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    Replied to the thread Single Sound option?.
    Rather than all players, one option is to send the sound events to a square of chunks, and when a player crosses a chunk boundary, check if the newly added row (of the, say, 5x5-chunk active sound square, not the far larger player view/chunkload…
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    Replied to the thread Stack size limiter upgrade.
    (Quote from KrisBigK)

    Each upgrade reducing space makes sense if you assume that a) the upgrades are less expensive than letting one extra input/output accumulate in a single machine, and b) that the player knows about the upgrade and is willing to go to…
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    Posted the thread Stack size limiter upgrade.
    Players generally don't like the idea that if they set up a component production line, it will consume inputs until every machine input and output along the way has a full stack of intermediate products. As a result, they tend towards overly-smart…