange for the stuff he originally needed for crafting, but thats only short time only solution :/

    On which version is that hardcore check? IC2 1,97 seems not be the one.

    PS: HV wooden pipe WORKS really well for me, guys.....i tried it in creative when we were testing it and it really can let pass through high energy.

    Hello guys,
    We also tried this addon on our IC2BC server and we have a problem.
    We run on IC2 v1.97 and BC 2.2.14, forge
    We cannot craft any item from tihs addon. NEI shows recipes good. We are using 1,3 version of this mod and we don´t know why it is not working. We can get items from creative and they work good.

    I have read this threat and a lot of people complaining that this error is for IC2 1.103 and that everything runs good at 1.97 , however we have same issue with 1.97.

    Somebody knows how to fix it? Thanks