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    Posted the thread Decompile Error.
    I installed Forge and IC2 then decompiled the jar with MCP and I ended up getting this error:

    21:28:38 - ERROR: duplicate entry: net/minecraft/src/GuiAchievements.class21:28:38 - '"java" -cp…
  • Recently I'm developing a new mod call FrogCraft(Named from Misaka Mikoto's favourite animal)
    This mod brings many new feature to the game ,extends IC2 and GT
    Some people are complaining that GT is too hard for them and they get bored. I'm guessing why a…
  • I updated the translation of
    [Translation v1.64] A portuguese translation of ic2 blocks and items...

    and made the necessary changes according to the 1.106 version with everything translated.

    all credits go to dimix70

  • MonieGoat_1193

    Posted the thread New uses for fuel!.
    Nowadays fuel of buildcraft and also IC2 has only the use for fill generators, and power up engines, with dont use this fuel for do plastic, diesel, and others? With plastic we can do furniture and others. And with diesel, make trucks for transport things
  • MonieGoat_1193

    Posted the thread Gregtech ore help.
    Hey good folk,

    I've been running FTB lite with IC2 installed and I've now installed gregtech. I'm having trouble finding the gregtech ores. I've travelled far from my "home" location to generate new chunks but I'm yet to find any. I've been searching for…