| FactoryCraft | [ IC2 v1.23] [BuildCraft 2.2.5] [Redpower 2] [Minefactory 1.3.2] [Powerconverters] Whitelisted!

  • sorry im currently running buildcraft 2.2.1 i had 2.2.2 but it was buggy so i switched back for a more stable server

    also whitelist updated!

  • IGN: Phenom3636
    I would like to join the server because i love BC and IC , and would rly like to play in a SMP server with those mods.

  • IGN: Brother_Con2173
    Age: 15
    Why I want to join: I wish to join Factorycraft because, recently, I have been getting bored of normal vanilla minecraft, as I have been playing it since alpha, and before. I have recently started spicing up the joys of minecraft with mods like Buildcraft and Industrialcraft, and I prefer to play in a community, so I can socialise and have more fun. So, naturally, I looked for a server. Me and a friend, luke10050 found this server, and we hope to join this server, get involved, join in the community and just have general fun. Also, I have an OCD habit of trying to make everything better for everyone, whether it be building, or just helping a new player around. I tend to help out in the community, and I hope I can here aswell. If any help is required... I got nothing better to do :3. I'm also an alright architect, and I've designed many things from cathedrals, to the collosseum.

  • My whitelist app

    IGN: Luke10050
    Age: 16
    Why I want to join: i would like to join because i used to play on industrialcraft servers untill IC was discontinued and i seen the mods on this server and it looks like a really good server

  • Name: robgru

    Age: 14

    Reson for joining: trying to find a server to play with friends aka stifte1001 and maby dritory, and becouse its not really that funny to play singleplayer well :P

    hopes thats enough, but just say if its a too small application

  • IGN: Oscaro947
    Age: 14
    Reason for joining: I'm looking for a good IC2 and Buildcraft server, and this one with Factorycraft seems awsome! I love the mods you have (After testing Factorycraft in SSP), and i will make a promo video for the server if you want to (I will make one but not relese it until you approve. Youtube user: Oscaro947).